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  1. was supposed to be going to V, not sure now though! went to homelands and rennaisance-wild in the country, gonna try and get to global gathering at the end of the month too, top line-up. proper gettin' back into raving this year, heard some awesome music at homelands.
  2. ha ha, nah ya don't, far too flamin' complicated! all on me lonesome at the moment, i think its in transit though, i'll keep ya posted! the last time i looked at this thread catflaps, snails and paisley was the topic, its ace how threads work out sometimes innit!
  3. is right, while you have him you've got a great chance to make top loan signings, i say that cos you've no cash. i mean whats bent all about, i'm sure moyes knows what he's doing, and he was cheap, but marcus bent? i think sensible loans are the way forward for you guys, good players should be fallin' over themselves to get the chance to play with rooney, even ruud is, so you should have no problems, wages is the stumblin' block though. is radz on his way then? c'mon guys, got to get back above the shi'ite!
  4. unfortunately theres nothing we can do guys, except watch on with jealous eyes knowing it should've been us. don't have a go at ronaldo though, he's the only player left in it worth watching, man of the tournament for me, eclipsing rooney only because of the injury that robbed the poor kid of the chance to take us to the next level. although i'm a utd fan, i'd be very dissapointed to see rooney leave everton, he's got so many years ahead of him. having said that if he does leave, it would surely be a mistake for him to go anywhere except to us, as chelsea are the only other club able to affo
  5. agreed, its quality, i saw it in london ahem about 2 months ago at a mates house, very very funny!
  6. he's gettin pretty close to the knuckle now, but its funnier than ever because of that, i think the guys a genius, this new series is filthy, ruder than anything else i've seen on telly. and the guys totally got balls, see him with jack osbourne, brilliant stuff, how he's gettin away with it i'll never know, i wasn't allowed to watch the young ones when i was a kid, god knows what parents think about this!!
  7. alien has always had links to predator, alien skulls in the predator spaceship, the predator stuck in the chair in the first alien movie, the comics of the past 15 years, the computer games, so don't be too surprised about the basis for this movie. i hope they don't ruin it again like they tried to with resurection, the alien series had been pretty solid till then, i personally rate alien as my favourite film of all time. so much scope, so many places they can take the series, the fourth film was a travesty, the others managed to steer clear of cheese and weirdness, whoever gave them permissio
  8. i've wanted to apply for big bro for the last 3 years, just never got round to doing anything about it(c'mon, i'm manx!), but i don't think i could have handled it this year. full of ponses, deviants and weirdo's, i'd have ended up hurtin' someone. its been pretty compulsive viewing once it got going, and still is in parts, but these are not a normal cross-section of society that they've thrown in this time around. vic, the pretend gangster, jason, the up-his-own-arse-without-a-reason angry scot, stu, the girls girlie-boy(ie,ponse), marco, for f@#ks sake, how gay can one person be, he'
  9. thats the thing though, isn't it, we were children when we first saw thunderbirds, not gonna make an "adult" version are they? i'm looking forward to seeing it, but i pretty much know its gonna be pants. these remakes do little for us adults that reminisce of the first encounters, but the kids'll love it. so we're gonna be dissapointed with it, i reckon. they should do 2 versions of each film, one like this for the kids, and one directed by tarantino or scorcese for us. thunderbirds vs crazed columbian drug barons, anyone? scooby doo was xxxx, so was the hulk, but spiderman was ace, yet t
  10. i agree with everything you said miss purrrrrrrrry, except the jesus said bit, he didn't, cos he wasn't there, he was invented many many years later so that someone could write the most popular book in the world! i love all these yanks that pour millions into fat pretend preachers pockets, don't think my views'd go down too well with them! xxxxxx to it, if there is a god, he'll forgive anyway, or so they they say!!! hows the cats, by the way?
  11. monopoly is the key word here, same can be said for gas, electricity and chips! we pay piddling amount of tax, i don't think its entirely unreasonable that some services are expensive. however its too expensive at the moment, and could do with these services levelling out a bit before we can say overall we have a better deal than our uk cousins.
  12. just to carry on the glasto vibe, i saw a pair of tickets for the festival last weekend on e-bay, starting price was £300 each, the end of the auction was to be 2 days after the festival ended!!! i wish i still had the link!
  13. voted none of the above, to be an atheist don't you have to acknowledge that theres something there in order to not believe in it, if that makes sense. just read it again and it doesn't make sense, but i'll go with it anyway!!!! religion is the most destructive force in the entire world, every nation has its own take on it, many nations have multiple takes on it, it forces families apart, makes enemies out of people that don't have any other reason to dislike each other. causes wars, famine, disease, death and hurt all over the world. if there is a god, then after thinking about wha
  14. last nights game just goes to show that the cup had englands name on it right from the start, we beat france, croatia, switzerland, portugal, oh no hang on......... thats right we should have beaten france and portugal, but for the fact we have a xxxx manager, think about it. before anyone tries to defend him, just think about it, he made his name in the italian league. he had his warnings in the world cup, get a goal early and then sit back and try to defend it, AGAINST BRAZIL, yeah, cos ya can defend a 1 goal lead against opposition so poor at going forward. so we come up against france,
  15. i believe it was orbitals last gig together, anyone see them? were they proper good or what?
  16. and knowledge is power, use it well. and don't do the female thing of tarring every woman with the same brush. us men are not "all the same"! don't go looking for love, let it find you. i was on my own for ages, felt like the loneliest man on earth. now i've met someone who makes me feel more wanted than any previous. its only around the corner my friend, don't worry ya'self or it'll pass yer by.
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