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  1. Well, Hello Manannan I'm very pleased you answered my question as to your whereabouts, imagine the embarrassment if 'Ben' had of replied?!?!?!?
  2. Where does manannan go for the winter?
  3. If I and the other people involved were asked to do something for free, I am sure it would have been considered. The very reason we want to go to the small claims court is written in your very own reply. We were conned, mislead, duped, lied to. So p1ssoff with your sanctimonious drivel.
  4. They owe wages to a couple of people.
  5. If someone acting on behalf of a charity, owes you money and they are a registered IOM charity, does that give them protection or can you still make a claim in the small claims court?
  6. Is there an age barrier (mid 30's) to learning Judo, as an absolute beginner? And does anyone know of any clubs that have beginner classes? Thanks
  7. All the wesites are similar or exact copies of the IOM-online, just a variation in colour. http://www.johnstonpress.co.uk/locations-brands/brands?brand_region=All&title Take a random title that they own and on the respective website you can comment on any story - I tried 7 titles including the big ones such as Yorkshire post, no 'bugs' on any of these stories preventing comments.
  8. @MikeW Cant figure out how to quote with out the whole damn video coming up again. The Peel girls and Kippers part, particularly amused me.
  9. That has been doing the rounds on Facebook today, I just don't think it is as funny as folk are making out, especially the Manx national anthem part, sounds very much like scouse!
  10. LDV is right. This is a good website, but the context is not always applicable to every translation request. http://www.gaelg.iofm.net/USE/usage.html
  11. Something on MF that is actually witty, clever, topical and made me laugh (but not out loud)
  12. Ten screens, Douglas prom on a fri and sat night will provide all the R18 viewing pleasure you need, Marine drive for the XXX. 5 Star Hotels, have you not stayed in the Palace Stakis Hilton Palace lately - its bordering on 6 Stars Michelin star restaurant - come to Ramsey and see how they successfully avoid them.
  13. I used to work in Ramsey Bakery a couple of years ago, and I have never ever consciously bought or ate anything with a Ramsey Bakery label on it since. (considering they bake and package some M&S bread) It is the most filthy, disgusting, un-hygienic place I've ever seen. If they go out of business, they have no one to blame but themselves. The production line and procedures are disgusting. Would you like it if a woman with long nails, full of filth and god knows what sh!t underneath her nails was packing your baked goods?????
  14. Anyone in particular you have in mind? PeelRocks, DouglasRocks, PortErinRocks, etc etc As Ramsey rocks is as far from the truth as most names on here. Actually, in my opinion, as a proud Ramsey born and Bred, it does Rock!!! I like living here and I like Ramsey. As for your desperate, hidden in humour, profile name - go jack yourself, I doubt very much you have anybody taking up the offer to 'Jack Meoff' oh, the wit and ingenuity of your name is just too much for me to handle. Oh no, I fed the trolls!!!! silly me.
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