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  1. I just realised something this morning: This topic is not just about me and whether i get help or not. It is also about what others have had to go through suffering in the damp and cold in their homes. When i was 6 years old i remember an old lady called Miss Caine who was ill. The neighbours got together and put a new roof on her home altered her stairs so she could get up and down them and painted her windows and never charged her anything. This lady passed away about 6 weeks after - but it made a difference to her life. My mother died when i was a child and the same neighbours did everything to make sure we were ok. Forwarding through time the Isle of Man became a tax haven and it's people changed. Today people regard large expensive cars and materialistic things and wealth as more important than the wellbeing of others. Even if i won the lottery or someone gave me the money to damp proof my home it does not alter the fact that these prices are around 4 times dearer than in the UK to damp proof homes and that people suffer and die because they cannot afford these prices. As i write there will be someone out there who is alone and suffering and who may not be able to communicate as i do, especially the elderly. EXAMPLES: Case 1. I knew a pensioner who died in Hospital because of Pneumonia whilst i held his hand - which is as illness caused by dampness in homes. Case 2. Friends of an old lady told me two years back that "their friend was living in a damp and cold house and that she was admitted to Hospital with a chest infection" and that a builder wanted about £2750 (Approx) to renew her guttering on her home" The builder said "It was expensive due to the home being close to a main road and having to follow Health and Safety" Another builder or friend replaced her guttering for £250. This was not the only thing wrong with her home - It was just a part of it. How can the elderly be expected to pay prices like that for just renewing her guttering - This is either greed for money or Health and Safety gone mad or a combination of both. I don't know if this lady is still alive? Case 3. A pensioner said to me "I'm Scared" so i asked her "what was wrong" She said " Many pensioners are going to die this winter unable to heat their homes" so i asked her "What makes you say this?" She replied "I am living in a damp cold house with mould in the upstairs rooms" i asked her "What was wrong with your home?" she replied "Her roof was leaking and that she could not afford to repair it" i asked her "How do you heat your home?" she replied "With a Portable gas fire" i said "For God's sake don't use those as they put out about 1 Gallon of water vapour per bottle and will add to causing moulds" I explained to her about Humidity and Temperature by relating to her that it is better to sit in a home with a temperature of 11C at 20% humidity that 11C at 90% humidity. I told her "If you can't afford to heat your home use a 1 bar electric fire and run a dehumidifier and pointed out that a Dehumidifier is usually 220W and anj Electric fire is 1Kw and that the two run together will cost her about 18P to 19P per hour and that this will help to dry her home out" I also told her "Don't got to bed leaving the Dehumidifier or fire on" In all of these cases including my own since my family passed away - I see that the once caring community has also passed away. You even have drainage companies on this Island charging £125 per hour to unblock drains and charging the same to take drain Survey photographs. This gets charged even if they are at your home for 15 minutes. I researched this and found that a firm in London charges £25 per hour plus free drainage survey pictures to inspect drainage systems for breakages plus 5% discount to pensioners. In Birmingham they charge £65 regardless of how long it takes to unblock a drain plus free survey photographs. This was the case in March 2010. When i was a church and we used to go to people's homes - i saw bills for plastering a small kitchen wall for £1300 and i heard a case where a person that moved from here to Rochdale got all four bedroom walls plastered and a ceiling put in for £250. I was amazed at this price myself - i would have genuinly expected that to be more - but it was true. I could fill this forum with cases like this: This is why our Island has earned the name "Rip off Island" Here is what i had to endure over four years, including the loss of my family. Because