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  1. Those Gondolas on woodbourne road don't pay for themselves.
  2. Following government guidelines, they'll have to wait until the last minute when everyone has navigated the clusterfuck of a prom, parked somewhere, got soaked and stood in one spot for 45 minutes. Then cancel it.
  3. No, no, no it's a 'Great place to live and work' as Skelly and government keep reminding everyone at every possible opportunity.
  4. This is a nice job: Head of Fleet Services https://ciltuk.org.uk/Careers/Jobs/Job-Detail/jobid/1165
  5. I can't believe someone sat round the table, thought about it, and then actually said "I know, let's put a plaque in it's place to say there was a Clock there." And then they agreed!
  6. Sounds like it's written for someone they've already found.
  7. There can't be a speeding problem in Kirk Michael. I can barely touch 55mph with all those parked cars chicaning everyone.
  8. Exactly the opposite of what Dr Allinson said on the radio.
  9. What is this shit? I mean I love the views up to North Barrule, it's rugged and natural and now I've got to look at some shitty 3 legs symbol that the fella wants to paint bright white. "It's for the Manx people to remind them of..." Look I don't need reminding I live here. What is it with sticking the 3 legs on things like it matters. It doesn't. I'm just getting older and grumpier but this has pissed me off. Apparentley he doesn't need planning to move stones, so I might dedicate the next few years in strewing ths shite back all over the place. Oh well.
  10. That guy who worked for Isle of Man post office brought in just shy of £4000 revenue which is not bad. Got to be worth a go?
  11. I'm betting my grandmother's life savings on him being Chief Minister within the next 5 to 10 years. Go Robert!!
  12. Nice cheese fondue in the middle or a game of monopoly, and it could be a great commute into work.
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