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  1. From another ex-BeeManx Super crew... Sad, sad loss - Alex and I use to work together in the good old days of Beemanx.com, downstairs in the Bee Media 'engine room' with the other Webi Knights riding the huge Internet bubble before it burst. Farewell friend - greatly missed. RIP big man... I can feel a bacon bap coming on in his honour
  2. Unfortunately, its a small island and news always travelled fast, which is even quicker these days with the likes of Facebook etc. Sad, sad loss - Alex and I use to work together in the good old days of Beemanx.com, downstairs in the Bee Media 'engine room' with the other Webi Knights riding the huge Internet bubble before it burst. Farewell friend - greatly missed. RIP big man.....
  3. Well, I was hoping the rumour maybe true. It appears that Keigs is running down its Apple stocks as its a re-seller and not a full blown seller and therefore hardly making anything on selling them & M&S does not seem to stock Macs anymore. Does Douglas or the island need an Apple Store? Only time will tell. Love or hate Apple, you don't have to go in, you don't have to buy. Walk on the other side of the street if you must, but I bet nearly everybody would go in at least once just to look, its human nature. Regardless of what people think of Apple products or whether its an ope
  4. Latest updated on the possible Douglas Apple Store. I have just been told the door handles on the new shop front are the same other Apple Stores ??? What ever that means. I cannot say I really noticed the door handles last time I was in one! Also Keigs are reportedly running down their Apple stock as they are now longer stocking it ??? But as said above, it's probably yet another overprice coffee shop that we don't need.
  5. Probably just wishful thinking on somebody's behalf... However, I heard today that Apple have got the old Waterloo pub in Strand Street and are converting into a new Apple Store... Interesting if true, but does anybody know what is going in that old pub/shop they are doing up at the moment? * Edited because I feel like it....
  6. Titanic


    ... "when you can take the pebble from hand, it's time for you to leave" He must have got the pebble - RIP...
  7. Happy Birthday Slimbo Bacon baps all round? Must be get darn close to a big birthday?
  8. Titanic

    Lens Flair

    Yesterday - Seasick and viewing deck on the new vessel.
  9. Titanic

    Lens Flair

    There was a bit of Tilt & Shift on the Ben-my-chree yesterday evening hehehehe ;) David
  10. Must be one hell of a filter to take shots like that !!
  11. Titanic

    Lens Flair

    Has it been reported that Steam Racket vessel 'Viking' has been recently fitted with Anti-Aircraft guns?
  12. Titanic

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    Lion up in Tholt-y-will?
  13. Golden rule of divorce - don't sign anything official looking until you have had let a lawyer read through it. It might seem a lot to pay, but it is worth it in the long run, otherwise you might sign yourself into one of these clauses that means you have to pay to the end of your days and even beyond the grave. And once in these clauses, it take years and lots of money to get out again if you are lucky. I was one of the lucky ones, but I do read everything before I sign and never sign anything I don't full understand. When I got married, divorce was the furtherest thing from my mind, bu
  14. Nokia phones (and many other electrical gadgets) are pre-programmed in the factory to fail after a period of time to force you to buy another one
  15. Titanic

    Lens Flair

    Just a couple of snaps from the weekend
  16. Regardless of the dogs, it's a seriously useful tool if you want to get more from your camera than going around like most people in Auto pilot mode. Make the difference and take the darn camera off Auto - you have spent good money on a camera to get a load of knobs, buttons and levers, now is time to learn how to use them. If you want your pictures to look the same as everybody else's, then carry on using the Auto mode. But if you want the edge, then go manual and make the difference.
  17. Over looking Glen Roy taken from the carpark next to Axenfell plantation perchance?
  18. Clearly his number was not up today - darn lucky !! Don't play crashes with full-size train sets...... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7925009.stm
  19. I am fighting the 7 signs of aging well...lol Thanks to Loreal, Nivea, Coco butter oil, baby oil, botox, etc etc.. all I need to do now is diet !! lol There is no such thing as aging - growing old was invented by beauty products manufactures to make billions out of us. Our bodies regenerate itself everyday, so why should we look old - because we are told to. I am 104, but look only 40...
  20. Another potential empty shop in Douglas - Tumbleweed next....
  21. Sky call centre again Aaahhhhhhhhh !!! - they have a new system where you have to 'shout' your date of birth and postcode several times for their system to locate you on the files. Of course, I failed, probably because I don't have a Scottish or Indian accent !! Total waste of ten minutes shouting your DOB down the phone. Rant over....
  22. It's No good for the Irish sea - anymore than force four and it will be hiding in the harbour out of sight
  23. Titanic


    I am giving up replying to daft forum posts.... BTW, you can't go to hell anymore as it is full up already
  24. I hate people who spew out statistics
  25. Sky TV call centers...... either so Indian you can't understand them or so darn Scottish that you can't understand them either !! I am not sure what package I am getting now - curry flavored porridge one !! Only beaten when I had to call the shop at St James Park to get somebody a Newcastle United shirt for a present for somebody - wish I had never rang, hadn't a single clue what they said !!!!
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