of the estimate i received from that damp proofing company above who knew all about this. I am now entering my fifth year and the reason i wrote all this is because i wanted to speak out for these people who cannot communicate their stories and don't want anyone else to suffer - especially the elderly. It is time for everyone to start helping people and for those overcharging to understand this! as it comes at the expense of the wellbeing and health of others. These prices are not a fair price for a fair job - they are apalling at around 5 times that of the UK for labour charges. I spent four years trying to solve how damp was getting into my home by running hose pipe tests against the windows and wall and driveway of my home - but have never been able to determine how damp gets in - only that after the windows were renewed it reduced it. I put boards across the window - mastic and cement on any crack in the drive i could see - black damp proof tape around the perimeter and much more. The most depressing days on my life were when my father died and on the eve of his funeral i was on my hands and knees with a hair dryer and dehumidifier drying out the ground - similar when my Brother was taken to hospital - i left the dehumidifier on and when i got to the Hospital he was pronounced dead. I was plunged from having a family to having no one and i now know what it must be like for the elderly having lost their loved ones faced with the likes of this. Dampness and Cold kills people. That damp proofing man came into my home - he never even bothered to measure the walls - never investigated as to how water was getting into my home - went away and wrote back with a quote for almost £7K. He quoted for the removal of skirting board that did not exist - wanting to rip out my sink that does not even have damp behind it and other. He would not provide a breakdown of his prices for labour and materials - which is why i had to do the investigation myself to include Isle of Man prices for materials and materials was not the problem. He is charging me over £6K for labour charges. I pointed this out to him and he blocked my emails rather than explain this! I worry about the elderly being charged the likes of this. Here are my latest entries Dampness coming into my home: Starting Christmas day 2011 25th December 2011: I emailed the Damp Proof Company at the start of this topic to beg him to help me to stop dampness coming into my home as no one will help me in overfour years - He replied "Happy new year" i will try to sort something out in the new year" in the email he asked me "I need to know how much money you have"? - See 4th January 2012 below. 1st January 2012: From last night and before: Ground below Window near TV continues to dry slowly in day even at 23.20. 2nd January 2012 During day and at 23.25 much drier below window near TV 4th January 2012: The damp proof man (Who gave the estimate above) called at my home about 11.25 to look at dampness, after promising to help me after i had emailed him on Christmas day 2011 to beg him to help me and was on my knees in tears. I was thinking about these prices - wondering why after four years no one helps - reflecting on the deaths of my family - feeling a lone - whilst everyone else is with their families opening Christmas Presents and wishing each other a happy new year. In an Email i received after Christmas Day : He wished me a happy New Year - not to worry and said "He would help me in new year" He came today and said "It only needs tanking from the inside" He came down today with a view to reducing these costs He got out of his car and knocked on my front door. Here is a transcript of his visit: He looked out of my living room window and said "What is that water running out from my hosepipe" At this stage i didn't know so i went outside to see! He had backed his large 4x4 car into my outside tap - knocking the tap of its mounting turning the water on! So as not to offend him - i just switched it off and said nothing about it. After promising to help me he stuck a damp meter in the wall and claimed it "Read 99", and stated that "The works should be done from the inside only" then showed me a photograph of his trip abroad and walked out of my front door after tapping the bathroom wall and commenting "Oh it's solid" Outside i said to him: "What am i supposed to do am i supposed to do it myself"? he replied "i can google it" knowing full well, "i don't know what materials i need? nor how much materials i would need? and that i have no equipment and no training and that i am not a builder" (It was later i researched these prices in case i was wrong) I emailed him as i was disappointed that he offered me no help. 12th January 2012 : Damp on floor beneath window near tv - Left Corner. 