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  1. I may well be wrong here, but, as my home router knows what speed it is synced to the exchange at, then surely the exchange knows what speed it is synced to my router at. This gives MT a speed to charge the customer for (or pass to another ISP) no matter what home diy cabling is involved or who's fault it is. Figuring out a pricing plan shouldn't be that big a job either. As it is I'm not going to upgrade to VDSL as it is isn't worth the extra cost. If they priced it according to speed obtained I would upgrade, I'd get slightly faster broadband and my ISP would get more money from me.
  2. Maybe the ISPs should start charging each customer depending on the speeds they can achieve and maybe factor in how much is downloaded each month.
  3. Jimbms, you say yours works and that you are on a fixed IP with Wi-Manx. What does your IP address start with? At home I'm also with Wi-Manx on a fixed IP on the 84.246.*.* range. Wi-Manx also allocate 109.70.*.* addresses too and maybe others. If we can find out which addresses work I'll give the nice guys at Wi-Manx a call and ask them to allocate a working address to my house. These TVs are seriously shiny but I don't want one if the Internet bit isn't going to work.
  4. It's the built in Internet services I'm asking about - nothing to do with a connected PC. The Internet@TV service allows you to do things online straight from the TV like watch movies over the Internet from LoveFilm, watch BBC Iplayer access facebook etc. It is this functionality that I read doesn't work over here - probably due to our IP addresses not being recognised by Samsung's servers. Jim or WTF does that work on yours?
  5. Thanks Jim, that's all I need to know.
  6. I'm looking to buy one of the new Samsung TVs which has their Internet@TV built in but I read on a forum that the Internet app doesn't work in the Isle of Man or Channel Islands yet. Does anyone have one of these TVs with the Internet@TV who can confirm whether or not it works here? Cheers.
  7. Just to clarify, the site wasn't hosted with WiManx when there was a problem with the site's hosting provider. The site has since been moved to WiManx.
  8. I raised this in the upgrade thread. You can either: Ctrl key + click link. Right click link and select open link in new tab. Click link with middle mouse button if your have one.
  9. Links used to open in a new tab so you didn't lose your place, which was handy. They don't any more.
  10. I heard/read an ad recently for someone over here who can restore the data from bust drives but I can't remember who it was. Not much help I know.
  11. After you've pinged it, arp -a will give its MAC address.
  12. Hi. As per the topic title, has anyone got an old Sky+ box lying around that they no longer need and are willing to part with? Will pay cash. Our Pace V1 has gone bang after about 9 years good service and the other half & kids won't be happy without the telly during the school holidays. Will collect. Thanks, Graham
  13. Still for sale? If so, PM me. Cash waiting for you.
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