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  1. Agreed. The window of opportunity will only shrink. The IOM really need to get in there quickly and 1. enjoy the increased Tourism & 2. enjoy the insane tax benefits
  2. http://www.manxtelecom.com/broadband/broadband/ultima-plus1.aspx Anyone have this yet? Interested to hear your thoughts on the upgrade from Ultima to Ultima Plus, including opinions on the Fritzbox 3390 that comes with it.
  3. A little unrealistic and far-fetched, but a good watch either way. A good effort in raising awareness.
  4. these fish aren't washed up dead, they were alive when it happened. I've seen this rare event happen once before several years ago. Most likely a large shoal of predators chasing them up a long the shore line - there was literally a line of silver glimmer along the coast line getting closer and closer - they seemed to propel themselves up onto the shore. It was at this point I caught a couple large coalies on the spinner
  5. Had a similar issue with my samsung smart TV. From memory, I changed the regional settings of the TV to UK (from isle of Man) and the tv had access to many more applications
  6. Dangerous? Or just annoying because he slowed you down? A danger to himself yes. Why would I be annoyed with him, I pulled over to kindly offer him a lift... I was purely concerned for his safety.
  7. Around 5.45pm last night I was driving home over the mountain in very thick fog where all of a sudden the traffic came to a near stand-still. Yep, it was a cyclist wearing white lycra (great camouflage in the fog..!). He only came into sight at around 10 meters away.. I pulled over at the next junction and waited for him. Funnily enough, a chap in a 4x4 was already sat there - he got out the car and asked if I was waiting for the cyclist, as he was too. Anyway, this chap drove off as I have a bike rack fitted to the car. I waved the cyclist over, yet he refused a lift to Ramsey/Sulby. It was at this point I told him his lights were off - turns out the batteries had died. Couldn't believe that he refused the lift - so dangerous
  8. I'm about to pick up my first road bike. I'm rather unfit and have a belly to work off. I'd be interested in summer evening non-competitive riding, if you put something together?
  9. Case: Coolermaster case CPU: Intel i7 2700k GPU: 2GB HD6970 RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz MOBO: Asus P8z-68 HDD1: 250GB Samsung SSD (new this year £230) HDD2: 128GB Intel SSD HDD3: 2TB Black HDD OS: Windows 7 Monitor 1: 27" LG IPS 1920*1080 (new this year £220) Monitor 2: 24" LCD 1920*1080 Monitor arm (mounts on desk) Headphones: Logitec G930 (new last year ) Keyboard: Razor Lycosa Mouse: Razor Naga Epic Joystick: with separate throttle Speakers: Dell 5.1 surround Will not sell separately. Come play some BF4 for an hour before purchase! £1100
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