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  1. Mr Callister is the ultimate fence sitter
  2. Next stop Chief Minister Mr MHK R Callister! LFG!!! I knew you could do it, you beauty!
  3. I'm enjoying watching the Lying in state live. Quite exciting stuff.
  4. The monthly salary has to be mimimum wage though right? So that's £1450 month (NI £93.72 + NI ERS £109.96) ITIP of £202.78/month
  5. Let's hope the government can step in and help. We don't want a repeat of the 'Great Broadway Horse Tram Riots' of the past. Some of us will never forget those horrific scenes of tracksuits and Timberland shoes.
  6. I ironic thing about the Victorian Society is that the Victorians didn't give a shit about heritage and just ploughed through everything building what they wanted where they wanted.
  7. Do you have to wear top hat and suit? I might go for MHK sometime in the future, but if I was elected, I think I'd still turn up in a hoodie and jeans.
  8. PT Sandwich Artist - Shoprite-Port Erin https://services.gov.im/job-search/viewjob?Id=176234
  9. slinkydevil


    North Face think... I have friends in Australia who say North Face is all over the youth there too. They're making a kiliing and if you look at their website, it's a fashion brand aimed at that very market.
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