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  1. Everyone's mentioned the ones I were going to. But noticed one. Robert Holdstock's Mythago Wood. I would also say the Conan Chronicles are a good fantasy read by Robert E. Howard.
  2. Sounds a good read. CreateSpace gives you full control I guess without having to spend any money. It's just their extortionate cut that would put me off lol Then again it gets it onto Amazon's listings and provides the ISBN. I hope you sell it by the bucket load!!
  3. And also from the same publishers as above, their horror magazine Black Static One of the few remaining decent horror mags out.
  4. I've only just noticed this thread and one member saying he has posted some short stories on forums and gained feedback. For those that like writing short stories and do enjoy feedback there are many great eZines that you can use as a platform. Most with good editors who take time out to point out where you are going wrong so you can then go away and improve it before it is published on the eZine. Here's a list and their genres. Thrillers, Killers, 'n' Chillers It's edited by Col Bury and Matt Hilton the bloke that writes the Joe Hunter series. That eZine accepts submissions from crime through to horror. A Twist of Noir They accept crime stories PowderBurnFlash Crime stories also, but under 1k words MicroHorror Horror stories under 666 words in length. Every Day Fiction any genre under 1k words, pays a token 3dollars. New Flesh Magazine accepts anything bizzaro/horror/sci-fi Blink-Ink For those that have something to say in under 50 words(they also do a print version) Then for those that like the idea of getting into short story print collections you'll find a bounty of them, as well as other markets at www.Ralan.com & www.Duotrope.com Good luck with your writing!
  5. Bambster


    You don't even drive a f**king car! But if I did, I'd want to go faster than 20mph
  6. Maybe they need some 'Plant Food' as some of their decisions has been way off this planet Ramsey isn't full of empty buildings, just drive along the sea-front and you can gawp and all the derelict structures, hell there's an abandoned hotel with a Skol sticker in the window, anyone know how long ago Skol was on tap?
  7. Bambster


    Borderline Draconian ideas being brought about. Soon it won't be 20mph it'll be reduced to the old, as fast as a horse can walk. Sod the bloody speed limit, there's enough proper crossing littered about the place. If on foot and venture into the road, look both frooking ways first. Be cheaper just to get David Prowse out of the retirement home and make a new advert, or dig up Tufty.
  8. It's three full working days.
  9. No it doesn't, rememeber they called Excelsior "The Great Experiment" Starfleet abandoned transwarp technology because they couldn't get it to work properly. By the time of ST VI - The Undiscovered Country, the Excelsior, Captained by Sulu, had been retrofitted with conventional warp engines. (Ok, I know everyone is going to jump in here to point out that the Borg used transwarp conduits... and Scotty uses transwarp technology in the new film... but my point stands) Wow, a finer Trekkie I have never met! I have no idea what the fuck he's talking about but it sounds good and I think he should be nominated for the pointless position of 'MF Trekkie Leader' Yup extremely knowledgeable but can you imagine what facts Jim'd have pulled out of his jacksy if he had hated the film???
  10. It's flu Jim but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it, it's flu Jim, but not as we know it not as we know it now! Beaten to it.
  11. Reading this made me think 'When was the last time I ever listened to that Manx Radio Yawn station?' and the answer I came up with was must be donkeys years. The other radio stations on the isle of man have to get by with advertising and putting in effort, so should Manx Radio. Ah, it just came to me the last time I listened to it, was in someone else car and the swap-shop thing was on and a woman wanted to swap some groceries for a sewing machine. Cash well spent on polluting the airwaves.
  12. HeeHee Germann. Are you one of these people who doesn't have any form of personality and must just use borrowed GIFS and other props, I bet you wear a M. Mouse tie to make yourself seem funny too.
  13. Reviving the old ways of preparing food to give a greater taste. . .dripping on bread, fighting for the skin off the rice-pudding, scrapping for the cream off the top of the bottle of milk, staunchly declaring that "the fat is the best bit" And you talk about service, proper counter service. Sounds more like massive queues with not much choice as Arthur the Grocer asks "how the family's doing?" letting you know that he has "some of them carrots in that your husband likes so much" (Because only women did the grocery shopping back then), and "how's yer mam doing heard she took a spill the other day". Whilst the rest of the queue gets annoyed. I don't care how the person serving me is doing, bring on the robots. I want nameless voiceless automatons serving me that mind their own business so I get get the shopping done and get on to better things.
  14. Bloody stupid headline. Nobody ever releases this kind of general information (unless it's medal accounts). Is this some gobby soldier shouting off to the local rag? This kind of headline actually puts people in danger here, and is irresponsible jornalism IMO. The last thing we want is the 'war' brought here - especially as bees says when it ain't even our war. I don't think we have much to worry about unless the distribution of the local rag is considerably wider than we possibly imagined. And any terrorists on the mainland that might be up for a little bit of retribution will baulk when they see the cost of getting over here. That and getting back off the island again. I think we can all sleep soundly.
  15. I wonder if he can add them his Xbox Live Gamerscore?? he has now unlocked 2 achievements and gets a better gun.
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