13th January 2012: Quite Damp under Bath - Ran Hairdryer 21.00 to Midnight drying out under the bath Dehumidifier 21.00 to after midnight. Pipes wet. Front under bath patchy damp - Far right Damp - Channel Damp. Living Room corner by TV damp. 21st January 2012 : A Builder from my ex Church group called - He borrowed the report from the damp proofing company to see if he could help me by asking a builder friend the following Monday or Tuesday - I have not heard anything. 22nd January 2012: Over the last few days including today i ran the Dehumidifier and Hairdryer because of damp in the corner of my living room. Wiped dripping pipes under bath with a cloth - some damp in brick cupboard in living room in corner. 25th January 2012 : Over the last two days in corners of living room beneath window near TV dried using a hairdryer and dehumidifier and damp in brick cupboard and at back of settee. Ran Dehumidifier to midnight - signs of damp returning left corner. 27th January 2012: Over last couple of days and nights it remained dryer in the corners beneath window near TV, however put central heating on and dehumidifier at 19.45 - seems a bit damper in corners. switched central heating off at 23.10 still running dehumidifier. put hairdryer on 23.10 to 23.25 in corners - they were not very damp. 28th January 2012: Remained mainly dry in corners of living room beneath window near TV. 30th January 2012: Dampness returned in left corner below window near TV - Gradually during day and night - reason unknown though ran central heating radiators - change in room temperature maybe drawing out dampness. (Unknown) 31st January 2012: Damp returned left corner by window near TV in day and night. Dried with Hairdryer 00.15 to 00.35 wednesday - ran dehumidifier 00.15 to 01.15 Wednesday. Theory change in Temperature maybe drawing out moisture after putting on Central Heating - Unknown. 1st February 2012: Damp areas under bath - wiped pipes with cloth, ran hairdryer under bath 15.05 to 16.57 Dehumidifier 15.07 to (Forgot to log the time) 3rd February 2012: It has not rained since 29th January 2012 and after drying under bath see 1/02/2012 - i looked under bath 23.55 and observed that there are relatively faint damp patches. I wiped bath pipes with cloth to get rid of condensation - not bad under bath. Living room corner slight damp - same as yesterday. 4th February 2012: Rain all day. No further dampness came in - in fact seemed drier - Bath the same as yesterday just slight. 5th February 2012: From rains on 4th February 2012, No increase of damp anywhere - quite good. 6th February 2012: no change - though a little damper left corner of window near TV - Ran Dehumidifier 20.05 to 22.01 Hairdryer 20.05 to 20.17. 7th February 2012: Dampness in corner below window near TV - Slight - No change - Back of Settee - Good - Slight Damp under Bath near tunnel.line of damp extreme right - wiped moisture off pipes. Ran central heating damper in corner by TV window left - Hairdryer 22,32 to 22.46 Dehumidifier 22.32 to (Forgot to log time) 8th February 2012: After running Central Heating a bit damp in corner in living room dried using hairdryer 21.15. 9th February 2012: Condensation on pipes under bath in Afternoon - wiped using a cloth - Dampness under bath unchanged. dry at back of settee as of 19.10. Seemed a little damper in corner of floor by window near TV. Ran Hairdryer 2102 to 21.13 Dehumidifier 21.02 to 22.30 - wasn't too bad. 10th February 2012: from 08.17 window near tv floor left corner - maybe slightly damper - not sure. some slight dampening developed in day. ran hairdryer 20.00 to 20.06 and dehumidifier 20.00 to 21.30. 11th February 2012: At 14.05 wiped some moisture off pipes under bath- Damp patch to extreme back near middle. a bit worse near channel and to extreme right, Back of Settee some slight blob patches but not much. window near TV not bad unchanged. 