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  1. Well mannanin has left pier head ☺ hang on it seems to be turning round again, Wtf now Hang on again its back on route 😂
  2. Ships ais shows mannanin moored at liverpool with a fire tug alongside?
  3. Evidence? This is absolute bollocks. total bollocks
  4. Will there be disabled parking outside the spar shop in douglas
  5. There are about 80 or 90 of them licenced by an authority who just wants to make money from them !! oh Dear
  6. Ha Ha ! yes chief and Yes guv !!!!!!!!!!!! ??? You could not make it up, Yes ser !
  7. well it seems to be unfolding on the itv national news today !
  8. Hang on there ,it was the people of Ramsey and the north of the island that may have saved Ramsey's Post Office . Alan Bell had nowt to do with it !
  9. wear and tear won't be covered by insurance but hitting something will be
  10. Bell can be found in Costa (Ramsey) most saturdays with his freind
  11. Wonder if our chief minister will make a statement yet or is he away in the sunshine topping up up his tan !
  12. Just checked ais for arrow, its been pulling jersey out of the shit as they had a crash with their fastcraft.
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