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  1. I reckon 6 years and £20 million over budget.
  2. Surely the exhaust pipe on that Coach is illegal?
  3. I'd have punched Courtney in the face, looked down at my wedding ring and said: "You know what, you're right!"
  4. Civil defence were handing them out a various locations last 2 nights. No queues and they seemed to have plenty.
  5. https://gef.im/2021/07/20/big-changes-proposed-to-border-and-iso-rules/
  6. From Manx Radio: 'Kelvin Kirk Patrick, a junior from the tax office has been brought in to make sure figures for the department of health are in line with the current data, after erroneous results have appeared on the IOM Governments Covid dashboard. In a brief interview today Kelvin irritated his feeling on the matter. He went onto say "With new technologies in place we're hoping to turn this problem on it's head and get it right for the Manx public." He starts with the department tomorrow, but has already tweeted his first results.'
  7. He's a master at fence sitting.
  8. Exactly! There are even 9 Karens on this list of over 1200 scientists. https://www.johnsnowmemo.com/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/16/englands-covid-unlocking-a-threat-to-the-world-experts-say I'm betting England will be a red zone for international travel by mid August. If you're booking your holidays I'd transit through somewhere else.
  9. Maybe it's not a legal requirement, but the Government advice is (as of an hour ago):
  10. Go faster, faster, FASTER!
  11. But he was born in Douglas and moved to Scotland aged 10 months old. A true Manxman.
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