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  1. Not quite, Bisexual just means to be attracted to more than one gender, so not limited to just male & female and Pansexual is being attracted to someone regardless of gender. Isle of Pride did a post about this just the other day and I think Joe Lycett covers it well in one of his standups:
  2. Bumpety bump! I see this all ended well! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36070904
  3. The majority of EU migration to the UK is by youngish individuals to work. They are self supporting and not a drain on the UK. In fact as shown recently their is a UK net benefit. Do not get me wrong I am against uncontolled migration which ever way around and you should be able to keep certain people out if you want e.g. those with serious criminal records. I think it is appaling that the UK keeps no proper record of people leaving and arriving in the UK and I understand the UK has a system to do this but does not use. There is a serious issue underlying all this but Farage just underminds it in my opinion by simply playing the cheap populist card and basically treating EU and non EU immigration as if they are the same. Alternatively maybe he justs wants to get a cheap serperation from his wife and hopes that if he can restrict the free movevement for EU citizens she won't be allowed in since she is I believe German. She also works at a high salary as his secretary so presumably denigning a british worker of a job which is one of the things he often complains about. Immigrants create a significant COST to the UK. Try studying Migrationwatch to see the real breakdown. It's disgusting. MigrationWatch! Haha, do you know who funds that? Seeing as like most think-tanks it is not a registered charity but aa a company limited by guarantee. It is nothing more than a right wing lobby group. You will just believe whatever your narrow closed little mind will wants to believe, keep burying your head in the sand.
  4. Port St. Mary RNLI are holding a family fun day in The Stone Field, Ballacreggan, Port St. Mary on Saturday September 14th from 1pm - 5pm. All kinds of games and fun for everyone, including pony rides, bouncy castle, trampolines, a play area for younger children, craft stalls, food and lifeboat souvenir sales. Admission: Adults £1, Children 50p, under 5's go free. Please come along and support the RNLI.
  5. So Snowflake doesn't want people turning up to the van in their noisy car engines (which doesn't happen btw) but is quite happy to get someone to deliver the food in a noisy car into the neighbourhood? Are cars not allowed to operate after 9pm? Did I miss that one?
  6. The £300,000 was for the first 2 years for upto 100 stores and the shopiom.com portal. The businesses weren't really trained by Venda (I went to one of the 'seminars'). These businesses were then put on a preferred venda providers list providing they dedicated a page on their own company web site to say they were approved by venda. The trouble came when the shops that signed up for £50 weren't then going to spend 10/20 times that for a professional web design company to design the site for them, hence why they got the 'one man band' cowboys to design the sites for a few quid and why they look so horrendous. If proper research was done in to this then they would have realised they were never going to get 100 stores, then if they still wanted to push forward with this scheme they could have done a pretty decent deal with local companies but I'm guessing that is too much to ask.
  7. after the free hosting period ended if any sites wished to continue they signed up direct with venda (now called Powa by the way) you need to know very little (or no) html to just customise any of their standard templates or themes, only if you want to 'do your own thing' would you need a web designer and it's a lot quicker and easier to get running than setting up joomla or zen cart ! Didn't need to know HTML but you would need to know a fair bit of CSS. People seem to forget that your website is often be the first impression people have of your shop. The templates provided were amateurish at best, and very very few of the sites I have seen look 'professional' enough for me to think that people would trust them enough with the credit card details.
  8. Venda provided software that is £50 per month for 2 years to approx 30 stores. So they sold something worth £36,000 for £300,000. Don't think they'll be too unhappy if they didn't get anything else! I think the guys behind the Venda scheme over here have since left Venda as well.
  9. Brilliant point. That should be one of the first questions asked in the new Keys. Candidates take note and put down a marker that we have had enough of the money wasting idiocy. I think it was around 30 stores eventually signed up. So roughly £10,000 per shop for 2 years. The majority of the shops that were set up look awful as well as none of the owners got in a proper design team. They were done by friends who know a bit of html! They didn't even get a proper web design agency to build the portal. I can't believe I still get angry about this 2 years on!
  10. Anyone got an update on what is happening with the Venda/Powa scheme? As I understand it the 2 years free service is up and all the shops will have had to start paying £50 a month for their online shop. I wouldn't have thought many of the shops would be making enough profit to justify the cost.
  11. The announcement wasn't made until after the race was restarted, so how would the riders know? The race in which Senna died also continued after Roland Ratzengurger died in a crash during practice, they still carried on with the race weekend.
  12. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the shops who signed up to the scheme with Venda (or Powa) will have to start paying £50 a month from April. I don't think too many of them are making enough to justify that somehow.
  13. He isn't really a kid though, he's 21! If he was a kid then he would have been on the junior apprentice acting like a prick.
  14. Nothing wrong with the tackle in my opinion. Football is a contact sport after all and is was an honest 50-50 challenge. If you actually watch it, you'll Etuhu gets there first, it's just the follow through that unfortuately injures Neville. I don't know how you are supposed to tackle if your studs aren't up? If your studs are meant to be on the ground all the time, surely you can only ever perform a block tackle? Great tackle, good decision by the ref, unfortunate for Phil & Everton.
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