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  1. muttley

    MT suspends CFO

    It was in last week's Indi.
  2. Should still get paid the minimum hourly rate no matter what type of contract it is.
  3. It got a nasty bugger off the island and back to Poland,though. He would still be here if the case hadn't been brought.
  4. 7.30 am is when they first went over the top.
  5. It also applies to cowboy builders going door to door offering to do your drive or fix your roof.
  6. The standard of inside knowledge is getting worse on here.... http://www.iomtt.com/News/2016/March/21/Vision-Nine-proposed-commercial-rights-holder-for-TT.aspx
  7. If only the enforcement team hadn't been out in the pissing rain chasing cowboy builders they might have heard the discussion. What was said?
  8. I think Longworth's reasons for treating them differently are made clear in sections 17 -20. Driver A crossed the picket line and went to work during the strikes. If Driver A is the person I'm thinking of he worked in a place at the same time as me and he was only ever referred to as "Terry". As in Fuckwit.
  9. These things DO happen in the private sector. A lot.
  10. It just fills you full of confidence that government are checking the backgrounds of the people getting work permits correctly dosen't it. What does that have to do with this case? She's Manx.
  11. Some of those businesses seem to operate more like people traffickers than cleaning or catering firms. It just shows you how toothless and ineffective our work permit system is. Got any evidence to back this claim up?
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