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  1. Don't play EVE anymore, but was an ISD IC staff member for just over one year
  2. subaru_fan

    Eve Online

    Do we have any EVE Online IOM players?
  3. Have you considered publishing an article titled 'Manx Driving Examiner's: the untold conspiricy files' ? You could even add a new part to it each week, you could hunt around the Island for suposed 'unfair failures' interview the candidate's obviously totally unbiased opinion on the examiner's judgement, and start a general hate campaign against all driving examiners. Your a true trooper for taking on a task of such great importance and truth. Have you gone onto youtube and searched 'conspiricy?' im sure you would believe everything that came up. or maybe your the one uploading them?
  4. I saw that the IOM had a free running team, but are there any clubs on the IOM for free running or similar?
  5. cheers, does anyone know of a club aswell though?
  6. does anyone know of anywhere that you can do paintballing, and possibly join a paintball club?
  7. It's not about not having one for three hours. It's about people like you who have no concept of risk and risk probability about the effects of people smoking in the open air, your intolerance, and no regards for the liberties of others. Just becuase you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. The main difference between cigarette smoke and a suburu is that you can see the shit coming out of a cigarette, and (until just now) couldn't see the shit polluting the street that had just come out of a suburu. Actually most of the smoke from a cig you can't actually see, and also,
  8. Im usually just browse the forums and don't post, but in all fairness if you can't go without a smoke for 3 or so hours then it's your own damn fault for becoming addicted in the first place. Passive smoking is a proven health issue, so either smoke in your house so your only affecting yourself, or, get some will power.
  9. Thanks everyone, problem has been solved
  10. does anyone have a mobile phone contact for Eddie Teare (MHK) ? his assistacne is required urgently.
  11. IF you just need the SS stage times (roads closed times) ive listed them below: 17/7 [Marine 1] 18:15 to 21:45 [balley Cashtal 1 & 2] 18:35 to 22:45 [Cringle 1] 19:10 to 22:10 hope that helps
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