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  1. Just had to book a test for youngest child simple online form email back within half an hour. Appointment for tomorrow morning no hassles of hours on the phone to 111
  2. Are we sure this hasn't been just done for the weekend in vegan paint for pride
  3. Got a few days of work so thought I might as well get a platinum go card for the railways go up Snaefell walk back to Laxey like I did quite often before kids and stuff put the handbrake on. Looked online and it said can take up to 10 working days to deliver no hassles I thought I'll just go to the welcome centre at the sea terminal get one sorted straight away get on the tram today. Not so easy still takes the ten days. When I used to have a rail pass you brought a passport photo to the railway station they got a pass put the photo in it and stuck it down and that was it of you went there and then. Progress. I then thought about a go explore pass, the sort you would have to ride the buses and trains for a week on you holidays. Turns out you can't rock up and get one of them either have to order in advance how do it take so long in a world where most everything is instant.
  4. How did the public demonstrate they wanted Alf. If you weren't in Ayre and Michael you couldn't vote for him or express any option at all that could make a difference as to who would be chief minister. Any opinion that the public wanted Alf is just that an opinion and unless we get a vote on chief minister we'll never know who would win a popular vote.
  5. height restriction is a bit strange I couldn't go into the Eastern site with a kayak on the roof of my car was warned after driving round the height barrier but no problem in the works lorry which is wider and nearly twice as long
  6. Ben stranded in Heysham Manx radio reporting damaged propellers' looks like Arrow on its way from Larne
  7. where would it fill up with LNG no infrastructure in place at the moment
  8. list of pubs opening this week on www.pubsandbars.im/opening-dates/
  9. loctite and locking wire for the win
  10. Only the south side of the 12 quays link bridge is being converted to a double decker configuration so there is no reason the Ben wouldn't fit on the other side as it does now. Don't know how to do a link but niferry.co.uk. Has a copy of the planning application and a Diagram of the new layout.
  11. Lesser being? Is he the stig when he's not course inspector
  12. Stena hss vessels sailing from Belfast had a ropeless docking when the boat was nearly alongside hooks would latch on and drag it into position
  13. I can do that for you John PM me if you can't find anyone else
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