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  1. Your Love Alone is not Enough - Manic Street preachers
  2. Aye, indeed . Iowa ain't exactly the most cutting edge place to be......like a place you stumble across in a Stephen King film....all foggy and creepy and f*ckwits called Donroy Merrival biting off their mates noses for a laugh. Smalltown America....come to daddy
  3. At My Funeral - Saves The Day
  4. I love the bit in bold....quality quote IOWA CITY, Iowa — An alcohol-fueled argument between two friends degenerated into a fight in which one man bit off the other man's nose, police said. Donroy Merrival was charged Tuesday with willful injury stemming from the July 24 fight. He also faced charges in an unrelated incident a couple of days later. Authorities said he was drinking with another man when they started arguing and the other man hit him with a shovel. They say Merrival responded by biting off the man's nose and part of his lip. "He's a heavy drinker and sometimes when he drinks he changes and gets real nasty," the injured man, Matthew Osing, told KCRG-TV. He acknowledged hitting Merrival with a shovel, saying, "He was crouched down ready to pounce on me and he was scaring me. ... He jumped up and grabbed me by my face and grabbed my nose and bit it off." The nose was not recovered but police say Merrival didn't think he swallowed it. "I don't know if he swallowed it or if my dogs might have eaten it, I don't know," Osing said. Both men were taken to the hospital for treatment. Police Sgt. Troy Kelsay said the victim was not justified in hitting Merrival with a shovel in the first place and it is possible more charges could be filed.
  5. Down In the Tube Station at Midnight - The Jam Right, I'm off for a shower!!
  6. Me Myself and I - De La Soul
  7. You're Gonna Kill That Girl - Ramones
  8. Million Miles Away - Offspring
  9. Bollocks, too slow On A Plain - Nirvana
  10. Dream is always the same - Fangerine Dream Hahaha!!
  11. Aye, but its all worth it to cop an eyeful of the legend that is The Earwig........
  12. What about a little tickle inside?
  13. www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com Scroll down for Malignant Melanoma and the last bullet point....... this is my favourite site in the world
  14. thought for a minute we were talking about Bobby George - was just about to start a Sid Waddell thread ......sorry, unforgivable that one...its been a long day.......
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