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  1. oil price rises do not take in account the massive amount of tax we are paying 8 pounds in every ten of petrol are tax come on this is taking the piss. tax drink and drugs they are a choice i need petrol to get by. also tax smokers more they deserve it. as a plumber i need fuel to survive i dont need drink and drugs so tax them instead. why are they so far ahead here? http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Air_car_runs...d_air_0104.html compressed air car?
  2. does anyone know how petrol is being priced on the island as it is going up by 2 to 3 pence a week tonight its 120.9 a litre, yesterday it was 117.9. i know most of the price is tax but someone is making a hell of a profit somewhere. also are people panic buying here? ive just tried to fill up and was told the tanks are empty.
  3. i think the bishop will be an asset to the island, and maybe he can stop the building of a mansion house in the grounds of peel cathederal. i've seen the plans and wonder why these people are still collecting money on a Sunday, when they obviously have money to burn. why on earth do they need such a big residence for a church this size, they reckon 30,000 people a year will come over just to see that quaint parish church, and enjoy the cafe facilities they are planning. one good thing is the elaborate gardens which will be laid out. at last somewhere nice for the feral children of peel to co
  4. why are the MEA spending so much on advertising in the papers an radio? where else can people go?
  5. i dont thing heritage homes can build any faster. the new prefab homes in peel are going up at an alarming rate. but im sure that pile of wood and two hundred blocks are worth every penny of the £375-500,000 they are asking for them. and they dont waste any space either, enough room for a small wheelie bin between each one and no more, and enough garden for a medium rotary washing line, and 6ft trampoline. i can only say its a good job the cats here dont have a tail because they have a smaller swinging circle for measuring the third and forth bedrooms. keep up the good work
  6. its not just speed thats a problem during TT, i was stuck behind a pensioner from ballaugh to kirk michael. his average speed was 20mph. bikes were taking more risks just to overtake this idiot, and one car overtook two cars me and the pensioner pulling into oncoming bikes to do so. if you are that affraid to drive during tt keep off the roads or get the bus.
  7. your so right people will speak with their feet and wont return to be fleeced by these money grabbing penny pinching merchants. the final straw for me was the peel kiosk on the prom. as i stood waiting for my coffee which has gone up by 15p, i noticed the chocolate bars in a basket. many of them were clearly marked "part of multi pack not for individual sale". these bars are smaller because they are sold in packs but the price did'nt reflect this. trading standards should get out from behind their cushy desks and do some bloody work over this fortnight. or is that against the government wishes
  8. i listen to energy fm now just for the race updates. the guys on there have a good banter between them and the reports are spot on. they also have a good deal of knowledge about the riders and teams. keep it up guys, but keep that chris guy off the air and stop him hogging the mike
  9. the on the ball policeman with the speed camera and his mate at ballig bridge, miss the pensioner cutting across two lanes on the wrong side of the road and nearly taking out me and two bikes. still im sure the fines from speeding motorbikes is essential for keeping the roads in good order.
  10. peel day, honda day, peel carnival, viking day. no matter what you call it, it's exactly the same shit with a selection of bands too dire to play in the local pubs. if the organisers invested more time in trying to entertain the many visitors instead of new ways to extract the cash from them, maybe more would return next year. it's also nice to see the petrol prices rise to encourage more cash from them before they leave. one more thought, well done tynwald mills shop ownersfor remaining closed on mad sunday as hundreds of visitors tried to find an escape from the hell of peel day. you must ha
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