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  1. I agree, the Isle of Man population is less than most area councils in the UK, so why not 1 'all Island' council linked with the Keys?
  2. But we have a lot more numpties organising bin emptying (and I don't mean the bin men who do a great job!), surely it would be better to have 1 or 2 numpties instead of a lot for each area???
  3. My wife changed from MT payg to Sure payg last Friday as I was also on Sure. She wanted to keep her old number and the Sure setup took a matter of minutes with a porting request sent to MT. When mine was done, the port was almost instant but my wife's took 5 days!! As she had no credit left on het MT sim card, she couldn't call out on that so she had to have 2 phones, 1 to receive calls through MT and 1 to send calls through Sure. It appears that the hold up was with MT who obviusly didn't like her moving so made things difficult...We certainly won't be going back to them!!!
  4. MHK's attract plenty of criticism on here. This is all irrelevant. Councils and commissioners make decisions that effect the entire community, so people have every right to complain all they like regardless of whether or not commissioners are paid for their services. What's more, to respond to such criticism with "put your money where your mouth is" is ridiculous, and more than a little bit childish. When a plumber or a decorator performs their job poorly, the client isn't then obliged to "see if they can do a better job" before they're afforded the luxury of complaining about it. That some people don't desire or feel they're suited to such a role doesn't have any bearing on whether or not they're justified in criticising those who do. Exactly It would be easier to get rid of Commissioners and have the Island run by Government, most of the work is done by Government Departments anyway,e.g. our roads and pavements maintained by the DOT, housing by DOLGE. What do the Commissioners (or Councillors) do that is unique to their area to justify their annually increasing rates bills?
  5. I have one same price if you are interested
  6. I never thought a thread I started about a stolen bike would give me so many laughs, well done folks. Anyway, the bike is now home thanks to all who looked and I have one last request, if anyone knows anyone from the Sulby area who was in Peel on Sunday night, if they let me know who I would like to 'speak' to them and offer certain 'advice'!! Look on it as being a Police Community Support initiative, but the Police won't know about it (yes folks it was found in Sulby, not a bad ride from Peel, he must be fit!!)
  7. Thanks all, it looks like it has turned up - the power of Manxforums strikes again If it isn't the one I'll be back on, at least my daughter can take my granddaughter for her rides along the prom again...
  8. Thank you very much to the shite that took my daughter's yellow mountain bike from the back of the house in North View last night and caused me a load of grief today...if anyone finds one lying around Peel can they please tell Peel Police.
  9. Could be a lot worse..try a trip to Peel....
  10. I changed from MT contract to Sure PAYG 3 months ago and have never regretted it since..Sure also charge you by the second not the whole minute like MT
  11. mikehpeel


    the Shoprite in Michael st has only ever sold Iceland junk - guess the profit margin is higher - there is a little more choice in the larger shop near School but even there mostly the £1 junk - likewise the Chester Street shop, which used to sell more upmarket items has moved to cheap (in nasty sense) end of the market. Both shoprites in Peel are rubbish, my wife has barred me from them as I tell them so whenever I go. The manageress at the top one by the school was serving me once and was most put out when she was ringing the bell for more staff to go to the tills and I told her it was a waste of time as no-one takes any notice. To be fair some of the staff are great but the crap they have to sell lets them down. Ah well, Tesco's again tomorrow, wish we had Lidl
  12. mikehpeel


    So some wholesaler should sell them...anyone know where?
  13. mikehpeel


    As an aside to this thread, does anyone know where I can get some steak puddings from???? Shoprite used to have them then stopped for some reason, Tesco don't have Hollands any more only their own more expensive ones. Someone must have them surely..HELP please, can't go on much longer without my steak puddings......
  14. Why don't the PROWL members put their addresses up on the forum and we can all go and have a look around their gardens. they should be made to pay all expenses if they lose, why should I fund their whims!!
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