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  1. I know some people in the esports industry and a windswept rock in the middle of the Irish sea with limiting travel connections is not their style. I'm predicting a lot of money thrown at it with little return, except for maybe some mini events and some brass plate tax licences for whatever they think up. Really esports want the big cities for hosting, players follow the circuit and software houses are already established with global workforces with the best talent. The bright lights of esports is not the Villa Marina in Douglas.
  2. "We’ve had conversations with big tournament operators who have been expressing interest, so an Isle of Man esports event’s definitely not outside the realms of possibility." We have found a way you can save some tax, are you interested? Yes we're interested.
  3. The body bags will make great sledges if it snows this Christmas. That's 1000 happy children, well done Government.
  4. I don't know, two years is a long time in politics. We'll probably get...
  5. So do most things from a couple of hundred feet away.
  6. Full of his own self importance, he even has to sign off a comment on a DOI post 'Rob Callister MHK' rather than just 'Rob' r better yet nothing at all. We know who you are. The fact you asked for four years also shows they don't really have any concerns what you want. Looks good! 24 Hours later 😂
  7. To be fair, 2023 is shaping up to be action packed judging by the highlights advertised.
  8. Listening to the recording of Tynwald the other day it contained the quote of the year for me. "Making the right omlette for this Island." - Alf Cannan, Chief Minister. 2022
  9. You know when you pause and remember the millions of fallen soldiers... nah I would still make sure I chuck in a paragraph about me and my feelings.
  10. But he'd already bought the scalpels, gloves and overalls for his monthly Onchan surgery. Damn, I'd be broken too.
  11. Don't worry Rob, we still love you! You did your best fella. Onwards to that CM spot, go girl!
  12. “Lantern really understood how to uncover and bring to the fore all the unique qualities of the Isle of Man. The design and tone of voice capture the personality of the island and the whole campaign perfectly encapsulates why the Digital Isle of Man is a great place for digital pioneers: the people who would love to work on the Internet of Things in the morning and get on their paddleboards in the evening.” Cheryl Gleeson, Head of Marketing at Digital Isle of Man - about using this London Agency "Having recently moved to the Island, I am also passionate about the benefits of living on the Isle of Man and promoting the Island as a great place for digital businesses to develop and individuals to thrive." But not those individuals, the ones that live here, no we couldn't ever think of using those individuals 🤣
  13. I mean the brief of an airport website really only needs to convey simple data in a coherent, easily accessible way. It doesn't need any fancy images.
  14. You only have to visit this page to realise there is no 'Digital Isle of Man' - place like Cambodia have better looking/working Government websites.
  15. I'm really comforted that they're dial-a-yield devices 👀 Yay!
  16. I presume that if Noa were setting up, it would be an addition as long as they kept the core ingredients within the Act. There was an amendment in 1999 that allowed Wheat based beers, but I think this would still be a Malted beer with the addition of bread. This is Noa bread used during the brewing process, as an additive.
  17. Hooded Ram did and others - I think that act is up for interpretation and nothing has been done to enforce. Locally produced Oyster Stout wouldn't be the same without the Oysters and I know for a fact Noa Bread has been added to some local beers. "In addition to more hops, Hooded Ram also strays from the island’s norm with unique ingredients and styles. As stated earlier, the Manx Brewing Purity Act is still in effect — that said, Hooded Ram is clearly pushing the limits with beers that include ingredient additions of chai, mint, chocolate, and other non-traditional brewing ingredients. When asked about the discrepancy related to the law, Hooded Ram’s Founder and recipe designer Rob Storey said it’s a gray area and the law is open to interpretation. “It’s a good question and one I have been seeking an answer to as no one is able to tell me what the repercussions are for not complying, but almost anything can now be added, and I believe so long as they are not “substituting” one of the four core ingredients they are “additions.” https://byo.com/article/isle-of-man/
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