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  1. lowell thurber

    KWC Quiz 2018/9

    its a bit easy this year got 6 before googling
  2. lowell thurber

    Trouble at Okells

    hooded ram pub open again tonight was closed the othe day
  3. lowell thurber

    University Challenge

    there was a student from Port Erin on last night they didn't win.
  4. lowell thurber

    Steam Packet to be sold

    "safety of life at sea" solas regs mean any boat design would be similar to the ben with all passenger spaces above vehicle decks and massive void spaces below the waterline. No going back to the likes of the King Orry and Lady of Mann with passenger cabins below decks
  5. lowell thurber

    What will happen to the old Whitestone Garage Site ?

    more people would visit a felt museum than a McDonalds so traffic would be would be worse
  6. lowell thurber

    More death and destruction

    with drum brakes and suspension not anywhere near as good as todays
  7. lowell thurber

    Tesco car park.

    it used t be a lot better when bernie was on the case. We go sometimes just before smokeo bout 09.15 and the car park is rammed but when you get in the store its quiet pain to get a park in he work van
  8. lowell thurber

    Steam Packet to be sold

    maybe steam packet said they were not going to take up the extra years on the user agreement and would just run freight on the arrow from the victoria pier until their siting agreement for their linkspan runs out that would make it hard to get someone else to come in
  9. lowell thurber

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Guaranteed share of the profits of a monopoly for the foreseeable future no one would want to buy into that would they
  10. lowell thurber

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Now we own the company we just grant a new user agreement and sell 40% of the company for 200 million sorted
  11. lowell thurber

    South Quay

    not much gas plant around there anymore garages and a pie shop
  12. lowell thurber

    Astronomy Stuff

    did the centre section make its landing ok?
  13. lowell thurber

    Astronomy Stuff

    wow just amazing brilliant live stream really well done so many highlights
  14. lowell thurber

    King Williams Quiz 2017

    got 5 this year reading through a couple of time each group of clues is a common theme which makes it a little easier. its worded to be hard to google a lot of clues you have to have half an idea to know how to search. Some things are easy to search. 5:40.27 copenhagen is easy. whence the minty bivalves. wtf
  15. lowell thurber

    Rob callister mhk

    so were juans paracetamol and sun cream extra and above the 7000 or did he take take more