15th February 2012: Over the last Three days in left corner floor in living room near TV significantly worsened. Ran hairdryer 20.40 to 21.05 Dehumidifier 20.40 to 21.15 also just damp to corner of fireplace near left corner despite there being no rain. 17th February 2012: Under the Bath - left corner, extreme right somewhat damp. Middle area extreme back of bath worse - wiped some dampness off pipes - back of settee some damp blobs. Window near TV floor left corner - Damp in corner to pillar of fireplace Ran dehumidifier 14.55 to 15.40 hairdryer 15.10 to 19.30. Came back. Dried it again. Damp returned quite bad left corner 21.30 worse by midnight. Ran central heating at night. Back of Settee damp blobs - Brick cupboard damp patch front right Ran Dehumidifier Midnight to 03.00 and Hairdryer Midnight to 00.40. Dampness returning 03.40. 18th February 2012: Damp quite worse again beneath window near TV. Both left and right side. Also damp returned right corner front of brick cupboard in living room. as of and before 10.40 hrs. Ran Dehumidifier 12.13 to 14.07 Hairdryer 12.13 to 12.31. It is now 17.24 - dampness in left corner is returning. 19th February 2012 As of and before 12.09 corner in living room on floor left is showing signs of drying out itself. Under bath Channel to left is damp - Middle back expanded damp - Far right damp to faint damp - overall worse - wiped pipes with cloth. Ran Hairdryer under bath 12.55 to 14.30 Dehumidifier in bathroom 12.55 to. Went outside with mastic gun by bathroom window - put white mastic blobs on drive to fill in any small holes or minute cracks to see if this is why water is coming in. It is now 15.50 hrs and the Dehumidifier is still running - Under the bath Damp to centre back is gradually coming back. Splat like damp marks returning to Channel left. Faint damp returning to extreme right - Dry conditions outside house. 20th February 2012: Under Bath as of 11.35 after drying out yesterday Slight damp in large area tunnel left damp patch formed near to center. Slight damp large area to right. Living room corner Window near TV floor drier from 07.30 to 17.20 after 9 hours and 40 minutes of continuous rain. No increase in damp or under bath. Ran hairdryer living room corner 20.30 to 20.43 dehumidifier 20.30 to midnight. At 20.45 i noticed a patch of damp to left pilar of fireplace. 21st February 2012: On floor by TV near window (L Shaped Dampness in the right corner) (Damp in corner left to near pilar of fireplace and corner) Faint line of damp to centre. Ran Dehumidifier 16.18 to 17.30 Ran Hairdryer 16.18 to 16.45. Back of settee slight blobs of damp on floor. (Right corner of brick cupboard front more damper than previous days about the size and width of a combe) Under Bath wiped moisture from pipes with a cloth. Far right more damp - Centre back slightly damper - Left area and under tunnel dampness expanded and into tunnel. 22nd February 2012: The window near TV Damp in left corner to fireplace pilar. Damp patch at back of Settee at 18.35. Dampness intensified deeper by night around left corner and right corner of floor below living room window. Almost linked together. Back of Settee worse. 23rd February 2012: Back of Settee - worse. left and right corners beneath window dampness almost linked together. Damp patch front right of brick cupboard in living room - worsed i have seen from blustery rains of previous days. I have noticed dampness on ledge of chimney brest in livingroom fireplace - never noticed this before. 24th February 2012: Damp at back of settee much worse. Both corners on floor beneath living room windows 25th February 2012: As i am writing this: Under bath damp in all three areas. I have put lagging on mains water pipe and near to centre of bath to see if this stops damp going onto these pipes. Ran hairdryer under bath 14.25 to 16.10 Dehumidifier 14.25 still running as i write. There is already signs that damp is returning to centre back of bath and left tunnel even with dehumidifier running at 16.35 What you have just read is a small sample of my notes from October 2007 to February 2012 and combined with the above, this is a hell of a price to pay all because Damp proofing Companies on this Island are around 4 times dearer than the UK and as to the posting above "Why don't you sell your house etc" Why should i sell my home? that is not addressing the core problem of damp proofing companies overcharging. You should all be asking yourselves "What happened to people helping each other?" Why four times dearer? In my case i was prepared to work at it as best i could - i was not wanting something for nothing - But no one would help me? - They just want their large sums of money - That goes against what i was brought up to believe in and was not the Isle of Man i knew as a child and worse - Many of these tradesmen are Manx.
