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  1. Saturday 23rd November @Northern Lights Community Centre, Ramsey Come along and swap yourself a new wardrobe for £5
  2. Saturday 3rd August from 1:30pm The ideal opportunity for all ages to showcase Craft work, Jams & Preserves, Cakes, Miniature Gardens,Paintings, Photographs Homemade Wines, as well as the traditional classes for Homegrown fruit & Vegetables, Embroidery, Flowers, Plants and more...! Open to all IOM residents Check out our Facebook Page for updates/more information https://www.facebook.com/sulby.horticulturalshow Thanks for looking Poster.pdf
  3. New Photos Listed - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bushys-Sticker-Car-Isle-Man-TT-Ford-Fiesta-1996-1-2-16v-Charity-Fund-Raiser-/261168811343?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3ccedfcd4f
  4. Would you mind if I listed this comment on the EBay auction?
  5. Apologies - hard to determine tone sometimes! Thank you for your comments
  6. Brilliant idea! The sun roof would probably open with a bit of gentle persuasion from a knife... Perhaps someone from Bushy's is reading this... I have emailed, but no-one appears to be home
  7. Thanks for your interest, however the price of scrap is a little off topic - the point is we're trying to sell a unique little car in order to raise funds for a local charity. I'm confident we could easily sell 'Biscuit' on for £200 as a private sale if we tried. The same model is currently selling on Autotrader & EBay (minus the stickers!) for anything between £300-£600.
  8. I should say its not me who has taken over the kennels - just doing a bit of promotion on my sister's behalf
  9. Not knowingly... but I would have said that about Horse a few weeks ago!
  10. Cronk ne Fessag Boarding Kennels (formally Brookfields) is now OPEN and under new management For more information please visit www.cronknefessag.com Thanks for looking
  11. My other half has bought a new car this weekend and does not believe I can sell this unique little car on... Got to love a Challenge! The plan is to donate anything above £200 (which is what we can get for it as scrap/tax reclaim) to the 'Rob Vine Fund', who are responsible for supplying the helicopters & medical staff for all motoring events on the Isle of Man, including the TT & Manx Grand Prix. Check out EBay item: http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=261168811343 Thanks for looking (Taxed until 30th April)
  12. Hi - no, just tables... its a car boot sale without the cars
  13. Indoor Car Booty 10am-3pm Sunday 3rd February @ Gladstone Park, Ramsey in aid of Rebecca House & Peel Clothworkers' Special Needs Unit All Pitches now SOLD OUT - thank you all for your support!
  14. If anyone knows if the stretch limo company still operate on Island could you PM me? Thanks
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