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  1. I may not have explained my self very well on a few points ok ok all my points. Where I refer to the things being suited to there environment I am talking about evolution, the things not best suited to there environment would have died away and this is why things seem suite to there environment(in very simple terms). If this is one of the points you are talking about? I do understand evolutionary science a little more than I may appear in these posts I just find it hard to put what I am thinking on paper and it generally comes out wrong. I apologise for my ignorant statements.
  2. Check out these vids for the 3 types of ppl, then answer in the poll! : ) (short) (long) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdq577iClbU...feature=related
  3. Well your existence clearly promotes evolution because you are quite clearly just one step up from the single celled amoeba. Far more intelligient people than you or I question BOTH evolution or creation and personally I don't see what belief in either means to your average persons every day lives. Either there is a God ( or other supernatural being ) who created whatever , or this all came about as a result of a big bang long ago and we have randomly evolved to this stage. To your average person on the street does it matter which one is right ? Lao , if science is the search for answers to questions , how can some scientists ( and WaZo ) say this it is FACT ? Surely as it stands to the layman evolution is still only a theory , unless there is a clear progression from the first matter all the way through to life as we now know it.Either side as far as I am concerned cannot be too dogmatic about this. Ok for a start the term 'randomly evolved' is a retarded one. If we and all other animals 'randomly evolved' then why does everything seem very well suited to its environment? Yeah and I am one step up from the amoeba....that makes you some where under the amoeba. 'I don't see what belief in either means to your average persons every day lives.' The key point being that one needs belief or blind faith (creation) where the other has many different peaces of evidence to support it (evolution) and more is gathered every day. You say how does this matter to the average person? It does because if people accepted lame answers like creation provides then we would never have progressed out of the dark ages. The scientific method gives rise to many great things just look around you. One man working does more than 1000 people praying!
  4. Nobody really knows yet !! So evolution cannot be stated as fact in the same way that creation cannot be stated as fact.Both IMO are simply theories for now. Evolution is not just a theory you tard it IS fact. There is so much clear evidence to support it.
  5. Creationism is not "against" modern science! In fact, the Biblical mandate to "subdue" the earth (Genesis 1:28) requires us to understand it, which is what science is all about. "Creation Science" is simply the practice of science with the assumption and acknowledgement that there is a creator God Also it is best to stay on the side of caution. Believe in god and you lose nothing, don’t believe in god and when you turn out to be wrong you will burn in hell for ever!
  6. Ok first that’s not an argument it’s a statement (all religion is false). And at the end of the day if you ‘unquestioning faith’ that statement is just as useful as logic and reason.
  7. Well its good to see that keyboarder has got a hard time from everyone. : ) To sum up quickly ALL Religion is false! If you don't like this statement read the God Delusion by Dawkins for many of the reasons why people believe in the different religion and how these people are just plain wrong. (I do not class Buddhism and similar things in this, as these are not religions.)
  8. Yes - I think, therefore it is........ No. Exactly. ok tell me one thing that is not a waste of time
  9. oh i am sorry, i did not highlight the sarcasm for you
  10. 'no less targets for ridicule' there is much supporting evidence for the Big Bang, sky fairies not so much
  11. Yes I've read all about it. But I remain unconvinced. And besides, even if the Big Bang actually occurred, who's to say an all powerful being, God, or a god anyway, wasn't responsible for it? haha yeah and there is a giant spaghetti monster that eats happiness. if it can not be proved then there is no point talking about its existence. 'logical positivism' i think the term is
  12. Right. So you are unable to explain it then? But you believe it none the less? Sorry, you're not very convincing at all. o don't worry i can explain it! But someone like you would probably get bored reading and start playing with crayons
  13. Does it? How's that then? Just google it, you dumb shit : )
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