  2. I removed post to say. I am hopeful that i have found someone who will help me!
  3. I have two small walls in a cottage measuring 4.5 Metres LIving Room and 2.5 Metres Bathroom. I only have plasterboard studded to the bare stone walls in my living room and nothing in my bathroom except tiles above the bath. I am prepared to remove plasterboard and clean the area as best i can and i can dispose of all waste myself - However i am not a builder and have no one to help me. All this work is done in the UK at typically £130 per Square Metre based on December 2011 prices. including labour and materials as i have shown above. I have 11.2 Square Metres of walling to be tanked taking into account 1.3 Metres in Height. But to allow for any wastage i used 13 Square Metres in Material costs. One thing different in my case is the removal and reinstatement of a bath. (I received a quote from a local plumber based on 5 hours work and two trips at £25 per hour = Total £125, which is fair. The Material costs and the removal and reinstatement of the Bath is now below £800 from the above. For four years i have put up with damp coming into my home and tried so hard to understand how water is getting in. This included on the Night my Father died and on the Eve of his funeral and on the night my Brother suddenly died. This means i have no family to help me - This is not an attempt at me wanting sympathy - it is based on fact. The worst day for me was Chrisrtmas day 2011 when i woke up - missing my family and saw yet more damp in the corners of my room. I reflected on these prices - I reflected on the loss of my Family and wondered why no one will help me to help myself. and have spent four years of misery and set back trying on my own to stop this damp and failing to do so. I am not asking for handouts or to sit on my backside and let others do the work for me. What i want is someone to help me to help myself and charge me a fair price and to have this weight lifted from me for over four years. The damp is close to an Electric socket and i may one day end up with a fire. I try to keep it dry almost daily with a hairdryer on a bare concrete floor and a dehumidifier running.
  4. Hi Mal, I have wondered about this myself - It was sealed well and i also went over the area again to be sure with high quality clear Mastic - But you do have a good point and thank you for this - I could get this looked at to be sure - There are various areas a long the SW facing Gable wall where i get these damp patches. The photo you see is my living room window. Next to it not shown is my bathroom window of my ground floor bathroom where dampness from outside also comes in under the bath directly below the tiled window.
  5. Hi Jim thank you for your advice - I am glad that it is ok for you - Sounds like you have done really well on your own home
  6. Hi Jim, I understand - It is just that i have no experience of Building works and no family to help me.. I don't mind doing as much as i can like preparation work - Maybe hacking off plaster and other - getting the area prepared - I would needsome advice on how much to take off and where There is no way that i can afford prices like these above - There is no excuse for being around 4 times dearer than the UK - And i have based all materials on IOM prices. The material prices are not the issue here - It is the labour costs. I have just received another quote from a plumber regarding removal of the bath being £125 as opposed to £192 in my original posting above for five hours work in removing and reinstating the bath which is fair. This reduces the over £800 cost in my above posting for materials and bath removal combined The quotes from most damp proofing companies equate to over £6K in labour charges. This is totally wrong!
  7. Over the last three years i tried to obtain a grant to stop dampness coming into my home: When i applied for a grant under the Home Improvements and energy conservation scheme 2005 which provides grants to help people to make their homes habitable such as making homes dry and safe etc. This is an outline of what i had to put up with a) I was told by the Department of Social Care (Previously under the DOLGE) to put in quotes to have the two small walls of my home tanked from the inside - which i did. b) Then i was told in October 2011 to put in quotes to have the wall tanked from the outside as opposed to the inside - which i did. c) Then in December 2011 i was told "I cannot obtain a grant to either tank the house from the outside or the inside as it has to be done from both the outside and the inside increasing the costs from just under £7000 to now £16000 and i have to contribute either £10000 or £13500 towards it. There is no justification for me to have it tanked both inside and outside - the decision by the department was based on an out of date report by a damp proofing company in December 2010 (The one above) prior to myself replacing windows at my property that reduced the dampness coming in and stopped the flooding in April 2011 d) Also i had to sit through months of waiting as the Department ran out of monies. There is no one to appeal to and the Minister upheld the decision in December 2011 based on Environmental health reading that report/ and was backed up by the Clerk of Works. I rang the Clerk of works in January 2012 and he knew nothing about the decision to now include me having my home tanked inside and outside and increasing the costs up to £16000 based on the cheapest quotes or i won't receive a penny. In otherwords they have increased their own costs and my costs making it impossible for me to obtain a grant to stop damp from coming into my home. The letter i also received basically translates as "Sorry our decision is final and we are sorry you have to sit around and watch your home deteriorate" I was in tears mixed with rage when i read this. I emailed the Department begging for help wanting to know why they have done this to me - they put the phone down on me :
