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  1. It's a phantom 3, so £900 for the 1080p (advanced) model or £1150 for the 4k (professional) model
  2. Was on my relatives WiManx ADSL2 last night, syncs at full 16mbit (their line is only around 60 metres to the cab at the end of their road) downloads going between 0.5 and 6mbit max, upload was as expected (i remoted to my machine (MT VDSL plus) and the same file was downloaded at near the max 44mbit)
  3. Fritzbox arrived today, actually syncs at a lower speed (44mbit as opposed to 47mbit) but upload is maxxed at 10mbit http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4138623077
  4. I've been upgraded on MT, but still on the old Netgear router (awaiting the Fritz through the post) the service has improved, in that the sync of ~47mbit is now achieved instead of being throttled to 40 and the upload is at the full 10mbit (or thereabouts) speedtest.net shows 42-45 down and 9-10 up
  5. Dell 2407wfp monitor for sale. monitor only, in good condition (screen itself is fine, no dead or stuck pixels) few scuffs on back/sides due to age and being in a triple monitor setup Specs: http://www.engadget.com/products/dell/ultrasharp/2407wfp/specs/ £70 o.n.o (will deliver) Pics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/edsnhirmn7c71ft/mon1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mciwef17ugxhk4l/mon2.jpg?dl=0 Paul rockeh@gmail.com edit - one sold
  6. My account (on galaxy note 3) works fine but my dads (galaxy s4) won't download or update the same apps (whatsapp for example) so I can't see it being a developer issue
  7. Same as above, had a 2750n when VDSL launched (as had years of great use on adsl with drayteks), but sync speeds were low and inconsistent, where as the net gear was fast and reliable
  8. i'm about 400-500yds from the roadside box, get the full 40 down and 2.4 up (downspeed sync is actually 47)
  9. another of the bought in a steam sale and not played yet games, will get round to it
  10. other than the first firmware update that broke the VDSL feature, no issues with a DGND3700 here
  11. The Office (the IMO far superior US version) currently airing favourite is Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  12. Same as the silly expensive hdmi cables, digital signal so either gets there or doesn't
  13. only issue i have is it saying my password is wrong, but this only seems to happen if my phone & pc check at the same time / too close to each other - I give it 30sec or so and it's fine (this is on plus too as i use wifi at work and it shows as (and in fact is) a UK located IP)
  14. my phone is fine, but google thinks my current MT IP is in the USA...
  15. They were cheaper a couple of years ago, but the quality as stated above wasn't as good I had one (100gb bought 2010) that failed after 13 months, was fine even according to weekly diagnostics, shut down the PC one night and it was gone the next morning when trying to boot up Replaced with another 120gb one that worked fine for over 2 years until itself being replaced with a 256gb samsung ssd
  16. Agree on the screen, I've got a galaxy note 2 (5.5" screen) and a nexus 7 isn't bigger enough to warrant a purchase but the ipad retina is fantastic
  17. no desire to upgrade my 3rd gen ipad, it's light enough
  18. it is a 10.1" tablet, however samsung do a variety of models of these so clarification will be required
  19. probably only had a couple hours downtime in nearly 2 years of VDSL and for the rest it's been maxed out sync wise FTTH would be sweet though!
  20. Let me know if you want to split
  21. Rock

    Gta V

    it does look good, and the 3 playable chars they showed in GTM a few months back look interesting I just hope they've not tried to put the RPG elements into it so much this time (dating/gym etc.)
  22. Had the net gear one since day 1 of VDSL, only issue was with the early release of firmware that stopped it working, connection can freeze sometimes, but only after a good month or so of being up
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