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  1. Should be on his manifesto next election as a stat proving how popular he is. Most popular MHK by far.
  2. 'English Twat' gets used a bit. Not sure if that's a traditional Manx greeting?
  3. The pizza chef has been complaining about his working conditions though.
  4. I'd like to see his blogs continue, especially when he becomes Chief Minister. Go MHK Rob, I'm rooting for you, you're amazing.
  5. Fuck the government buses off. Give out licences to anyone who wants one and flood the island with Jeepneys. Anyone can pickup anyone, market can whittle down to whats required and it would be lovely to see children enjoying themselves on the roofs.
  6. It's also one of the most boring parts to watch a race from, while you're still smarting over the sting to your wallet.
  7. Well last nights episode had 'Goldie' blurred out in the intro sequence, so I'm presuming the rest of the series is pulled off ITV Hub, because they'll have to go back and edit any clips of him. Getting banged up again will be the reason.
  8. Hahahahahahaha! Hahahaha!
  9. // Off topic but this is the oddest question I've seen: 24. The Hon. Member for Douglas East (Miss Bettison) to ask the Minister for Policy and Reform – Which Departments, boards or Government offices have printers: HP Laserjet Series 4000, HP Laserjet Series 4050, HP Laserjet P2015, HP Laserjet Series 4, HP Laserjet Series 5, HP Laserjet Series 3500, HP Laserjet Series 3550, HP Laserjet Series 4500, HP Laserjet Series 4550, HP Laserjet CP3525, HP Laserjet CM3530 or HP Laserjet P3005? It's a bit like just asking "Which Departments, boards or Government offices had toast for breakfast?"
  10. Lol lol, you guys love me in tights. Size 22 mailorder btw.
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