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  1. I ironic thing about the Victorian Society is that the Victorians didn't give a shit about heritage and just ploughed through everything building what they wanted where they wanted.
  2. Do you have to wear top hat and suit? I might go for MHK sometime in the future, but if I was elected, I think I'd still turn up in a hoodie and jeans.
  3. PT Sandwich Artist - Shoprite-Port Erin https://services.gov.im/job-search/viewjob?Id=176234
  4. slinkydevil


    North Face think... I have friends in Australia who say North Face is all over the youth there too. They're making a kiliing and if you look at their website, it's a fashion brand aimed at that very market.
  5. Went into Douglas for the first time in about 2 months for a meeting. I try to avoid the place now. Have to say the prom looked really shabby already. Trying to find a parking spot was a challenge and when I finally found one opposite the Jubilee clock, you walk to one end to pay and theres a big sign over the machine saying pay at the other machine right over the other side. Get there and then it says 'You have 4 mins to leave the carpark.' Alright calm down machine! Overall just a shitty experience using stuff that looked eastern bloc. Place looks tired and devoid of any soul. Shame really.
  6. We will be the envy of the world. All hail popcorn chicken!
  7. Crunchy bits are the best! Lucky winner got this one.
  8. Why was the mobile phone wearing glasses? He'd lost his contacts.
  9. Why didn't the skeleton have a mobile phone? He had no body to talk to.
  10. The government are paying me to close this thread.
  11. Yeah like that would happen.
  12. Fairly useless, generally a fence-sitter, out of his depth and has no initiative. I'm going for Rob to be Chief Minister within 10 years.
  13. They were just doing what they love. They know the risks.
  14. They've opened the Foxdale gates?
  15. I've witnessed business changing contracts being pulled and never to be given again, because a departments direction has been questioned. I'd be inclined to believe the same goes for employment. Grudges run deep here
  16. This young David fella used to work in the Outback. He now has an MBE and by the end of his current term will have taken in over half a million from tax payers in pay since he got into politics. Props, he's played you all.
  17. Douglas Town Band members are said to be 'gutted' and 'distraught' at the news. One said "Maybe now, it is time to give up the Tuba" in an official statement.
  18. *opens garage and dusts off boxes of pitch forks.*
  19. I'm pretty devastated we don't have a magic wand to be honest. Come on DBC, put some effort in.
  20. "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for flying with Emirates today and welcome to Jurby International." I like it, lets do this!
  21. Did the other parent barge in and say "Yeah mate some of them identify as cats, would ya believe it?" Was it Billy Bleach?
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