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  1. Mature gentleman looking for 12m let. Georgian property central Douglas
  2. Douglas rental wanted from 01 November, must be walking distance of town centre. Professional couple with two well behaved dogs. Please pm me.
  3. My brother's hamster had babies three weeks ago. They are buff and white and very friendly, ready soon. Please note that hamsters are solitary animals can not be kept together. Please text 258552 if you would like to collect one, Douglas area. Thanks.
  4. Visited Eden Park cafe today with two friends. A jacket potato w prawns and salmon turned out to be half a jacket potato, the inside scooped out and mixed w mystery fish and chilli and left under a heat lamp for a bit too long. The chilli was a surprise as it wasn't mentioned on the menu. This came w/o salad garnish and looked really pathetic in a large soup bowl. They brought my toasted baguette cold (hadn't been heated) and forgot the other j potato w cheese. No apology. My toasted baguette arrived, delicious, fresh crusty bread, real butter, real ham, melty cheese. Iceburg lettuce and grated carrot garnish. I asked for the second jacket for the second time and the waitress told me we hadn't paid for it and walked off. I called her back and asked her to bring it anyway and explained that I'd get up and pay afterward. Still no apology. Lemon drizzle cake was stale. Grubby cutlery. Half a "salmon and prawn" jp as described above arrived, but with salad this time. Shame it wasn't what we ordered.
  5. We've been there several times. Don't like her pricing system, or the fact that she puts each component of your meal in a seperate plastic container but it's good! Kibby £3.00 takeaway box no 1 Salad £2.00 takeaway box no 2 Sauce £1.50 seperate plastic tub Effectively, takeaway Brazlian burger w/o bun £6.50. Is that steep or am I cheap? Usually you can choose from a couple of heavy dishes like "creamed beef" or "lasagne" w rice and lovely fresh salad for £6.00. Yummy deep fried banana and chocolate things w ice cream. Don't go if you're on a diet.
  6. Good question! After years of searching I have actually given up looking for a restaurant serving great beef and would love to hear any positive recommendations. If we want steak or roast beef we almost always eat at home. M&S sell really good vac packed aged steaks that are near perfect (not Manx), as opposed to Shoprite, Tesco & Coop which all sell something which should be steak but isn't. I've posted before about Anagh Coar butchers, Bernie sells really good quality stuff and it's all Manx. I also rate Teare's in Ramsey and Harrison Garrett on the terrace. I am always surprised by the difference in quality between Manx meat from the supermarkets and the same Manx meat from a good butcher. So, does anybody have a suggestion for when I don't want to do the washing up?
  7. We had takeaway pizzas from MM's a while back, as in some months ago but more recently than May. I hope they have improved. We telephoned our order to collect and turned up early, so they shouldn't have been hanging around waiting. Not enough topping - four pieces of pepperoni on a pepperoni pizza. Actually four. With a huge, dry crust with no cheese or tomato sauce, a bare dough rim of at least an inch and a half on a personal size pizza. All our pizzas were cold. The large, blonde "manager" was obviously bored and more interested in his phone than us. I think he has since been sacked. I haven't given it a second chance. The Trawlerman do good, stodgy American style deep pans loaded w cheese but PAPA GALLI's(spelling?)would be my first choice. Lovely, freshly made dough, thin crust Italian style pizza with fresh toppings and fresh basil. Papa G's are cheaper too.
  8. We sell 'em at the One Stop Shop.
  9. Didn't somebody want one of these recently?
  10. Two really nice cats need a loving home. We're moving, can't take them and wouldn't let them go otherwise. Four years old, brother and sister. Neutered/ spayed, jabbed etc and get on well with other cats. Voodoo is black and very good at catching mice. Unfortunately also brings home little birds. Bailey is a tabby cat and likes cuddles and chasing bits of string. Both housetrained, affectionate and generally well mannered, used to being left alone 9-5. No health problems. They currently have access to the outdoors all the time and cross the road etc without problems. They prefer to "go" outside but can be trusted to use the litter tray if they are kept in. Scared witless of dogs. Not used to small children either, won't scratch or anything but dive for the nearest escape route as soon as possible. I do not believe they would live happliy in a flat. If you want to know anything else PM me.
  11. Is Ramsey clean enough to collect shellfish from? That sounds amazing, but I worry about the quality of the water....
  12. Bought Banter yesterday. It's a bit like Nuts but funnier, better written and with no football or boobs. Made me laugh out loud on the bus. I'll buy it again. Well done lads.
  13. I would suggest that you get one made locally. Can find some joiners' phone nos for you if you want. PM me.
  14. Roasted Veal Marrow on Toast as served at the amazing sounding St John restaurant in London, famous for its "nose to tail" style of eating. Serves two as a starter Ingredients 6x 7-8 cm pieces middle veal marrow bones (the knuckle doesn't work) 1 bunch flat-leaf parsley, leaves only, chopped 2 Shallots, very thinly sliced 2 tbsp capers 1 Lemon, juice only 6 tbsp extra virgin Olive oil freshly ground salt and black pepper toast, to serve 1. Preheat the oven to 190C/gas 5. 2. Roast the bones in a tray for about 20 min, until the marrow is loose and giving, but not melting away. 3. Combine the parsley, shallots and capers in a small bowl. Dress with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Scrape the marrow from the bones onto the toast and season with a little coarse sea salt. Top with a small spoonful of parsley salad. Did this at home, OH refused to eat it at first as he thought it was weird. It really reminded me of beef dripping on toast. I had a huge bag of bones but only got a small amount of marrow from each. The caper salsa was brilliant, you need something sharp to cut through the richness. Wouldn't eat it every day though.... It would be a waste to throw away all those bones, so I boiled em up to make a rich stock.
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