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  1. [quoQUOTE (Stavros @ Oct 13 2009, 02:23 PM) Maybe they should remove any sharp objects, razor blades, scissors or knives. Remove any pharmaceutical products like the pack of 24 Asprin and keep any cleaning products like bleach from falling into the hands of the delinquent. Perhaps the flour, sugar and weed killer should be kept out in case they decide to make a home made bomb. The list could go on and the kid might as well forget the shopping delivery and go and get drunk from the booze that the parents have left in the drinks cabinet anyway because they're not going to get the unopened bott
  2. Thanks for your replies. I rang yesterday and didn't get the job, spoke to a very nice lady who is head of that dept and she told me what I failed on, I suspected I had failed when I came out from the interview as I knew I hesitated too much and my responses were a bit vague lol. Anyway it was my first interview in 3 years so i am going to take the constructive critism and put it to good use. She also told me that I had passed the ability and group tasks with top marks so it was just the actual interview I failed on, she has told me about another similar type position atm, but it isnt quite wh
  3. Thank you Mr Thriller, but I am not on the island. the hozzy in question is in England. But thanks anyway, hopw Mrs Thriller is better soon.
  4. Hello! Last week I went for an interview at my local hospital for a Housekeeper post, it is a new post on the A and E dept, Prior to the interview I got an email from the hozzy saying I had been shortlisted for an interview, there were 2 posts available. At the interview there were 16 of us in total and split into 2 groups for maths/english ability and group tasks. At the end of this we were called in for an individual interview with 2 members of the senior nursing staff from the A and E dept. I asked how long I was expected to wait before receiving a reply to whether i was successful or not,
  5. Hi everyone, recently I bumped into an old flame of mine, went out with him for several months the first few were pretty serious then it seemed to fizzle out, the sex was good, infact more then good, we swapped numbers and he has made it clear he would like to pick up with a bit of fun now and again..... he has left the ball in my court, I know what i am going to do, but I wondered what you lot would do! Have you ever done this and if so would you recommend or would you stay clear?
  6. Can employers ban union reperesentation in the UK? Not sure how things legally stand on this one, but I do know that if a prospective employer gets wind of the fact you have union connections that they will not entertain you (this tends to be in the crappy low paid jobs especially). Don't forget the unions don't have as much ooooomph as they did years ago. They are still there on the end of a phone etc willing to give out advise, but don't actually know anyone that has involved them in serious matters.
  7. But it is shocking looking back at what arseholes people are who are higher up in the hierarchy of the office. When I was working for a bank doing very basic robot work I just remember how the stares and comments that would be made if you even began a conversation with your colleagues. These same people were all nice as pie when they wanted something doing but if you crossed them on the office floor to say 'hi' or tried to be social they would completely blank you. It was like your position in the company dictated how you were treated. If you were at the lower end, you get treated like childre
  8. Hello Has anyone else ever suffered bullying in the workplace and how did you handle it? I have been bullied for several months now by a guy who is half my age, he insinuates that I am lazy gives me shit jobs to do tells me off if he sees me talking to anyone and yet he is not like this with anyone else. He has on numerous occassions stood and chatted to other members of staff for quite sometime, and I felt I couldn't approach my manager as she and him have history and are still very close. But today that all changed, he only acts power crzy towards me when our manager is on her nite off and
  9. Whilst we are on the subject of soup does anyone remember Chef's Square shaped soups??? My fav soup is Baxters, Sweetcorn and Lentil
  10. http://lancs.gumtree.com/lancs/09/29889409.html Was just prowling round on Gumtree and spotted this, someone may be able to help the poor fella out!! He obviously isnt from the IOM as of the spelling!
  11. Was just reading the other thread on what you would like to see in the shops this xmas. How about things we got as a kid I remember Soap on a rope
  12. The curiosity is getting the better of me, my sis has started work as a freelance chat line operator she is desperate for the money as she has young uns. She has told me of some of the wierd things that men are asking her to do to them over the phone, basically it is phone sex and men fulfilling their fantasies she said it is hilarious and has to contain herself from laughing and giggling down the phone, these men are paying a fortune and she is expected to keep them on the line as long as possible the more she chats the more she earns How do you feel about it and have you ever done it and w
  13. Just remembered another Tavares ,Heaven must be missing an angel
  14. Got a competition going on at work, just a bit of fun, to see how many songs we can find with the word "Angel" in the lyrics... can you help? Heres a few Robbie Williams , Angels Eternal ,Angel of Mine James Blunt ,Your beautiful .. listen carefully and its there at the start! Sister Sledge, Thinking of you, also there at the start Elton John ,Are you ready for love, listen carefully! There are so many more, but we need your help to find them all. We are not including Christmas Carols lol.
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