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  1. Rob Callister will be Chief Minister and deservedly so.
  2. 4:30pm Roads open one way on mountain. 4:37pm Mountain Road closed due to RTC at the verandah
  3. You can run ANPR off a Rasberry Pi and a tiny camera. It's not hi-tech.
  4. slinkydevil


    Say "Chips, cheese and gravy please... damn this thing is still recording."
  5. Does anyone know when TT is this year please?
  6. Here's an outrageous idea. You don't have to smoke it.
  7. Still fucking corrupt though.
  8. Didn't the IOM police get done for secretly recording suspects conversations and then using it against them? Can't remember when, but probably late 80's early 90's?
  9. If the prom is £20million the engineering needed to shore up the cliffs for marine drive has to run into £100million+ at government estimates.
  10. Exactly. If Howard Quayle can get his suits and shirts from Oxfam (I presume because they look ill-fitting and second hand) to save a few quid so should Rob.
  11. The Isle of Man has to be one of the hardest places to spot an April Fools story.
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