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  1. Oh I would, but I make some money out of the Karens. They buy anything.
  2. On facebook when there's an imminent lockdown, all the Karen's in Tesco complaining that people are in Tesco. It's like car drivers on the road complaining that the road is busy with cars.
  3. Oh and I'll give up my voluntary moderator status if you like, if I can call you a fucking prick.
  4. I had six months cushion. I had to look after my kids fulltime for 5 months and I got sweet FA, not a penny from the government schemes.
  5. Moderator means fuck all it's not a job. Not that I should have to explain to you, but... I lost my livelihood during this pandemic and all my savings and nearly lost my house, had to pivot and just starting to bounce back. If you can't have a small laugh at the situation sometimes to get through, then you're dead inside.
  6. That rumour has been running for a couple of weeks now. I'd say it's bullshit.
  7. Toilet tax - this time next year rodders!
  8. I think Dr Ewart mentioned a location that they were happy they'd identified all of the people effected, so it wasn't necessary to put that location out in to the public domain as it was contained. This is probably that.
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