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  1. slinkydevil

    Ford Mustang BULLITT

  2. slinkydevil

    Message For The Dti/iom Government

  3. slinkydevil

    Wild goats

    That's no way to talk about Daphne Caine. She's lovely.
  4. slinkydevil

    Hurricane Season

    That must be some weird lens it's distorted the earth into some sort of globe lol.
  5. slinkydevil


    Yeah it's only been all over facebook for the past couple of weeks, IOM Fire page, IOM constabulary page, FB adverts every day, 2 Double page adverts in the papers over the past couple of weeks and on the radio. But someones dog didn't know.
  6. slinkydevil

    Rally Under Threat...

    I think Harmer just looks uncomfortable because Paul keeps thrusting that mic in close proximity of his crotch.
  7. slinkydevil

    IOM Rally

    What a loss for the Island. I wonder what the MHK with political responsibility for motorsport has to say? Oi Rob Callister MHK, how did this happen then?
  8. slinkydevil

    5G Network Radiation?

    Majority of global scientists have research to show no harmful effects from 5G - Link to the report here: https://www.latlmes.com/science/5-g-global-safety-report-no-issues-say-scientists-1
  9. slinkydevil

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Someone who has conquered Everest and the Isle of Man TT.
  10. slinkydevil

    Mf Spotting...

    The glove puppet clearly didn't fit. Innocent.
  11. slinkydevil

    Woman fined £250 for stealing £6.50 shoes for kids birthday

    When I steal shoes for my kids I don't go to Dealz FFS!
  12. slinkydevil


    Ouch! Now the thief who took money from her uncle must pay £194,000 A niece who stole from her uncle’s law firm has been ordered to pay back more than £90,000 plus a further £100,000 in costs and damages. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42417
  13. Looks kinda trippy, I think Duggan is probably taking a sleight at everyone with the 'Lemon' below the face. ’It has a few different little nuggets contained in it that the viewer may or may not get. But that’s what I like about it.’ Google Lemon tek.
  14. slinkydevil

    What makes you laugh?

    Everyone loves a conspiracy eh? I don't think there is a rule in place that says linking to blogs is banned, not that I'm aware of. Again I'm unaware of ever being approached by anyone to take the links down. Look here are some links: https://cueballsdiaryofasadman.wordpress.com/ For balance: https://www.robcallister.im/blog/ Not that we have to make explanations, but I didn't 'hide' the topic or ban the member it was another mod. It is probably because it was blatant spamming from the usual supect who fagged up this board with multiple identities (Boredom, JackCarter etc Charlie Croker on Facebook) and general meltdowns in the past. You can think it's all some conspiracy where an MHK has some sort of sway. He doesn't. You only have to look as some of my posts, I don't think much of him myself.
  15. slinkydevil

    Manx Radio