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  1. To be fair to Mr Perkins, I did see him once. At the polling station back in 2016, so you're all being a bit unfair.
  2. Blimey, how much did Cregeen have to drink?
  3. We need to legalise weed now. Even if it's just so we can get mashed and forget about the impending doom.
  4. Close the boarders!! Japanese Knotweed vaccinations are a priority.
  5. Moderation Note: I've hidden the post with the naming of individuals by a member of the public from a facebook screengrab. There's no official line on this yet and we can't just have names thrown around accusing individuals. If we feel that situation changes - we will unhide the posts. But please just refrain from naming individuals publically at the moment please. Or go to Facebook and do whatever you want
  6. The advocate disputed the compensation amount saying that there had not been major repairs to the door. He said: ’That’s an outrageous sum for a bit of painting and maintenance. If it cost that much to paint a door, we’re all in the wrong trade.’ That's quite funny from an advocate.
  7. These are just the base plinths going in. You can all mock now, but when you see Howard and David's hands in place with 100 foot vaccination needles crossing the prom, that's when you'll be impressed. Just give them time.
  8. I'll take on the job. All dismantled and cleaned up. - £225,000
  9. I'm calling photoshop on the BBC website
  10. Graham Crageen is the love child of the Duke? That rumour?
  11. Our small estate has a covenant about no works vans. No one takes any notice, I don't blame them either really.
  12. I meant it though. Through the 'Boredom' of having to just delete your consisitent accounts. You should get shares in protonmail the a amount of accounts you keep opening with them. Sad really.
  13. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/health-minister-confirms-death-following-covid-vaccine/ I get a 404 error and see no mention of it in the news section or Manx Radio.
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