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  1. I have an outrageous sense of humour but think that the picture of the dead cat is insensitive. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to the MSPCA Kitty.
  2. I did like your pic taken on the Forum meeting of me! He!!
  3. But it is not holiday cottages.....Its an International Air Show! FFKS.
  4. I broadly agree with you Rog but do you not see that the withdrawal of treatment is not Euthanasia in the case you point out? It is torture and murder. I have reservations about euthanasia but firmly believe it is possible to legislate properly for it to be done in cases where there is real suffering that cannot be relieved where the patient will die anyway. In such circumstances it is preferable to put someone out of their misery by way of lethal injection. Provided the person agrees. To withdraw a feeding tube and deny liquids etc. is state legalised murder and it is this area th
  5. Absolutely right! However even if they were in the majority they have no right to dictate their beliefs on a minority of disbelievers. What this subject is about is partnerships and NOT RELIGIOUS BONDING. If two people of the same sex wish to commit their lives in law to each other they should have the same legal rights as those of opposite gender. What right has religion of any denomination to have influence over human rights in law? NONE!
  6. She starved herself to death. she spat out food given to her, and refused to swallow any fluids. she was in full control of all her choices, and her granddaughter explained this to me after visitation of the body (it was my responsibility to wash her corpse). I do agree with euthanasia, but its a very very grey area. May had absolutely no quality of life and was being kept alive by the wonder of modern science. it was'nt natural for a body to go through so much trauma and survive, and thusly she was in pain daily. in my opinion, it all depends on the circumstances, if the human body would
  7. shamus

    Me For Mlc

    Do not do it Lonan. If you join the Masons you will have to roll your trouser leg up and expose your left breast with a noose round your neck to swear allegiance to the the likes of Downie and other members of Tynwald who indulge in such nonsense! Are people who indulge in such ritualistic practise sane? No. I think they are parasites, opportunist social ladder crawling slugs, and not part of a modern open democratic society.
  8. Since Scotland has been allowed its own parliament with limited powers they nevertheless seem to look after their elderly and infirm better than England. And students (with no tuition fees). One would think that the Isle of Man equally could but we do not. The wealth on this island is vast but the distribution and social care of our small Island community is a complete joke! Collectively I think Tynwald is a bunch of selfish extreme right wing facists! Edited for spelling and to add..... The grace and favour politics of our parliamentary system is a laughing stock as Roly D
  9. Thanks for that. Yes, please keep us posted.
  10. Dominic Delaney is standing again for the Legislative Council and so is Alex Downie MHK, Trade and Industry Minister. Dominic has slammed the parliamentary system on the IOM but wants to be appointed MLC to make changes. He has no allegiance to the Council of Ministers and is prepared to stand again as an MHK if he is defeated. Alex will face a general election if he does not get appointed and rumour has it that to be appointed MLC will give him a happy retirement. Alex as a Minister is a member of the Council of Ministers. If he is appointed MLC no one knows whether the Chief Ministe
  11. May be Chrystals should check over the house occupied by scumbags that have driven laughing Manxie up the wall in the bad neighbors thread. Problem there is the rodents have two legs. Not six, eight, or four.
  12. "Where does Dave fail to grasp that?" Because he said.... "That is why all those who advocate legalising euthanasia should be put down. " The point is that to discontinue life support mechanisms which result in suffering is murder. To discontinue a life support mechanism and then inject a lethal injection to end the suffering is what euthanasia is all about. And Dave in the cardboard box should seriously consider this point. And so should you declan.
  13. A major point missing here is the fact that Terri was killed. She was brutally killed by withdrawing life support and no one, not even medical experts can determine whether she suffered or not. The events that Rog has posted is not euthanasia, it is killing. Dave in the cardboard box seems not to comprehend that fact. If all hope is lost and there is no likeyhood of recovery then to just withdraw life support is absolute torture. If life support is withdrawn then a lethal painless injection should be administered to put an end to sufferring. We do it to our pets so what is th
  14. "I would rather see them buy the trucks rather than hiring them of local tree surgeons who charge silly money for the use of there cherry pickers." Why do these cowboys call themselves tree "surgeons" when they are not qualified experts in treating tree diseases etc? You do not see people that mow lawns calling themselves grass surgeons!
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