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  1. IMO the problem these days is all the anti bacterial sprays, wipes, etc that we all MUST use to clean our houses with! Because we irradicate so many germs and bugs are bodies are unable to build up a natural resistance to anything! And as Cret says, these things just didn't happen when we were younger, but then we played outside all the time, there were no computers and games consoles and childrens TV was nothing like it is today.
  2. I have an 8GB Ipod Touch for sale. Immaculate condition with all the contents and boxed - £120 PM me if you want more info.
  3. Has to be E.T, Gorillas in the Mist, Love Story, and Tarzan: The legend of Greystoke - where they shoot the monkeys out of the tree at the end!!! Actually anything with animals getting hurt makes me blub so not really sure why Love Story is in there!
  4. I want Dale to go...he is soooooo boring!!! Well, actually they both are but Dale whines an awful lot!
  5. I know MT have been having problems with with their mobile phone and broadband systems so that might explain it. Apparently they're switching over to a new 'something or other involving a technical term'. I would still go and see them though, might get something knocked off the bill or some credit !!
  6. Mount Murray - all buffet style from starters to dessert so you can have as much or as little as you like, and there's always a fish or vegie option. Very reasonable too.
  7. You clearly do not know the difference between an opinion and a personal comment. All you had to say was i don't like long life milk, that's all it takes.
  8. Do you have a problem with me? I was under the impression that everyone was allowed to have an opinion on a forum board. That was my opinion. I did not tell the OP that they were stupid for buying fresh milk and had no intention of doing so, so back off. You have something to say then PM me and we'll sort it.
  9. I don't like long life milk so that's a stupid idea as far as I'm concerned. It tastes no different to 'normal' milk. And is quite clearly better value when everyone keeps buying sour milk from shopshite. Who's stupid now?
  10. Ok - Milk - buy longlife, store in the cupboard, put it in the fridge when you open it and you don't have the sour milk problem - sorted!!! Chocolate - if i lived in the states i'd be ultra slim cause their chocolate is rank!!! Cadbury's - yum, yum, yum. Nestles - no thanks. :D
  11. Hotel California - The Eagles
  12. What about the steam train? Its all inside so no one will get wet, and then when you get to Port Erin you can either get fish and chips or go to the cafe and have something and then go back. Dragons Den in the Villa, similar to the Fun Barn i believe. Get them involved in cleaning the house.....my son used to love helping me when he was that age...not so much now he's a teenager so make the most of it And free of charge board games in the house. Its horrible when the weather is like this.
  13. Don't go to faze2 if you want it to last all night
  14. Is it just me being blinded by a petrol haze or has the price come down by a penny in the past couple of days???
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