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  1. I just realised something this morning: This topic is not just about me and whether i get help or not. It is also about what others have had to go through suffering in the damp and cold in their homes. When i was 6 years old i remember an old lady called Miss Caine who was ill. The neighbours got together and put a new roof on her home altered her stairs so she could get up and down them and painted her windows and never charged her anything. This lady passed away about 6 weeks after - but it made a difference to her life. My mother died when i was a child and the same neighbours did everythi
  2. I removed post to say. I am hopeful that i have found someone who will help me!
  3. I have two small walls in a cottage measuring 4.5 Metres LIving Room and 2.5 Metres Bathroom. I only have plasterboard studded to the bare stone walls in my living room and nothing in my bathroom except tiles above the bath. I am prepared to remove plasterboard and clean the area as best i can and i can dispose of all waste myself - However i am not a builder and have no one to help me. All this work is done in the UK at typically £130 per Square Metre based on December 2011 prices. including labour and materials as i have shown above. I have 11.2 Square Metres of walling to be tanked taking i
  4. Hi Mal, I have wondered about this myself - It was sealed well and i also went over the area again to be sure with high quality clear Mastic - But you do have a good point and thank you for this - I could get this looked at to be sure - There are various areas a long the SW facing Gable wall where i get these damp patches. The photo you see is my living room window. Next to it not shown is my bathroom window of my ground floor bathroom where dampness from outside also comes in under the bath directly below the tiled window.
  5. Hi Jim thank you for your advice - I am glad that it is ok for you - Sounds like you have done really well on your own home
  6. Hi Jim, I understand - It is just that i have no experience of Building works and no family to help me.. I don't mind doing as much as i can like preparation work - Maybe hacking off plaster and other - getting the area prepared - I would needsome advice on how much to take off and where There is no way that i can afford prices like these above - There is no excuse for being around 4 times dearer than the UK - And i have based all materials on IOM prices. The material prices are not the issue here - It is the labour costs. I have just received another quote from a plumber regarding removal of
  7. Over the last three years i tried to obtain a grant to stop dampness coming into my home: When i applied for a grant under the Home Improvements and energy conservation scheme 2005 which provides grants to help people to make their homes habitable such as making homes dry and safe etc. This is an outline of what i had to put up with a) I was told by the Department of Social Care (Previously under the DOLGE) to put in quotes to have the two small walls of my home tanked from the inside - which i did. b) Then i was told in October 2011 to put in quotes to have the wall tanked from th
  8. Hi, I don't have a garden or gutterings outside as the wall outside is a SW Facing Gable wall and the ground above the affected area is a solid concrete drive. I tried to upload photos on here, however they do not appear on here
  9. Hi Brian, I am not a builder, but i could prepare the area if guided as to what to do - Shown what areas of plaster i should remove and clean and prepare the area for tanking. I can't cope with prices like this nor tanking itself as this is specialised. I don't expect it for nothing - but if it was priced like that in the UK - even after i helped out i could cope
  10. A lot of the dampness is in the box section - however this is totally hollow with no pipes. if i light a fire some smoke travels through this box section that starts at the fireplace runs through the right part of the living room and come out under the bath, yet the fireplace is of sound condition and i do not see the entrance of this box section on the fireplace end only where it ends under the bath
  11. i apologise no photo wil go on - I went to "More Reply Options" Selected My Documents - My Pictures and attached a photograph - but it wont come out
  12. here is one picture showing the main area in my living room
  13. I will try to show a photograph of the main area of dampness in my living room. This is the main focus of what i am being charged almost £7000 to cure. I regularly run dehumidifiers and hairdryers. I used to get Stacci Botrus (Black mould up and down this wall until i had the window above renewed in April 2011) I also had some dry rot in the other corner (Not shown). I was admitted to hospital suffering a severe alergic reaction. My breathing was so bad i thought i had lung cancer until tests confirmed that it was fungal spores. The attacks started in March and got so bad in October that i was
  14. Also i just received this email via a group on facebook opposed to the burocracy and costs surrounding CRB Checks - You might think what has this got to do with CRB Checks however it reads as follows: NOTE: European laws attack Christianity My thoughts go out to a good old friend and preacher, who I find this morning, has been barred from preaching on his own and continuing his ministry all because he refused to take part in the safeguarding training set in place after the rise of the CRB and its draconian ways. He made a stand and over 4 decades of service are now at an end.
  15. Yes it is relative to the discussion - Because praying and the teaching of the bible is being banned in UK schools
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