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  1. Got a free pod machine with our kitchen, but like Declan I've gone back to Cafetiere. Cheaper and I just couldn't abide throwing away lots of little pods all of the time.
  2. Saw this on facebook. Lol, the DOI are out of control "painted on the road between the Hope and Ballacraine."
  3. Camping was so much better when we were kids and just rocked up anywhere and pitched our tents.
  4. I'm offended by this.
  5. 275 Toilet Rolls available £1 each or 10 for £10. These are the luxury ones, no fingers going through these. (Space needed in garage only reason for sale) Private message only please.
  6. That will be the black ops teams getting the next stage of the experiment ready. Notice the press briefings? HQ reads like a badly programmed robot and the David Ashford automaton has flesh which is clearly non human. I found this information after searching the internet: This cryogenic storage and the vacuum sealed room ensures that the T-800's flesh will not decay or necrotize from exposure to warm, oxygenated air that may contain pathogens. The living tissue makes it very difficult for humans to identify T-800's. A significant number of these Infiltration units have therefore been able to breach Resistance defenses and slaughter Resistance fighters. However, trained "sniffer" dogs posted at various checkpoints are effective at detecting this new threat. Sounds plausible.
  7. Or newly IOM registered Jets will have to land for Customs to do the paperwork. They usually land, sign the papers and bugger off without leaving airside.
  8. Is there room for me to be the fifth? Mind you the only good Queen is a dead one, so that shows my terrible taste in music.
  9. It's starting again!! Quick close the schools and lock yourselves away... aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-53054388
  10. They'll be a lot of businesses who have just invested a load into social distancing, outside areas etc before they've even used them.
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