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  1. The guy playing the piano, this is probably the best gig he's ever had. He should make it more dramatic everytime the numbers do a big spike though.
  2. Aren't the horse trams not part of their remit anymore, since going to the DOI, or do the ratepayers still contribute to that?
  3. slinkydevil

    TT 2021

    It will be interesting to see what happens to people like this. I mean do they just sit there on full pay while nothing is happening? If I mention his name he's bound to look at it so... Rob Callister, what are these people doing this year?
  4. If we just wear PPE in the future maybe it can all go back to near normality.
  5. But that was what was being asked? Why wouldn't they bother saying it?
  6. Okay I'll test it. I'm thinking of someone on the Isle of Man who is 44 years old. Who is it?
  7. Farmers to just grow weed. Open lots of new 24 hour convenience shops. Import the food we need (Crisps, pot noodles, opal fruits, hobnobs etc.)
  8. Haha! The lady doth protest too much. Touchy.
  9. Does he know about it yet?
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