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  1. A cracking evening - two short and very funny comedy plays - about 30 minutes each - and a two course dinner for only £15 a head. Dinner Theatre Poster Mar 17 v2.pdf
  2. Very large - 8ft high, 3 ft 3" wide, 11" deep, but can easily be cut down. Professionally built, pine carcases and ply backs. Unpainted - for sale for the price of the wood. £20 each. Sorry, cannot deliver. 833372 if interested. Now Sold
  3. Hyacinth Bucket, Onslow, Daisy, Rose, Emmet, Elizabeth and 'Daddy', plus 2 new characters, all feature in this brilliant stage play written by Roy Clarke, author of the iconic TV series. Emmet is directing a play and Hyacinth thinks she should be in it but ....! Port St Mary Town Hall - 7 to 10 December - 7.30 start. Tickets are £10 which includes a glass of wine or soft drink in the interval, Tickets are available from Mal's Butcher's in Port Erin, Calverts News Agents in Port St Mary, or from Jane on 833372.
  4. There were also some new things being launched or having some announcements to make - all with free tastings . The Dairy Shed from Andreas launching their yoghurt which is delicious, Isle of Man Teas with their range of premium teas, Leela's Kitchen with a proper display of their spice mixes and Onion Bhaji mix, Bifrost vodka which is about to be available through shops, and a good range of food stalls. We've been every year since it started , bar one when we were away. It's a good event and it is all about Manx produce. It's surprising what is produced/available on the Island!
  5. Pontius

    Tea Bags

    I was at the Food Festival yesterday and saw Isle of Man Teas, who have recently moved from the UK to Balthane. They had an interesting range of black, green and flavoured teas (if you like that sort of thing) and are worth a look. I haven't tried them yet but will do soon - black tea only for me, though. My favourites are the smoky ones like Lapsang Souchong and Russian Caravan but I can currently only get those from 'across' - unless anyone knows otherwise. I think that this new company are 'online' only at the moment. Their website is: http://www.o-teas.com/
  6. Pontius

    Down south

    I cannot find it online - only his 2011 effort. I've got a paper copy, like Jess T, but it's quite a job to scan it.
  7. According to a US National Transportation Safety Board, report, between 1996 and 2007 there were 82 aircraft incidents involving Li-on batteries, a number involving items in hold or carry-on luggage. There was a complete aircraft loss on the ground (a DC-8 in Los Angeles) and in 2010 the batteries were implicated in the fatal crash of a UPS Boeing 747 and in 2011 the fatal crash of an Asiana Boeing 747 - both cargo aircraft. Research has shown that even a small number of these batteries constitute a risk. "The NTSB report on the UPS DC-8 cited 82 aviation incidents between 1996 and 2007 involving all battery types. Of those, 14 involved secondary lithium batteries and 13 primary types. The 14 incidents included seven with items carried on cargo-only aircraft, six involving checked and carry-on baggage and one with cargo carried on a passenger aircraft."
  8. Reclaimed Slate Fireplace - photo attached - sorry I can't get it to rotate and stay rotated! It is 39" high and 28.5" across. £80 or offers near that.
  9. Amazon Fire arrived, installed and working brilliantly in about 5 minutes. Thanks again. Pontius
  10. Thanks very much folks! I'll give the Fire Stick a go! Pontius
  11. I've seen these in use on the adjacent island BUT - do they work here? Anyone have experience of using these here or any advice? Thanks in advance Pontius
  12. A great evening with 4 very different mini-plays (all around the 25 to 40 minutes mark) and all for £5! For anyone who cannot see the poster, a quick summary of the 4 plays: "Lions and Donkeys" by Steve Harper. 1918 - a trench - 2 soldiers - and unexpected visitors "Henna Night" by Amy Rosenthal. A desperate message on an answerphone and an urgent visit "The Janna Years" by Gillian Plowman. Ruby's boarding house is home to an odd mix of characters. "Make Up" by Terry Adlam. Two Northern comedians in a seedy club.
  13. A great evening for a great cause. No embarrassing audience participation - you just have to question the suspects, study the clues and work out who did it! Dressing up is optional. These are great fun and very popular so book early!
  14. Cracking first night last night - excellent performances and a large (in numbers!) and very enthusiastic audience with tons of laughter. I'm not on stage so I could enjoy it from the wings! It was VERY difficult to stay quiet and not to join in the laughter There are a very few tickets left for tonight - well, there were yesterday but they may have gone by the time I write this - and a couple of dozen or so for Saturday! Pontius
  15. Rushen Players’ - “One Man, Two Guvnors” - Getting Closer! With only 2 weeks to go, rehearsals are becoming wilder and funnier, as the ‘colourful’ characters deliver comic line after comic line and become increasingly entangled in a zany, convoluted plot with hilarious visual gags and knockabout comedy over 9 scenes. As Francis, the Hero, might say, "What could possibly go wrong?" Well … living on the edge as he does, and trying to juggle working for two guvnors … lots!!! …. and it does! Supported by talented ‘extras’ and an excellent back-stage team, this really is a brilliant play thanks to Richard Bean’s updating of Carlo Goldini’s original. On the nights of 26th, 27th and 28th November, ‘One Man Two Guvnors’ will be delivering hilarious anarchy and chaos! Don’t miss it – nightly at 7.30pm. Tickets £10.00 and £2.00 (under 18s), from the Erin Arts Centre Box Office 832662 or contact Adrienne on 833497
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