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  1. Here's a live display of the earth localized over IOM in real time set to surface winds. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-5.12,52.92,1498/loc=-5.267,53.355
  2. Here's hoping the shingles stay attached and the tree roots aren't so saturated that they lose their hold on the ground. This storm too will blow over, may the damage be minimal. Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year as well.
  3. Are you not Canadian anymore then? Very good. Your odds were 50/50. Still a canadian, not much to do with snow now except shovel it occasionally. Not like before. Spent years measuring it on and beside buildings for the CDN NRC Division of Building Research and out on the ski slopes performing risk managment tasks for the ski hill. We bombed it when it came as it didn't and wouldn't pay to be wrong as far as the suing public were concerned. Snow levels were up to 9 m deep w/ 5 m on the ground. But I take it that was a joke. All power to the folks coping with the fallout from the snow fall.
  4. So, if I got you correctly, you are saying the the goats lead the sheep into the wind to the lee side of obstructions which is somehow safer then the windward side. I'm pretty sure you are right about the goats but not so much maybe about the snow drifts. I was a canadian avalanche control technician and I have been pouring over the many pics with a fine tooth comb at the ManxRadio FaceBook page. I'm not so sure your evaluation of the situation is entirely correct. I have seen pics of huge drifts behind buildings, behind walls, in road cuts and in gullies and scoured clean beside. These locations would be classed as in the lee sides of obstructions - just the kind of place 'the goat' would have lead the sheep. Not a good place to be as it is the deposition location or not as there are many places that scour beside and around obstacles as well. Depends on the circumstances. To counter my own argument and bolster yours, I have also seen lots of pictures of sheep being dug out of drifts that were obviously on the windward side of obstacles.... Not sure if the goats would have helped or not. Basically it looks to me that Total Snow fall was not that great (except maybe for you who live in Man and rarely see much snow at all) but the wind transported snow has created huge problems in the areas where it was deposited. Sheep are dumb and look up to goats for mentorship .... Goats of all things - the devil's spawn.
  5. No. The OP was ranting for the farmers to shut their sheep up, because of the forecast. Shutting the sheep up causes spontanious abortions of the lambs etc.. The farmers do not have shelter for all the stock and it is unnecessary. You are asking for the forecasters to call for the worst case scenarios and the farmers to follow suit. Hmm. Not a Good Idea.
  6. gragor


    I'm sure it is... Devon looks bad..... That's 217 miles.... That is a big assed storm. What way does the weather track across the IOM? Up the Irish Channel or from across Nerin way? (Ireland) or over Sostyn (England) from the north sea?
  7. Hmm. Suddenly Ramsey doesn't sound so bad. Ever been there? We had the place to ourselves for 5 days - well except for the 2 ornithologists who look after the place. It was a great place to lose the jet lag and slow down. And around May 5th the Calf was covered in blue bells & thrift w/ no bracken so we could go virtually anywhere. The stone walls and the lighthouses are like nothing I have ever seen before, as was your sheep and the Manx Shearwaters we got to band. You know I live in a place where you can ski in the morning, play golf in the afternoon and go diving in the ocean in the evening. There are streams and rivers everywhere and the fishing is great. The trees in my yard are 24" in diameter and 180'+ tall. When people arrive they don't leave and those that are tired of being elsewhere come here to die and drive our taxes up. They love it, so do I. I go touristing in my own valley and it's a good thing because that's all I can afford to do. The one thing I don't do is take Vancouver Island for granted. I constantly fight developers who want to pave paradise. Some times we even win. You're lucky, someone actually had the forethought to put the Calf and other places aside. Now just between you and me it cost a ridiculous 10 pounds per person per night to stay there. It is the cheapest accommodations to be found on Man. Good thing they have a maximum numbers of days one can stay there as I would move in if I could.
