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  1. Is this thread gonna be sync'd with the UK or US airings? We're watching the UK, just so i know whether i can ever look in this thread again or not!
  2. Its got Ridley Scott at the helm has it not? Has to be worth a go then i'd have thought.
  3. Will now sell for £50 ono, need the space, would rather it went to a home than to the scavengers at the amenity site!
  4. Saw Inglourious Basterds last night. Thought Tarantino was washed up, but this is great. The guy who plays the jew hunter being a particular highlight. QT's best since Pulp Fiction, 9/10.
  5. Remedy's back... You guys should know the score by now, it's wall to wall drum and bass with the best classic, liquid and up front tunes. It's normally the last weekend of the month but sadly xmas & NY was a write off so the boys have gone for mid January to still give all you students out there a chance to check out the Islands premier underground dance music night! This time it's a UV party so make an effort and get the neon rave gear out! Free entry before 10pm - 1 pound after Venue: SUB ZERO (formerly Bushys Basement Bar) Over 18s only * Get yourselves down
  6. Where's happy valley? Is that the grass verge down to the beach?
  7. Richmond is supposed to be fine, according to Energy, who i've found to be excellent in their info, an update pretty much inbetween every song.
  8. IIRC, you can pay to go swimming, or you can pay for a swim and spa session.
  9. Sanyo widescreen 30in TV and stand for sale, £75 ono. Not Plasma or LCD, but was a top telly "in the day". PM me for further details.
  10. "3d version" doesn't even sound like "christmas", chinese rumours all fucked up there kids.
  11. Damn, gonna have to change my pin again.
  12. Top 100 Trance Tracks of the 00's...? Looks like I picked the wrong year end to stop sniffing glue
  13. Well i'm on around about 20 or 21, kill ranked 3 hundred thousand and something, something like that, doubt i'm any threat to anyone. Not a big cheat by any means, just be nice to get some more shiny new perks on it.
  14. Soz. Like i said, a lesson contained herein. Why take it so seriously?
  15. No, seriously, he just pissed off without giving me my turn.
  16. Was playing 3rd person cage matches last, which is awesome, really tense. Got msg'd by the other guy who said "headshots", i asked what that was and he said take turns at getting big killstreaks and levelling yourself up, i'll go first he said, why not i said. So like a lamb to the slaughter i ran from wherever i spawned, to the middle of the sub map, and let him blow my brains out with various things. Points total maxed out, new level, ok my turn i messaged him, he fucked off. There is a lesson contained herein.
  17. Looks fucking incredible. click my ass off.
  18. If you can afford to get over here for nye you can afford to go anywhere else, get the ferry to Amsterdam or something. Would not recommend trying to have a good night out here on nye, not on your lonesome anyways.
  19. I'm really looking forward to Alien vs Predator, looks really good and the previews have been positive. I hope it can capture the tense horror of the Alien films rather than the utter garbage of the AvP films. That and God of War 3.
  20. Also Stu, please don't underestimate the draw of online play. Once you've played the offline modes of games, against the robotic AI of the console, you just can't beat playing against actual real life people online, racing or whatever, its just so good and very different. Its been made so much easier to do now too, just like getting into an offline game in most cases. You'll be happy whichever console you go for regardless.
  21. Haven't played Uncharted2 yet, nor Ratchet and Clank. The game i've had the most enjoyment out of so far this year has to be FIFA10, i'm loving MW2 but FIFA is the game i go to again and again, just can't beat getting walloped and/or walloping foreigners online!
  22. There's the difference right there. What have we got? Calvin Harris, Spandau Ballet, JLS, the rest is made up of 80s has-beens and reality TV losers, actual losers.
  23. Like the music, but never been so disappointed in a "live" act as i was in them at Glasto last year. Not live.
  24. If they've struggled to get a decent name for saturday, why would that be? Greed would be my suggestion, trying to make sure they sell some tickets in the xmas market. Why have the line up announced so early, whats the point? There's no other festival announces its line up so early, what bands know what they're doing next summer yet? Poorly organised, hyped up beyond reality and a massive let down. Not saying it just to be down on something, i genuinely wanted this to be good, i genuinely wanted to be able to go. But to sit and listen to some shite indie band while i wait to see CHarris do
  25. No, you're right, the fact it's a naff booking makes it a naff booking. Are they sure they've not made a mistake and the 'Ballet aren't headlining the Sunday along with all the other 80s has beens? Absolute load of shite, I honestly thought they were going to come up with Bloc Party, Elbow or someone else that would have some kind of credibility. I feel sorry for Calvin Harris, the embarrassment of being on a bill with jls, spandau ballet and boy George. The man obviously struggles to look for music beyond his own cd collection.
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