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  1. Well I'm glad he got suspended on full pay. Poor bloke, I mean it would be hard to cope. Makes me feel so much better paying my Income tax bill this morning know I'm helping out. Good luck Michael.
  2. I think Uhtred actually means culling literally.
  3. 'Condolences' by L Skelly - a perfume to remember. 50ml £79.99
  4. Could we tie up with the incinerator and get some energy back? Obviously the family get nice little urn with a 3 legs on.
  5. "Anything faster than a horse tram is just too dangerous. An all Island horse tram network for all residents is what's needed." (Ian Longworth - 22/01/2020)
  6. That looks like a nice expensive report.
  7. a) 300 square km of weed Make some money, or at the very least have some fun trying too. Pass the bong...
  8. slinkydevil

    Manx Tunnel

    I don't mind the cost or time it takes, as long as we can keep the horse trams running through the center of the tunnel. It could equate to a 150 more tourists every year!!
  9. I liked this how you've changed '10 year challenge' on FB
  10. Those Gondolas on woodbourne road don't pay for themselves.
  11. Following government guidelines, they'll have to wait until the last minute when everyone has navigated the clusterfuck of a prom, parked somewhere, got soaked and stood in one spot for 45 minutes. Then cancel it.
  12. No, no, no it's a 'Great place to live and work' as Skelly and government keep reminding everyone at every possible opportunity.
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