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  1. Did Keyboarder not ask for some pictures of RTA victims, sent link to him for his get off. not as sick as him posting it for all to see.
  2. You live in fantasy land; please take a picture the next time you see any cyclists riding 4 abreast. It just doesn't happen. There are too many cars, I'll give you that. Cars kill motorcyclists, I'll give you that too. Safer to race round a track than drive on the road? I don't think so. I doubt your insurance company would agree either. 'more chance of not having an accident'. Beautiful. Ask any Bike rider. I hope Keyboarder likes the picture, doubt he will post it though.
  3. What a larf, you slag off everything that's not motorcycle related on this forum! Brilliant, after tirelessly arguing how safe motorcycling is, you no longer ride because you're scared. You can't make this shit up, you're unreal! slieau dhoo: Like I said, I think the fact its a course makes the safety record worse all year round, not just during the TT/MGP. Try cycling or walking on any part of the course on a sunny sunday, it's pretty hairy. Then move off the course and notice the difference. I no longer ride on open roads not because I'm scared of my own ability to ride a bike, just scared of the fuckwit car drivers on Manx roads. And as for cyclist are you one of the many fuckwits that ride 3 or 4 abreast hogging the roads I can enjoy my bikes by racing or doing track days and know I have far more chance of not having an accident
  4. No. No it's not. It's not even close to being a fact. Do you ride a bike, fancy a lap in the moaning dodging all the Keyboarders that spend all their time on forums slagging anything off, then driving to work half asleep in the morning.
  5. The two tugs are with the barges at the airport site. We have also had visits by the gas survey and supply ships. The one off Ramsey is surveying the possibility of mining gravel from the sea bed
  6. The standard of driving on the island is very poor at best, granted having extra traffic on the roads during the racing does not help and may raise the chance of a RTA. But not all Bike riders are idiots we to have a load of idiots in cars and the mountain road first thing in the morning is proof of this. Yes I'm into bikes, i used to ride bikes but not any more,its far safer as a bike rider to go racing and that's a fact. Maybe if more money and thought was put into educating drivers, then the chances of being wiped out reduced. Also it may be a time to think about reducing the amount of cars on the roads. As for the fatality this week, I'm not sure of the facts but from whats just been shown on TV it looks like the van pulled out into the path of the bike.
  7. It's not a competative sport Lee, no. It's more of an activity. You're comparing a sporting event with something people do recreationally. It'd be fairer therefore to compare all motorocycle road deaths with all mountaineering deaths, but you'd still have to work out participant numbers and hours of time spent doing that activity rather than plucking out fatality totals and dancing round like homer with a doughnut. None of those people were competing for prizemoney in a nationally sponsored event. Here's another quick headline stat, you'll like this. Number of UK troops in afganistan in 2009: 8,000 Number of UK troop fatalities in afganistan in 2009: 75 Fatalities per person year to date: 0.009375 Number of racers on the course in 2005: 350 Number of fatalities on the course in 2005 TT: 9 Fatalities per person 2005: 38.8 So, three weeks ish racing on the mountain circuit is more dangerous than nine months in active service in afganistan. And the death rate there is currently the front page of every newspaper. I don't agree with soldiers going to Afghanistan to fight in a war that has fuck all to do with us They signed up for the adventure just like riders that sign on to compete at the TT, they all know the risks, but do we have the right to stop them.
  8. So mountain climbing is not a sport Slim. Because its in our own back yard is the only reason you take notice. Death happens in sport all over the world but is not always reported. http://www.boarderz.ru/Snow/press/Art1503/?currentlang=1 How does a death of a rider at the TT effect your life ?
  9. MONT BLANCH 2008 Ski Touring 10 Off Piste Skiing 3 Snowboard Touring 2 Off Piste Snowboarding 0 Snowshoeing 0 Climbing 12 Walking 2 Skiing 0 Total for the season 29
  10. Quote slim One death is too many, any deaths should be prevented, and justifying those deaths by the money they line our pockets with is about as low as you can get. I agree with this, How much do these resorts make compared to the Island. Whats the value of a death in these resorts and activities. Most are using the deaths at the TT a reason to ban it when in fact you have other hidden agendas. What causes the delays in getting into work most mornings and out in the evening, I found no difference between a normal working day and TT week.
  11. How many young locals get lifted off themanx roads in body bags per year, maybe we shouldban the under 25s from driving
  12. In excess of 20,000 reach the summit each year and rouughly the same number do not. The TT/MGP has 3 or 4 hundred riders. So that is about a ratio of about 1:100 which deathwise still seems to give it to the TT/MGP as a percentage of participants. Can we be knocked from our top spot? You are quoting all participants, 3 or 4 hundred competitors plus spectators on bike ride the TT roads and do many laps, how many of the ones you quoted attempt more than one climb. A competitor at the TT will try and get twenty practice laps plus the races, more chance being killed on MontBlanch
  13. Very sad , but im glad to see that the usual comments are not being made about the death of a biker, maybe he had a connection with some through his music. RIP
  14. 500 skiiers a week day or 1,000 on a weekend is probably still 5 times the number of riders in the TT You mention two fatalities in one day. What you do not mention is whether such fatalities are normal and expected as per the TT or one offs. More bikes go over Snaefell per day than skiers down slopes in one day at MontBlanch. 16 deaths at one resort (8 in one day alone)in a short season is worse that any TT/MGP stats
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