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  1. Only about a month old and was purchased with a Sony A700 DSLR. I'm now using another lens so this one is for sale. This lens is streets ahead of the standard kit lenses sold with the A100, A200, A350 & A700 Sony DSLR cameras. It Would make an ideal upgrade lens for any of the A series cameras. Jessops sell for £549. Yours for £375.
  2. I have a spare SAL 1680 Lens. It's a Carl Zeiss 16 - 80mm lens which is both longer, shorter (in focal length terms) and a fair bit sharper than the standard 18 - 70mm kit lens. Let me know if you're interested - yours for £350. RRP £500.
  3. I've bought a few of these lately for family etc... Things I've noticed: The 800 pixel wide ones look way better than the lesser resolution ones. Some are 3:2 ratio and others aren't. Bear this in mind if you intend to put DSLR images on it as the ones with PC screen ratios wil either crop or show black bars. Some have internal batteries and others don't. Although the ones that do rarely last for an hour or two off the mains, it's still really handy as it can be passed around a room to show guests without having to stretch cables across the room etc. Some auto sense whether the frame is being used in landscape or portrait mode and rotate the images accordingly (really useful). I've bought a Philips, Toshiba & a Cheapy Boots brand. The Philips one was streets ahead of the rest by a margin If I were getting one for me it would be this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Resolution...5/dp/B000JLPMNA
  4. Nice one! Good choices. I recently got the Sony A700 and love it The Sony DSLRs are getting good reviews at the moment and are great value. Dredge Google for photography tutorials and you'll be taking great photos in no time. A good starting point would be to get your head round apertures, focal lengths, and their effect on depth of field.... These are the creative tools that separate DSLRs from compacts. If you haven't already got one, you'll have to set your self up with a Flickr (or similar) account so that you can put your images on the www for everyone to see.
  5. As well as the obvious ability to swap lenses, you'll also find that DSLRs have: Zero lag which means that when you click there's no delay in taking the picture. With compacts it's very easy to miss the action due to shutter lag. This is mainly down to processing power and speed of focussing. Another difference is the size of the sensor chip. On a compact camera the sensor is smaller than the size of your little finger nail. On a DSLR however, the sensor is about the size of a postage stamp. This results in far less noise on your images - especially low light images, and generally a far higher quality image with more detail. Depth of field (the ability to blur the background to make the focussed object/person stand out) is far easier to control on a DSLR. IMO the camera manufacturers have been caught up in a mega pixel war because consumers think it's important. In reality however you would be better off with a 5 mega pixel compact with a quality lens than 10 mega pixel model with a junk lens. It's usually the quality of the optics in any camera that dictates the price, not the mega pixel count. However the manufacturers know that if they ploughed all the money into lens quality, consumers would go for rival models with a higher mega pixel count. A 6 mega pixel Nikon D70/D50 DSLR will blow away any 10 mega pixel compact in terms of picture quality. In the wrong hands though, a DSLR can be a disaster. There are so many settings that it doesn't take much to change the white balance, sharpness, ISO, colour profile, focusing/exposure mode, exposure compensation etc etc etc rendering your next 100 images useless. You really need to be an enthusiast or willing to learn to get the most out of a DSLR. I only say this as I know somebody who has a Canon 30D and they really would be better off with an Ixus...... The obvious down side to DSLRs is the weight though. The Carl Zeiss 24 to 70mm lens on my Sony A700 weighs 1Kg without the camera!! The most ideal solution is to have a DSLR for your serious stuff and a decent compact for travel if funds allow. If you choose a compact over a DSLR, make sure you get one with image stabilisation. This will allow you to shoot in far lower light situations without needing to use the flash because the camera optically compensates for camera shake. I purchased a Canon Ixus 65 for travel but swapped it for an Ixux 850is ('is' for Image Stabilisation). Similar cameras spec wise but the image stabilisation made a huge difference. Good luck!!!
  6. I've already posted this in the music section but I suppose it should/could have been posted here. Here's some photos I took at the gig - hope you enjoy them. The gig was fantastic! http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuntbap/sets...57605109648102/
  7. If you were there you'll know what a fantastic gig this was. I took my camera along and shot some photos both out front and back stage - I hope you enjoy them. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuntbap/sets...57605109648102/
  8. 2e2 Official Statement: I can confirm that 2e2 are in the process of reinstating our Thomson Prometric testing system and hope to have this up and running within the next few weeks. In the meantime, those who have already booked Microsoft exams on our VUE system for delivery before the end of December will still be able to sit their exams at our Freeport testing centre. Unfortunately new bookings for Microsoft exams on the VUE system ceased on 31st August. Mike Leonard 2e2 (IOM) Ltd
  9. I only ever see these Peacock Butterflies at the Wild Life Park. They hang around about 50m into the butterfly trail on the right. Follow the link below for the image. http://manxvisions.myphotos.cc/displayimag...um=54&pos=0
  10. Apparently not. If you take 5 or 6 tripod images with different exposures, Photoshop CS2 has a 'merge to 32 bit HDR' feature. I'm gonna try it this weekend..... :-)
  11. I always associated HDR with game graphics on my Xbox 360. I never thought about photography. Check out this guy's photos.... http://flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/se...9344877/detail/
  12. Here's a few from a different perspective...... http://manxvisions.myphotos.cc/displayimag...um=14&pos=0 http://manxvisions.myphotos.cc/displayimag...um=54&pos=0
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