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  1. 822926 - they have someone who made stuff for me before
  2. big smile at the innuendo... ironically the sentence is correct but it was supports for something else made of lard - (not my legs) ..lol
  3. I tried with desperation to SHOP LOCAL (douglas, castletown, port erin) over the last two days. Tried several shops in search of the items that I wanted only to be treated with attitude and disdane in some of the shops. They did indeed stock the items but not in the required size so I attempted to try and get them to order them in, expressing willingness to pay for the extra postage that would most definately be required to get them here on time. But alas that was not to be as each of the 4 shops that I tried couldn't possibly order them in and I would have to wait till THEY did their next or
  4. My biggest current gripe is finding somewhere where the roast is not all well done!! It seems everywhere serves their roast well done!! Try The Clubhouse Restaurant at Manx Flyers Aero Club...Roast Beef well known for being nice and 'pink' in the middle.!
  5. Dear Barabara, It is with much sadness that we heard of Tom's passing. It has been a great honour to have known such a wonderful person as Tom. Take solace in the fact that he will be watching over you while he finally rests his weary body. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you face the tasks ahead of you. Regards and best wishes Marc, Lara, Chels and Family xxxxx (The Clubhouse, MFAC, Derbyhaven)
  6. Parents who don't control their kids in restaurants and then have the audacity to be "offended" when you tell their kid to stop running around. OOOOhhhh... you are picking on my precious...!!! Well would you like to see how your "precious" looks with a heavy glass sticking out of the top of his head or how well a heavy plate with hot food will look draped all over him.. Of course " precious's" mommy clearly doesn't give a continental as to the guilt the poor fellow diner or server will feel when they have fallen over "precious" causing "precious" a serious injury.... Keep your br
  7. Thank you for the lovely fish that you caught today Tom. Just had it for dinner and it was delicious....Regards us at the Flying Club..

  8. Had sunday Lunch at the Clubhouse at Manx Flyers in Derbyhaven.. Good price - decent food. Have to book though. Attempted to go there 2 x on a sunday without booking and battled to get in.
  9. Have eaten at the Mitre - Kirk Michael and so far over a 5 year period have not had a bad meal yet. - Food had always been basic but good. It's not a pub.... but Elliots Bistro on North Quay ( which has outside tables for when weather is good) has always served us a good meal. Down south we go to the Manx Flyers Aero Clubhouse - good breakfast / lunch menu - They also have an outside area with views over the sea and airport (for the closet anoraks) a big lawned area for the kids to run themselves ragged. ( we are not a small family and being able to go somewhere that has an outside
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