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  1. Laurence Skelly MHK said: "I truly believe this is the arrival of our visitor economy and tourism renaissance." Lol. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-48762374
  2. Don't worry we're all going to be working in the plantations tending to the hemp and bud as soon as the boy Ashford gives the nod. No need for CSP's anymore.
  3. Keep up at the back please.
  4. Don't forget the "A year in the life of RC" video that went up on youtube that breached the copyright of an international band's song. After being pointed out, swiftly pulled because of 'technical difficulties with the quality'.
  5. Looneys need the full weight of the law thrown at them. I'd like to see a long prolonged court case, maybe some jail time for the owners and possible closure of the business. This copyright theft has got out of hand and they need to be stopped. Preferably at a huge cost to the taxpayer. Come on Rob MHK you need to support your constituents and the IOM as a whole by stopping this brand destruction. You had it right when you said "The Isle of Man has an incredibly strong brand in the TT, which also brings in additional tourism and economic benefits to this island. For that reason this island and our department has a duty to protect the TT brand from unauthorised use and from any potential repetitional damage to the Isle of Man, its commercial partners and from any potential loss of revenue in the future, which is so vital to this event."
  6. These guys have sponsored ads all over facebook. I bet they don't care about any IOM trademarks. Mind you, it could be a nice jolly to Miami for a government bod. https://titi3d79.com/shop/isleofmantt2405?pid=dNpb8JYGt4vcSTKn&cid=Cgny2zIQpD2RQW3c&sid=2
  7. Yes, yes but at least some civil servant got to flash his badge and feel really important. A little pump of the fist as he grabs his soya milk latte from Ramsey Costa, another £75 clawed back yeeeess! Go IOM.
  8. Hang on a minute Rob MHK is far to busy sending cease and desist orders to these f**king W***ers who are taking the piss. Look at them, destroying the Isle of Man's reputation and brand. F**k you Looneys.
  9. You sexist pig, typical man.
  10. Rob Callister will be Chief Minister and deservedly so.
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