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  1. Guinness cheese.......mmmmmmmm
  2. The Fitness Pods are great...1/2 price in the mornings so £5 shared between 3 people is a pretty good deal. I also find the "My Fitness Pal" app really good for calorie counting.....it also adds on your exercise therefore encouraging me to exercise more
  3. Waasp! A couple of years ago I was stung on the toe whilst walking through grass with flip-flops on! The pain was horrendous and the bee was actually stuck to my toe , my toe doubled in size within minutes and took days before the soreness went!
  4. Always had good service from PC Solutions on Bucks Rd.
  5. As a family it is fairly expensive to travel on the horse trams , I have always felt that if they made a cheaper rate for Manx residents more locals would use them and more frequently. We have not been on them for a few years but would happily use them if it was cheaper....£10 for a single journey (2 ad + 2 ch) is a bit steep!
  6. Mine has to be the last dance scene in Dirty Dancing.......when she jumps I get such a lump in my throat!! Sad eh?
  7. There was a brilliant photo of Quarterbridge Road looking up towards Bray Hill, only one house on the main road. I love looking at all the old photos, even those in the not so distant past.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03tz705 Watched this the other week....fascinating, have been to Florida a couple of times and never realised the extent of the problem.
  9. Walsall Electrical....open Monday at 8am
  10. Oh my........I too am a "lurker", tuning in most days but rarely contributing, yet still feel part of the MF family. My thoughts are with you and your family Topaz.
  11. Nissan Qashqai 1.6 manual late 07 29k miles black inbuilt sat nav/ trip computer/ reversing camera bluetooth panoramic roof 6 cd changer auto headlights/wipers cruise control/ duel climate control Fantastic car.....very reluctant sale! ring 240660 for more details!
  12. We are in the middle of building a house extension and our bank (Loyds TSB) leant us the money but only release the money as we produce the receipts from the builder. So as each stage of the build gets passed by the building inspectors we get a bill whic we have to then go and drawdown in the bank. Apparently this is to stop us blowing it all on a posh car!! I supppose they are lending against the value of your house (we too had a very small mortgage in relation to house value) and have to be sure that the end value of your home exceeds the amount that you owe on it! The plus side is that your monthly repayments only go up as you drawdown each payment so in our case when the build has run over the expected time we are only paying for the money we have actually spent! Good luck
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