  8. Hi, I don't have a garden or gutterings outside as the wall outside is a SW Facing Gable wall and the ground above the affected area is a solid concrete drive. I tried to upload photos on here, however they do not appear on here
  9. Hi Brian, I am not a builder, but i could prepare the area if guided as to what to do - Shown what areas of plaster i should remove and clean and prepare the area for tanking. I can't cope with prices like this nor tanking itself as this is specialised. I don't expect it for nothing - but if it was priced like that in the UK - even after i helped out i could cope
  10. A lot of the dampness is in the box section - however this is totally hollow with no pipes. if i light a fire some smoke travels through this box section that starts at the fireplace runs through the right part of the living room and come out under the bath, yet the fireplace is of sound condition and i do not see the entrance of this box section on the fireplace end only where it ends under the bath
  11. i apologise no photo wil go on - I went to "More Reply Options" Selected My Documents - My Pictures and attached a photograph - but it wont come out
  12. here is one picture showing the main area in my living room
  13. I will try to show a photograph of the main area of dampness in my living room. This is the main focus of what i am being charged almost £7000 to cure. I regularly run dehumidifiers and hairdryers. I used to get Stacci Botrus (Black mould up and down this wall until i had the window above renewed in April 2011) I also had some dry rot in the other corner (Not shown). I was admitted to hospital suffering a severe alergic reaction. My breathing was so bad i thought i had lung cancer until tests confirmed that it was fungal spores. The attacks started in March and got so bad in October that i was taken to hospital. It was only then that i understood that dry rot hidden under a shelf in a brick cupboard was the reason. The firm wanted over £200 to spray it. I did this myself for £23 using a large can of dry rot killer in 15 minutes. The allergic attacks went down in 24 hours. I am appalled at the prices damp proofing companies charge and it is a worry especially to the elderly. I saw an elderly patient die of Pneumonia - This is what damp can do - and the elderly do not stand a chance with prices like these unless they have large savings or Family support. In the past people used to help each other on the Isle of Man - but things have changed over time, I can't even find someone to help myself even after the deaths in my family - and i have spent over four years using hairdryers under a bath and in the living room with a dehumidifier running for hours all because of this fact. I have been outside on and off over four years running hoses against my walls, filling in any crack i see outside, puting tape around the outside of the affected areas, putting boards against the windows to try to understand why damp is coming in. (I learned that some of it was coming in through two faulty window frames which when renewed in April 2011 and made a difference - but i cannot completely cure it). Before this i had water run in from outside the house when it rained and under the ground floor bathroom to over halfway under the vinyl in the kitchen. The worst occasion was the eve of my father's funeral when in addition to a hairdryer and dehumidifier i had to use an electric fire - This took over 12 hours.Similarly the following year when my brother died suddenly. The person who quoted for the tanking works knew all about this - but still wanted nearly 7K. I even asked for a breakdown of these costs on a couple of occasions and he would not say: That was why i decided to find out for myself and based all material costs on Isle of Man prices. I since received a quote to remove and reinstate the bath from a local plumber £125 as opposed to £192 i stated above further reducing the material costs. I wanted to try to prepare some of the work myself to cut costs such as removal of plasterboard and any cleaning of the area and disposal of rubbish myself but this idea was met with silence - I was even promised help that never came. Since i renewed these windows i get no more flooding - just dampness. If i had not renewed these windows and was able to afford 7K for tanking - the water from outside would have built up behind this tanking. The damp experts should have noticed this! This Christmas day 2011 i spent the day running a dehumidifier and hairdryer under my bath missing my family and feeling so very depressed after four years of trying to get help. even today i am running this dehumidifier and the hairdryer.
  14. Also i just received this email via a group on facebook opposed to the burocracy and costs surrounding CRB Checks - You might think what has this got to do with CRB Checks however it reads as follows: NOTE: European laws attack Christianity My thoughts go out to a good old friend and preacher, who I find this morning, has been barred from preaching on his own and continuing his ministry all because he refused to take part in the safeguarding training set in place after the rise of the CRB and its draconian ways. He made a stand and over 4 decades of service are now at an end.
  15. Yes it is relative to the discussion - Because praying and the teaching of the bible is being banned in UK schools
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