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  1. What, in one go, as in hit them all at once? Love this game, i thought i was gonna give up at the weekend, was gettin bored of getting blown away all the time without reply, but get a few kills under your belt, start levelling up and you get into it! Cheers for that, i'll have a look at that later on, i've stolen class but not perked myself up yet.
  2. Have to say that this game is absolutely NOT suitable for kids, would you let your kid watch 18 films? The single player game is pretty dark and violent. Having said that, i saw Xtro, Alien, Evil Dead etc when i was about 11 or 12, all very unsuitable for someone my age at the time, so its probably a hypocritical view.
  3. Getting into it now, albeit slowly, up to level 12. Have to tell you bout the amazing accumulator kill i got last night, complete fluke, well i meant to shoot one guy but fluke that someone passed behind at the same time so got 2 guys, revenge kill, stopped short of killstreak, distance kill, 10th kill with the weapon. Wish there was some sort of video function because if i hadn't witnessed it i'd not believe that myself! Haven't got my head around the perks yet though, how does that work? I'd have thought you picked perks whilst waiting in the lobby, but do you have to fit out your class
  4. Are we going to be able to watch this in all its 3d glory here, or is there some sort of special technology required to play the film, that our shit cinema doesn't have?
  5. Sorry to be dragging this thread up again, but my daughter was in at the weekend staying. When she saw i had the new COD4 she told me all the kids in her class were playing it, online against each other. She's 13 just turned.
  6. Had a couple of hours online last night, as predicted got shot to pieces. But love the steal their class thing, went as a sniper to be a shithouse, try and get out of the way a bit to get myself some breathing space to look around (hectic innit!) on the airport map just got blown away constantly lol, sniping was useless so stealing the class came in handy! Managed to get myself to level 2 i think. Stopped someone short of their killstreak which was quite gratifying!
  7. I'm only midway through the solo, so will get shot up to fuck but i'm in, ps3 style, post on here when this shit goes down.
  8. Just had a horrible thought about the indie stroke rock night. Given the level of what's been leaked so far, Bon Jovi, it'd be a sell out and hailed as a massive success and I'll blow my ears off with a 12 bore.
  9. Exactly the same... was away for a friday, saturday and sunday... bill is normally £40..... £70 cause I used it whilst away... and I was being careful how much I used it aswell as I knew I would get shafted! Pretty shit if you ask me.. not sure how its justified. Do you have it on "push" for data? Which if you've got the facebook app and/or email set up, will fetch info every 15 mins or so, which would end up being quite pricey when thy roam.
  10. Got FIFA at the weekend, so if anyone would like to try and plate up my arse and hand it to me, my PSN is MoBeatsIOM.
  11. Could be wrong but think they closed down, Pacesetter is still open round the corner.
  12. Yeah, think mine took till next day to come through last year. Sold out day 1 again, thats pretty good goin!
  13. Well done to whoever the dumbass is who managed to get a front page ad on the Indy about where to get legal highs. Thats quite an achievement. What were they hoping to achieve? That people would boycott the shop or that the police would clamp down on someone selling something legally? Lets think about the boycott, who would boycott the shop, parents maybe. How many parents do you think frequent a tattoo shop? I'd say the problem, if there is one, lies not with the shop that sells the "legal" highs, but with the kids who took them. When will people get it into their thick heads that some pe
  14. I don't know if the demo's are up on Xbox yet, are they? But i've been checking out the demo's on PSN, and must say i'm going to be sticking with FIFA again. Anyone else been looking at these?
  15. Just saw that last night, downloaded it but was bit late, will check it out at the weekend.
  16. Pardon my limited telly/Sky knowledge, but what is EPG?
  17. Actually not as bad as it sounds, basically saying that if you get knocked off balance and the chance has gone, the ref doesn't see it most of the time and you go down in order to show that contact was made. Not the same as diving imo. This is why CR was labelled a diver but you see the challenges on him, vast majority there was contact. They could stay on their feet and do the honest thing, but 9 times out of 10 the chance would've gone because they'd be off balance. Grey area i'd say. Proper dives, ie no contact, should be punished by 3 game ban after the game, it'd soon root out the cheats.
  18. Just don't get Muse tbh. The "them and us" thing has been done for far longer and far better by Radiohead imo. Knights of Cydonia's a tune tho, and i like one of their others, an early one.
  19. Think you'll find that is the whole point. It is a MINIMUM amount of time when Man U have possession... and the ref will happily give an extra 10 mins if necessary ON TOP of that MINIMUM amount of time to give Man U plenty of time to score. If Man City had the ball in Man United's half and were attacking, the ref would have blown the whistle, for fear that Man City could actually win it. There is no excuse for the blatant cheating that goes on in Man United's favour. Of course, no-one will do anything, because the corruption is from the top down. Oh God.
  20. Both teams had the chance / opportunity to score during the added time didn't they? Could've done too, and also had 30-40 seconds after the goal to try and equalise again. Bitters crying bout it, if they'd not wasted the time in the first place, but then that doesn't smell like scandal does it.
  21. Yes, by a private company, bout 3 years ago, didn't pay it and not heard anything bout it since.
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