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  1. I also contracted a virus last week, on saturday i could no longer boot up, it had deleted my boot settings and completely destroyed my C drives file structure. Gave it to the IT genius at my brothers work on tuesday, i'm hopefull to have it back tonight. It's had to have XP re-installed and i've lost a lot of programmes but apparently he's managed to save a lot of the programme files. I hadn't backed up this year unfortunately, so i really do owe the guy a pint or ten. I run AVG free, Spybots and Ad-Aware, didn't pick up a bloody thing, AVG runs daily.
  2. Just like the good old Manx authorities, find fun, eliminate source of fun.
  3. Still fail to see the point tbh. Whats Homebrew?
  4. To what end? What is the point of this dongle and jailbait? Is it to play pirate games or what?
  5. Although obviously in hindsight Iraq didn't have WMD's, they DID have WFSD's, Scud missiles, a weapon that could reach neighbouring countries. This weapon was also banned, yet no one really seizes upon this, its not a weapon of mass destruction, but it is a weapon of fair sized destruction. I think it was right to get rid of Saddam, no matter how pathetic he ended up looking, this was a mass murderer, of his own people no less, people seem to forget this. Just wanted to throw that out there. Edited because i forgot how to spell distruction.
  6. You're right, completely booked up. Toy story finishes on thursday to be replaced by the fucking A team, i can't find an email address to complain to on their website. Its bollocks, i had to go and watch Predators in that tiny cinema and still pay the full whack for the privelidge. They must be able to put on late showings surely, the lazy gets only work for 4 or so hours a day. Really wanted to see this too.
  7. Missed it, i've tried to erase the fact i ever got involved with Lost. What did it explain pray tell?
  8. Went up last night to set our tents up, looks ace, like a proper festival
  9. Nice one Yeah, they finished and he did a 5 minute beatbox, then i went back on for half an hour.
  10. hate to be the devils advocate like, but your paying for the seat, not the 'PLATE OF VEG'. Bollocks, never ever have i ever heard that if you go to a resturant with a 1 yr old and/or a 4 month old you get seating charges for them whether they eat or not. Clearly stated in the menu "children under 2 eat free". What a load of shite, like.
  11. No, but its a part of the health service that everyone pays for. If anyone who harms themselves through their own actions (fighting, smoking, drinking) gets to be looked after, why wouldn't someone who is having difficulty concieving, through no fault of their own?
  12. I don't think i'd be expecting a new battery free of charge, the iphone has that many different things it can do, with varying degrees of power usage, its hardly going to be MT's nor Apples responsibility how i use my phone. I take it the battery is changable, i'm just interested as to how much it will cost.
  13. Mine is also started to run out, not as bad as that, i can use the ipod for a couple of hours, go on facebook and still have charge enough to not have to restart it. But play any games and it depletes rapidly. This is my one gripe with, what is in all other ways, an exeptional phone, shame the batteries are not user-changable. Will you let me know how you get on please, i too have 6 months left.
  14. Does anyone know anyone who has garages for rent, they're all over the place but i rarely see any available, nor any phone numbers to enquire about.
  15. Battle Beyond the Stars, wow, i had that, Alien, Blazing Saddles, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Airplane amongst others on video as a kid, i used to watch them in the mornings when the parents were still in bed. Anyone see BBTS lately? Does it stand up to the test of time? It's one of those classics you never see on any of the Sky movie channels.
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