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  1. def72

    Beer Tent

    Anyone else know yes or no will do.
  2. def72

    Beer Tent

    Hiya.does anyone know if there will be a beer tent at the bottleneck car park this year?
  3. aye,thats the place,walking distance to the grassmarket etc,worth a try if theres room.
  4. stayed a few times when the fringe is on,a good place to stay is at the university who wiil rent you a room and breakfast as the students are off.
  5. def72

    Poor Pubs

    In this region of S E England there used to be outbreaks of fire in those buildings refused planning permission, usually 18C or earlier - after which strangely enough the refused building appeared. I'm pretty sure young Nicholas is inside and has no interests in the island anyway. what is the normal price of apint in the iom.
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