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  1. Put Robertshaw in charge of Government employee pensions. Although I wonder will his swingeing axe be so keen with the idle rich? (rhetorical question only)
  2. @paswt - the case I refer to, try a sum very much nearer to £50,000! Tugger, I'm talking about Isle of Man heavyweights here. Yes they are there to win, especially when covering up their company's dodginess. And have no compunction in lying or any other trick that is needed. The friendly Deemster - no stranger to similar dodginess himself - will happily stroke them through and even act as second chair for those difficult court moments. Duplicity. Dear Tugger, it would appear you have fresh-facedly embarked upon a legal career. Full of dashing sharp-suited young professionals. I'll give you a few years and you will have the complexion of a twisted walnut. Maybe not on the outside - some of the benefits of all that Athol Street etc. money is that the surgeons knife and Botox® are so easily accessible - but the inside is less easy to disguise. Coroner, ask yer pals. In one case it was an elderly lady who was ill and bedridden. All she had done was sign a witness statement and was little aware of the court case or much to do with it. The Coroner's very first contact was pinning arrest notices on people's homes. Very first contact. Didn't even ring the doorbell and left. As the Number One Deemster tells you on glorious Tynwald Day - go and do God's work. As I have stated before, and admittedly somewhat poetically but nonetheless relevant, the Mafia at least have the courtesy to kill people outright, the family grieve, the family move on. In the Isle of Man, what I see as as our very own Mafioso styled, would seem to enjoy the eeking out and bleeding people dry of their lives. Footnote - two of the people involved have since died and not as an entirely indirect result of all this. The Isle of Man - Where You Can™
  3. Assessed, taxed, call it what you want. But it is carried out by that General Registry lot. Who I suggest are simple minded puppets of the advocates. Did next to fuck all (please excuse the language) and charged £3k. Didn't even check if the advocates had done the work they charged for. (they hadn't, quite obvious too) Devious and duplicitous. There, two words that I feel well within my rights to describe the whole process. Regarding the Coroner. Not even a phone call or a knock at the door to see if the darling advocates' bill could be paid. Straight for the jugular. Go for arresting peoples' homes without warning. A disgusting state of affairs. Aye, I'll say again, Robert Mugabe would be proud of our legal system. He really would. ps Have I told you the one about the deceitful Deemster yet, or shall I save it.
  4. There needs to be a judgement and execution first! An advocate cannot just do this. "we've got execution" in a matter means send the Coroner in without any warning to arrest homes for auction to pay for the advocates' fees. There is more to this of course manx-person. I anticipate that all the sordid details of the various *lawyers' behaviour will be available sometime. It's a gob-smacker. * "lawyers" includes other legally qualified people as well as Manx advocates.
  5. The biggest threat to the Isle of Man is the acts of, and the exposing thereof, of the Manx Mafia. (Hi Tugger!)
  6. Even in Zimbabwe there would be warning that the heavies were going to arrest peoples' homes to pay for lawyers fees. On the Isle of Man an advocate can tell the Coroner to go round (without warning) and arrest homes to have them auctioned. (Where's the forum memberTugger, to have the phrase "Manx Mafia" explained again)
  7. Paxman's facial expressions during this interview are classic Paxman. I imagine they would be just the same if he were to interview Peter Karran when he becomes the MP for the Isle of Man if/when we become a county of England. In fact why wait until then, I think we should invite Paxman over to interview Peter. That would be a mega Youtube hit and really put Isle of Man on the world map.
  8. Our weathermen are ok and provide a good service. I would question if we need 8 of them though, but I suppose that is from the days when we simply couldn't have enough Govenment paid and pensioned workers.
  9. Thomas, how much experience of life have you actually had? Ever needed to consult an advocate or require legal advice? Ever been involved in litigation? No, thought not.
  10. yes there are plenty of briefs in the I-o-m, but just who would you trust???. having worked in legal offices on the island for the best part of 30 years I really can honestly say I would not trust one of them with anything really confidential, if I was to need the services of a brief to represent me in anything with a degree of common sense involved I would employ a decent advocate from the uk. In what evolved into a serious matter, I needed an advocate I could trust. So I went to one that I had been at school with for many years. Not the best brain I realised but at least I could trust her, I thought. How very, very wrong I was. Manx advocates' only allegiance would appear to be to their fellow lawyers, irrespective of what side they are on. And a very strong allegiance to money, money, money of course. High time the closed - and I have to say, corrupt - shop of the Isle of Man justice system was opened up.
  11. I see what you mean Stu but totally draw the line at a guy using a self styled 'catch phrase' of "old money" each and every time he read the weather, for about 2 or 3 years at least that I remember . I understand that he was eventually persuaded it was a nob-head thing to keep saying. I just switched off - still do in fact - each time his effected voice creeps onto the airwaves to tell us just what the Mandate presenter said quite normally a few minutes previously at the start of the programme.
  12. There was a case not so many years ago about a fraud concerning some upper layers of power in Pakistan (er, or 'Parkison' as the court papers somehow mistakenly wrote it) who used the Isle of Man as a vehicle. It could be that.
  13. Watch the Formula 1. From anywhere in the World. Those guys are aware of the weather conditions from the next 20 minutes right through to 72 hours away. Pretty precise too. Our weather men are good for letting their granny know if it will be a good day to put out the washing or nip down to the shops. And they also provide a service of translating the temperature into "old money". Or at least one of them does. Well worth having a full contingent of Manx Radio 10-minute morning celebrities on good pay and pension on call.
  14. No it wouldn't. That is because we live in a greedy, greedy World Island. Using the - not so extreme - real example I used previously, a person works for 40 years and then retires on a 50% (of final salary don't forget) pension for 40 years. Plus the lump sum (and that is LUMP SUM). Even if they contributed 10% to that pension pot, the figures just don't add up, do they. But hey, it's their contract of employment and they can balance their conscience by focussing on a few days or weeks or even months of their career that was maybe a bit 'stressful'. They deseve a good, lucrative, money-laden retirement, don't they? But who actually pays for it? Well in our case, considering the worth/value that has actually been input to society, it is the UK VAT overpayment that pays it. And thank the Lord for that eh! So, get it while you can you Isle of Man Government empoyees (including police et al). Take your wheelbarrows down to the pension cash handout. The Isle of Man....where you jolly well just can.
  15. The retired civil servants I know simply can't believe the money they are receiving and they admit themselves they do not need it. Certainly not so much of it. They no longer have children to look after and have no mortgage responsibilities and yet the money rolls in and is unstoppable like the tide. There is a huge monetary imbalance in our society but the human greed factor does not allow that imbalance to be addressed. Some people I was at school with were mediocre at best. They are now approaching early retirement after doing nearly 40 years as Government employees, some have reached the top echelons of the civil service pay scale. After retiring I can see them surviving another 40 years on a whack of a pension each and every month, right through their 60s, 70s, 80, and more than likely at least some of their 90s. It's crazy.
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