  8. So what, he's flying a false flag now?
  9. You know, I came from North America with my 1/4 Manx wife, straight to the Isle of Man, didn't stop in England and didn't stay in Douglas. We stayed at King Bills, a week on the Calf (what a undervalued place that is), a pricey converted stable / convention centre in Kirk Lonan, a B&B in Peel, a few days in another B&B in Ramsey, another outside Jerby East and back to King Bills again. We had rail passes most of the time. And walked around a lot getting to and from the buses, trams and trains from the places we were staying. We visited your museums, pubs, restaurants, churches and graveyards. She talked to your docents in rude and crude Manx. Got invited home and looked at peoples family bibles and photo albums back to the 1600's. We talked 'wall building' and 'basket weaving' with people that actually speak Manx. We even saw some wallabies in the Curraghs with John Dog. We talked history with your seniors, attended the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh with your kids, drank beer and attended Manx classes in your pubs and attended the Manx language AGM. We discussed tourism with officials from the Manx Museum and the Irish Museum in a pub watching Manxmen and women singing songs in Gaelg. There are lots of ex-pat Manxies and descendants who want to see where their parents and grandparents came from. That makes you a target destination. We are all getting older and there is a lot of us. We had a little money put aside that we decided to spend on this stuff, in your country. Myself personally, this was the trip of a lifetime and I spent most of the money I had to do it as a present to my wife. It cost us in the neighbourhood of about 4000 pounds - 2500 on the island itself and the rest on airfare in 30 days. We spent some of that in Ramsy photographing your pier. That was a quarter of our yearly gross income and way more that I could afford. It was worth it. We hung out in Ramsey for days, at the pier, at the harbour, at the Moorgh, at Sulby, at the freaking Bus Stop .... The place is great - except for what you are going to allow to happen to that foreshore park - that's messed up. Trading waterfront greenspace for apartments? Next to derelict historical buildings in need of restoration? You got to be kidding? I just checked the spelling of Moorgh with Google Earth and I found it by looking for the IOM and then zeroed in on your pier. It is a locator beacon from space that peaks the curiosity of tourists any where in the world and it points right at your town. Even the Chickens Light House didn't make the google earth cut. I've spent years looking at places with google earth, but yours is the one I eventually made it to. People will come to your country and visit. But not for the malls, not for the commercial radio stations and not for the urban sprawl. We have tons of that stuff right here in the fastest growing community in Canada. BTW you have excellent urban containment boundaries. It's what you have that others don't that makes your home unique. Like the Queens Pier. Your country is small. Your island is the size of the valley I live in, we have similar populations. I just drove 100k and back for a MRI the other day. I put 500K on my truck almost every week. Your distances mean nothing to me. We went from Port St. Mary to Kirk Lonan and people were amazed that we were going to do it 'all in one day'. We did it in the evening on 2 buses in about 2 hours. It took longer waiting for bus transfers and walking from the bus stop to the place we were staying with our heavy packs then it did to travel that distance. Who ever posted the comment that tourist don't care how far it is from Douglas to Ramsey was entirely correct. 'A hotel in Ramsey? Great, somewhere to stay so we can travel from there to somewhere else and back'. If you allow them to take bits of the pier away they will never put them back. If you allow them to defer fixing up the pier it will never be rebuilt. If you allow them to kill the pier you are nutz. YMMV :-) Did I say that out loud? At least that's what this loud noisy 'Come From Away" had to say on the subject. Just the kind of person I hate to hear from around here. Sorry about that. <mooghey jannoo ronneeaght> Lhiats gragor Wishing I could afford to be there for May
  10. You live in a wonderful country and I'd be back in a minute if I could afford it.

  11. Well that could only be a good thing. More money AND product improvement. A situation not normally achieved around here. Your local Manx Coverage would shrivel up and blow away if that divide and conquer tactic were employed. It was tried over here when the CBC got rid of all its local news, sports and small town coverage and went to all regional programming. Things Local were never covered as well again. But having said that the 'old paired to the bone' service is starting to look pretty good compared to what we are going to be left with after all the new 'new cuts' have been implemented. Well, naturally everyone envies the English in so much as few nationalities look quite so dapper in a bowler hat and with a carnation in their button hole. Nevertheless, I'm not sure how you've dredged up that bit of speculation from the discussion that's been had on here. Interesting. I hadn't thought of the bowler hat angle, You're right about that. As to the English thing, I've heard some English talking bad about the Manxies even thought they chose to live in your country. That remark comes from me watching the destruction of this fine country of mine being changed into something I don't like and are ashamed to say represents me. Your country appeared to me to be in a similar danger. So, from the thread, not so much, but out of solidarity, quite a bit. Hey, my wife learned Manx from listening to Manx Radio on line for the last 8 years. I've heard tons of Manx history listening to Claar ny Gael, Moghery Jedoonee and Shiaght Claar. You couldn't get that kind of coverage from a private radio station cause no broadcaster would put up with such a small audience. That's what national broadcasters are for and IMO that's what Manx radio is, Your national broadcaster. Good thread and good conversations.
  12. Well you're willing to spend billions on jets, bombers and ships what's a few million to promote your culture by retaining your artifacts.
  13. His wife is Manx born and bred so she has a valid claim to being local! Then she should have know better.
  14. I don't know about the salaries and the excess department heads at Manx Radio but I do know that in Canada the government of the day (read religious right wing neocon) is driving the CBC into obliviation by starving it for funding. Pretty soon we will have no choice but sh*tty commercial mindless radio stations all owned by the same 3 people who own the television networks, newspapers and the cable & phone companies. Of course we do have choice, we can also have our culture drowned out by mindless crappy americian programming and right wing rantings. You still have a broadcaster that is getting support. Be happy somebody still knows you are still alive. I suggest you get Manx Radio's affairs put in order, keep your radio station funding and don't get the service killed by to much whining. Or maybe you're like many 'wannabe American' Canadians who don't know they have an identity and think the English point of view should drowned out the Manx.
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