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  1. OMG, its not Baggsy is it (although the 'business man' description might be stretching it slightly)
  2. M-Audio Oxygen 49 (3rd Gen) USB MIDI Keyboard / Controller in mint condition. Hardly used (the reason for selling), fully working, will come in original box, all manuals, cables etc. Manufacturers link here for full specs... http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Oxygen49.html Asking £75 Please email me markmmobile@gmail.com
  3. Hmmm, I was, lets say 'surprised' about this too when I imported a car a couple of years ago from the UK. It isn't fair at all. My missus has a car with a larger engine size than mine, yet she pays about half of what I pay in road tax purely because there are no CO2 emissions figures on her logbook! Crazy... I sometimes don't drive mine from one week to the next so how can I be polluting the atmosphere more than someone who drives theirs everyday? Although looking at the link that Halfbaked pointed to, I may be better off this year / next year. I wont be holding my breath though...
  4. Been on it for a while and I suppose I fit into Slim's description apart from the opinionated bit (couldn't give a stuff about most things me!) Having never done 'the' BookFace (yes I know, probably one of about 10 people in the world) it was all a bit new to me, but it looks pretty good so far. But I agree, just a tech heads hangout at present. I can see it probably staying that way too as once its out of Beta, I cant see many 'ordinary' users wanting to leave behind their beloved FaceTube TBH...
  5. I see its that old chestnut FROM £15 with the emphasis on the word FROM. Then they seem to charge whatever they want! Why don't places like that just say FROM 99p. I dont see it would make much difference
  6. enCrypt


    What, from his retirement home?!
  7. Great stuff thanks. When did you buy them? (If you dont want to put details up here my email address is markmmobile@gmail.com) Ta
  8. Hi, Do you have any pics or any more details of what the clubs / bag are please? Thanks...
  9. Thanks for putting the pics up but sorry, I'm not keen on either... Hope you manage to move them on
  10. Do you have any pics of the shoes?
  11. Hi all, Wasn't sure where to post this, so if the mods want to move it, feel free... I'm looking for someone on Island that can do colour drawings / paintings of pets from photographs. Would like to get my in-laws dog 'done' for a present and our dog just for posterity. Do you know anyone that can do a decent job of this? Do they have any examples available that I could look at? PM or email me at markmmobile@gmail.com Thanks...
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