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  1. Booze Spare Pants Car phone charger (going to be a lot closer/easier than having to stand in the bloody queues at other festies!) Shades DeWalt battery stereo and Pacemaker for after hours action.
  2. Hmmm, i really don't know where i'm at with torture porn, loved Hostel, liked the Saw's (couple of them anyways), big fan of horror films, but think this might just be a bit beyond my ability. Would like to give it a go, but i fear what it would do to me.
  3. Those are some fine specimens that's for sure. Reminds me of the time when Danny's dads prize cocks swept the board at the agricultural show. Good times.
  4. Get down there early, the warm up DJ's Brian and Chris are top banana too.
  5. Was wondering if it was any good or not, have avoided it because of the cover if i'm honest, as shallow as that sounds. @Militant, why no ickle quick review?
  6. Oldie jus because it ain't a newie, only jus got round to watching it.
  7. Saw Daybreakers on friday, what an absolute pile of shite, bored to death, stupid story, hammy acting. Straight to DVD garbage, avoid. 3/10 Last night saw Dead Mans Shoes, oldie but brilliant, dark and horrible. 8/10 This post is the very reason i will not waste my time with any of these movies.
  8. Please note some phrases which do not repel pests: "sorry, no" "honestly I'm very busy" "no, sorry" "please, I'm just not interested" "please, I'm too busy and I don't want to be rude" "sorry, please just fuck off now" "I'll set my dog on you in a minute" this one from my mother, most amusing, still didn't fuck off though! Ended up just closing the door.
  9. Mormons have invaded us again. Last seen bothering people in the hilary road/bathurst st area. If approached use whatever language deemed apprpriate to get them to fuck off. If all else fails, use of sharpened axe is acceptable.
  10. I get it Celt, it's because people are disappointed, they actually wanted to go to a festival on home soil, they wanted it to be good. It's another missed opportunity, last night by all accounts was a big deal, rammed, probably a near sell out, so well done all round on that one. But the rest of it is a bit of a shambles really. Saw Calvin Harris on the Isle of Wight festival, must've been 40,000 there in the crowd. Going to be a big difference tonight methinks.
  11. Has to be a red card and a 3 match ban, a yellow doesn't stop them at all.
  12. Have you been in touch with Sony Cret? How much would they have sent a re-conditioned one out for? Now 6 days since you started this thread, not going to say anything about my launch fat ps3 as it'll only be borked when i go to fire it up tonight, but when my ps2 died i had a new one within a week for around £50 iirc. Are you invalidating any contract you may have with Sony for trying to sort this out yourself? 80% new is a fucking joke though, surely anything thats not 100% new is second hand?
  13. Why are you waiting till TT week to get a new phone?
  14. DX Glasto info page here. Should've got that in an email B, says it hopes to have everyones tickets with them by the 19th, be a nice change, usually still sweating 2 days before we leave the rock!
  15. Gorillaz take U2's headline spot. Now for Muse to break their legs and Pearl Jam to replace and it'll be the perfect festival!
  16. Of course not, my bad. Thought it was 2007 for a moment.
  17. Because we hadn't had anyone pulling the head clean off it over consoles for a good while now, well known fact that xbots actually wank while thinking how much better their machine is. Must have been the CAPITOL letters that made me assume you were doing the same, thought you'd gone over your keyboard. My mistake.
  18. Wow, i can't believe you actually stopped wanking long enough to type that.
  19. Here's a question, we're always saying we should educate kids about drugs, but where's the education about booze, it's largely down to the apprentiship of life to get wasted, throw your ring and/or get your stomach pumped, maybe only once if you're lucky, to learn about it. How many people would be happy letting their kids over do it with drugs?
  20. You can't legalise drugs now, its too late. They should never have been made illegal in the first place, people are clever/stupid enough to make their own decisions, and will do regardless of any stupid laws. If drugs were legalised now we'd pretty much have to sacrifice 2 generations of kids i'd reckon, that's my kids and my kids kids, and for that reason I'm out. I don't know what the answers are, but I think it's clear that the laws don't work, you can STILL get Mephedrone on the streets, although now its probably knocked up with fucking vim or something. Stupid laws, stupid authorities.
  21. I'm gonna pick this up today, just sounds so much fun!
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