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  1. Will Kelly's not a manx forums member but he's asked me to pass on his mobile number to you, give him a call on 480805
  2. I assisted a friend with the same problem on his Samsung smartphone over the Christmas period, used getukvpn to help him, however I don't have any problems with Google Play Store on my Nexus 5 with a Sure contract. Not complaining, just curious as to the reasons why there is a difference.
  3. As an ex-employee I can state that none of the 25 staff were brought over from Ireland or the UK to carry out their roles. They were all employed from the Isle of Man and have lived here for many, many years. They may not all be Manx, but the vast majority are or have lived here since they were children, therefore they are all long term residents and nobody needs to go back anywhere.
  4. Deano_iom, Carine's coffee shop in Peel offers gluten free bread, the soup is always gluten free and have gluten free cakes. It's my Mother in Laws coffee shop on Douglas street, opposite the Post Office if you're ever in Peel.
  5. Oh and if you want to ring ahead and reserve a pastie, give Fiona a call on 07624 302427
  6. Carines now has a Twitter account which I use to update daily specials, which hopefully will help with all of your pastie needs.:-) @carinescoffee
  7. You're not that Simple Simon guy that met a pieman are you? Ha Ha Not that I know of!!
  8. Hi truth doctor, they still sell pasties, my Mother-in-Law makes them now as John Carine (her Uncle) passed away a few years ago now. All the food is home made and the specials change daily, usually soup, pasties and yesterday was a chicken tarragon pot pie. Hope that helps. Simon
  9. Carine's is owned by my in-laws (Manxwolf is my brother-in-law) and I've offered to update their online presence so they now have a Face Book page called Carine's Coffee Shop and also a twitter account @carinescoffee. These will be used to update about specials, events and also as a place to leave feedback. Thanks for the feedback in this thread and might see you on FB or Twitter. Simon
  10. With robberies like these, Pizza Takeaway shops are falling like dominoes!
  11. Looking forward to this opening, thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks a million, I'll do that at lunch time.
  13. Hi I found an LG Chocolate phone outside Tower Insurance on Victoria Street on Sunday afternoon, approximately 3pm. Please PM me if it's yours. Thanks
  14. I play a wide range of music, NIN and SOAD included and everyone's welcome to come and give it a try.
  15. Surely the venue makes no difference, if the music is good and people enjoy it. The more venues that offer an "alternative" the better.
  16. Shuffle is on again this week, remember it's free to get in. Doors open 9.30pm.
  17. Thanks to all that have been coming down so far, I've enjoyed it, hope you have too. Simon
  18. Is this in the main bar area or the nightclub bit? It is in the night club, downstairs under the Corthouse. Entrance is at the side on Church Street. Hope to see you there. Simon
  19. Do you mind doing my shopping for me? I can do it any night other than Thursdays, lol.
  20. No it's not the same gang from Havana, it's me. My name is Simon, come and say hello if you're in. I'm also taking requests.
  21. A new Indie night is starting this week at The Old Courthouse in Athol Street. It starts at 9.30pm and it's free to get in. Music ranges from Indie, Rock, Grunge, Dance, Britpop, and Hip Hop.
  22. I've just watched the Panorama program and was interested to hear peoples views. I think it was very heavily weighted against Lichtenstein and the IOM was being "tarred with the same brush" even though it was only mentioned twice in passing.
  23. I don't post very often on here but I have it on good authority that it was neither a boy racer or a dogging incident gone wrong!!
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