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  1. I was told, and now seems plausible, that all the dead people that have "apparently" been seen, are the smoke dude that now possesses Locke, and that he was gently pushing everyone to this point. I'm disappointed with it so far, not had the same "WHAT THE FUCK" moments that previous seasons have had, with the exception of some deaths maybe. Not holding out much hope for the finale this end, answers have seemed a bit shoe horned so far to me, like they had no idea where they were going with it and this is the best they could come up with.
  2. Yeah, its all over facebook, not the best of advertising agreed. They need to get that sorted really. Slipmatt is over in TT week too, senior race day i think, but i'll put that up here too. @Integer, never too old for old skool ;-)
  3. Ratpack at The Courthouse Old skool madness. This friday (14th May) Evenson Allen (M.C) and Mark “Lipmaster” McKee bring their legendary Rave show to the Island for the first time, “Searchin’ for my Rizla” is their best known hit, they were instrumental in the scene playing all of the biggest gigs, Fantazia, Perception, Sundance, Biology, their crowds were over 27,000 people at the biggest Raves. Support from Dreamfish and MoBeats.
  4. Someone thieved your link Kymbo, here's another one. Looks good, won't hold my breath despite the Rodriguez connection, let down too many times now, bout time they seperated the AvP thing, its shit.
  5. Saw Antichrist last night, really slow to get going, bored till the last 20 mins. Garbage really, and ffs don't watch it with your mum! Hurt locker was ok, definately not oscar winning class though.
  6. Would explain the delay. I hope the whole thing has had an overhaul, the sound has been absolute garbage for the past couple of years. Dropping out and popping.
  7. Bump, if you're out and about tonight pop down for an evening of beats and a sound thats new to the island.
  8. So it is. However, I'm still getting a list of replies to topics, rather than the actual replies themselves like on my desktop. Makes Reading through a topic very time consuming.
  9. Like it on my pootah, hate it on my iphone. Use my iphone mre than i do my pootah these days, so my vote goes to "hate the new format" unfortunately.
  10. SOCIAL SECURITY PRESENTS.....BATTLE OF THE PLANETS. ******************************************************** We are very proud to annouce that we will be joined by UK Club night 'Planet of the Breaks' @ Sub Zero (formerly Bushys Basement) We are also very proud to welcome a legend (and he totally deserves to be called so) to the decks in the form of DJ SWITCH. now if you havent heard of this guy then you should check out - - http://www.myspace.com/djswitchbeatz - Dj Deviant - http://www.myspace.com/djdeviant ******************************************************** Exp
  11. I almost feel like they're trying to shoe horn something in, a new group of "others", the black smoke possessing people, Clare back but apparently possessed according to the new others. And whats with the alternative story of if all went well on the plane, whats the point in that? Its like a "look at what you could've won", with a bit of deja vu thrown in. Its asking more questions than its answering, as ever. Not sure about it yet. Always hated the way fuck all really happens then there's a massive "WHAT" at the end, i should've sky plused them then started when i had a few saved up. It'd b
  12. I'm still trying to get through the spikey columny/spinning tube bridge thing of Hades on the first one. Yours when i'm done kidda. Its a fantastic job they've done on it for sure, far better game, all the glitches have been ironed out, graphics for the most part seem as good as any other game on the PS3 bar likes of Drake. Epic isn't the word, forgot how much i loved those games, some of the levels are just genius.
  13. A percentage is simply another way of writing a fraction with a denominator of 100. For example, 6% = 6/100. Just as you can have an improper fraction (a fraction whose numerator is greater than the denominator), such as 4/3, so you can have what we might call an "improper percentage" like 120% or 300%. Therefore as Lao says if your journey home is 10 miles we can divide that up to show the point you reach home is 100/100 of your journey, now if you go a mile behond that you have gone 11 miles and using the same scale you have therefore traveled 110/100 of your journey, the fraction or percen
  14. If the strong rumours are correcto it sounds like the 3 Pyramid headliners are hmm U2, meh Muse, and Stevie Wonder!
  15. I can't recommend getting a wheel barrow highly enough, we get one every year. Al though you always plan to travel light, once you get enough booze for a couple of you for the whole weekend, don't half weigh you down.
  16. Is it the usual double dose to get us started?
  17. Bit late isn't it? I just Sky plus'd it last night.
  18. Unless they're going to bring something new to the table i'm not interested in playing old games. Too many good new games out, and old ps2 titles look gash in comparison. I was going to play through GTA San An again but it just wasn't the same after being spoilt by newer titles. If they're upscaled, like the fantastic job they've done with the God of War collection then i'm all for it but i'm not going to waste my time with old games otherwise. I'd love them to do a job on the SSX series.
  19. Piss, the debate's usually over by then.
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