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  1. Feel sorry for Tim Baker, did a great job.
  2. What takes so long? My 4 year old can count quicker than this lot.
  3. Maybe he should be a YouTuber and Instagram influencer. Blogs are old hat.
  4. Extension to the summer house and outdoor pool is back on.
  5. You can watch the Manx Radio live stuff here: https://www.manxradio.com/election-2021/watch-live-manx-radio-vision-general-election/
  6. What do the tubes of sealant signify. I'm thinking it's an ode to Tracy Emin's 'My bed'. I'm not to keen on the dancing figures, but the rucksack and sealant are wonderful contemporary glints in to the artists mind. An emotional resonance of the workers toil against a backdrop of crazy paving, swirls and roundels. A cacophony of styles squeezed into a tight space, the workers last stand in a battle of civil engineering and grace. Oh, right he hasn't cleared up yet...
  7. Some tough calls this year, I'm going for: Douglas South: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Douglas North: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Douglas East: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Douglas Central: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Onchan: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Middle: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Ramsey: Michael Josem & Michael Josem ACM: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Ayre: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Garff: Michael Josem & Michael Josem Rushen: Michael Josem & Michael Josem G&P: Michael Josem & Michael Josem For all of us.
  8. Rubbish! Look at our diverse, inclusive government.
  9. In my official capacity, I'm doing some PR work with Michael Josem and we're looking for the following props for some upcoming videos: - New Born Baby (x1) - Interesting ailment (Leprosy is quite high on our list) - Mosquito Nets (x2) - Blind dogs (will accept cats) - Amputees for a flash mob event (x56) Transport provided but must make own way home. We can't pay you, but just think about the great exposure you will recieve as you agree to be shown on the following social media platforms: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram TikTok Snapchat Tumblr Pinterest Giphy Youtube Reddit Ask.fm Flickr Foursquare Myspace Tinder Grindr michaeljosem.com taxpayersalliance.im
  10. Most of that was historical flights. Wasn't it around the time he was at Poker Stars and was probably doing a lot of international travel? You know that industry well, it's sort of expected in some positions. I wouldn't hold that against him.
  11. Yours must be fairly high too at a guess?
  12. Exactly. They want the green power but have no answers on how we will fund it. This is exactly what Norway did, use fossil to fund green tech. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/apr/05/historic-breakthrough-norways-giant-oil-fund-dives-into-renewables
  13. You can't get Stripe accounts on the IOM so it's definitely dodge.
  14. Maybe some defect with your camera, but the detail on that line painting job is awful!
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