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    Hi all, <br /><br />I realise this may be a shot in the dark, but I'm wondering if any of you would happen to know Dave Wall, who I last met over 20 years ago while he was living in Douglas. I would love to get in contact with him again for a quick 'Hello' and 'How do ya do?' Dave would be about 44 now. Anyone? <br /><br />:-)

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  1. I hear where you're coming from and am sorry it didn't work out for you. I wouldn't trade pain for the good experiences that preceeded it. Hopefully on hindsite or in time you wouldn't do either. I don't plan to hang around long enough to cut and salt wounds for anyone in the event this would turn out to be an inappropriate meeting. So fingers crossed all would escape unscathed.
  2. Thanks for looking for me anyway. Appreciated. :-)
  3. I've been trying to rem the name of one couple in particular who were close friends, but their names completely escape me.
  4. All I can say is it's a good thing I'm not too sensitive!!! I can cope with the criticism. I don't mind how the result might come about. :-)
  5. I absolutely agree. I wouldn't say it's 20 years of holding a torch at all I'm happy to report. I have never been as happy as I am these past few years. I've done the marriage thing and will probably continue to do the relationships thing. I quiet like being single. Both the relationships aspect of it and the being single in between aspect. Noone is more aware of the fact that in all liklihood, as we've grown and gone our separate ways we quite likely developed our personalities etc in different paths too, to such an extent that might make us incompatible today. We were very very young when we met and that came with its own difficulties. Maybe if we were to reconnect now the fact that we are 'not so young' might equally be the reason for the next departure. It is definately with the 'what harm' idea in my head that I have decided to do this. A nothing ventured nothing gained philosophy. In my head all the probabilities stack against a positive outcome, but there's still that tiny little 'what if?'. I don't think I can be disappointed, as my expectations are very low for a positive outcome. Assuming in this instance that a positive outcome refers to a fairytale ending. I'm an easy going sort of lass... I tend to get along well with people... I can't imagine it would be a total disaster!! And if it is.. I will brush myself down and know that I did my 'coke thing' as per the adverts!!! I must say... not that I mind.. I didn't expect to have to spend so much time explaining this one... There was me thinking it was a simple request. I didn't ever imagine it would evoke so much thought in others beyond... 'hmmmm... I wonder if he'd be that lad my mate paddy jo was talking to the other night in the pub... must ask him about that one sometime....'
  6. What is it with facebook and the Isle of Man.... For me I can chose to be in the Ireland network... but for you guys on facebook I hate to have to break this to you, but the Isle of man doesn't exist in the network category as far as I can see. Meaning I can't search by network. I am actually on facebook myself. I tried doing a search on it the other night before I thought of looking for a Manx networking site and ended up here. I never in my wildest dreams thought there would be so many Dave Wall s or variations of it. Then there's the possibility the chap is living in Australia of some such and has reneagued of his Manx roots. Shame on him. There's also the 'he's an old fuddy duddy now' thing who doesn't know his face book from his assbook possibility!!! It seems the only sure fire way of finding a mate on facebook is to have their email address. And if I had that.... I probably would never have ended up here. :-)
  7. :-) I would actually love to tell the story... short lil snippet such as it is, but I would hate to think that the poor chap would get a proper geering down the pub for it. boys being boys. I'm fairly sure he's a big boy now and well able to defend himself... but ye know yourself. I trully doubt it is one of those things I will be lying on my death bed thinking why didn't I at least try track that lad down. BUT that aside, there is that fleeting moment now and again that says to me.... I wonder what it would be like to make contact again now that we're all grown up and (some would argue) mature... The (apparently less obvious on here) 'realistic' me thinks... he could be in jail doing time for vicious assault, a junkie, a pimp, a happily married man with a football team of children, a solicitor :-) or any number of other scenarios making this encounter undesirable.
  8. I was thinking child support seeker? Ok that one really did make me laugh, and it was an amused laugh rather than a sarcastic one at that. Would a woman normally wait until the child grew to adulthood to track down the Dad... I suppose stranger things have happened. This was OVER 20 years ago! Come on guys... Seriously.... haven't you ever wondered what happened to someone you knew in an earlier life? Where is all this cynicism coming from???? At the time I knew him I knew his address and had been to his home a few times. I think I would've retained these details had I been carrying a child of his even if I was so inclined to not inform him in the first place which wouldn't have been my style, support issues aside. But in the spirit of healthy cynicism... SHOULD anyone have any information I actually would be 100 times happier to chat with him via the great medium of the net rather than any other format. He and you may retain all airs of mystery, and I won't even once request a meeting or a phone conversation. That can be his prerogative and in fact my prerogative too for that matter as it may transpire that I may wish to say no to such a request also upon reconnecting. I know nothing of his life now, and as such wouldn't dream of intruding beyond a quick hello and how has your life been treating you. And if I don't get to make contact then that'll be fine too. It is just a notion that has popped into my head a couple of times over the last decade and having been reminiscing over a drink recently I got to thinking why not try to find out. Rest assured there are no nasty surprises in store from my side at all. (I'm not too sure I'm comfortable with referring to a fatherless child as a 'nasty' surpise, but you know what I mean. I just recall a rare connection with someone I knew as a yungun, and am curious. I won't loose any sleep at all if this process doesn't turn up anything.
  9. Can't argue with that. And I wouldn't ask you to. I did put it in there myself after all!!!
  10. Ah Thanks... I can honestly say I have never been accused of either of the above!! I have suffered the attentions of someone who is mind.. :-) I'm just curious!!
  11. Hello to one and all.... (I have finally figured out how to create a new post!!!) Your mission should you chose to accept it is to help me make contact with someone I knew more than 20 years ago. We met in Douglas while I worked there and while he was living there back in the vibrant (ahem) mid 80's... This is as much information as I can recall or at least am willing to post in the public domain that might be helpful. His Dad is a chef named Cliff. He the illusive, would be 44 now. He lived in Douglas with his Dad back then, I presume he was brought up there, but can't really remember. I have no knowledge whatsoever as to whether he stayed or moved on or the like. I am a nutter. But only in the good sense of the word............... :-) (So they told me last time I was in) I do have a phone number for someone with the same sirname in the IoM Thanks to one of the members here, that I am trying to pluck up the courage to call today. Even though the initials aren't the same, I have still come over all nervous to actually take the step. Give me time, I promise to make that call later after a brisk walk and a good amount of self recrimination!! I'm not generally known for my cowardice... but hey.... Over to you Sherlock. Helen
  12. SJ steam train class E2 number 1242, operated by Stockholms Ånglokssällskap, at Norra station in Stockholm.
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