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  1. Yes, it is Douglas Head. The picture was taken in 1938. That image was the first time I realised that the Funicular Railway went up so high, I thought it stopped before the path that leads from the right to the Camera Obscura as there is a wall at the top of the stairs. As can be seen on the photo though, the track crosses over the path for a good few more yards. I've edited the original post now to include the URL, which is http://www.manxwiki.com There is much work to be done, so please have a look and get a feel for the site, then register and add to the content. Note: Anonymous editing is disabled. Registration is simple and straight forward as long as you enter a valid email address for the verification email.
  2. No worries Ans, thanks for pinning the topic Loaf you have a PM, you too Sarahc
  3. * Edited to include Website URL * Related to the thread started by Studmuffin here I've seen a lot of threads over the years that have been highly informative about local history with many personal opinions and nostalgia. What a current building used to be, where favourite youthful pastimes used to be undertaken, the name of the butcher that owned a shop before the baker took it over and before it was demolished to make way for offices... etc. I've often wished there was one place where all these memories could be recorded alongside up to date factual details and after throwing the idea around in my head for a couple of years I think I've come up with the answer which will hopefully become a depositary and resource for all aspects of Island life and history. The website (based on the same software as Wikipedia) is online and undergoing testing but I'm looking for a few more interested people to help boost the basic content and report any bugs with the extra bits and pieces I am adding to give a better user experience. I am fully aware that Wikipedia has seen an increase of pages over the past couple of years relating to the Isle of Man but I am also aware of the 'proof of fact' that they insist on before they acknowledge that something really existed, or that it is by their definition 'notable'. The above quote irritates me and I've seen similar comments too many times. If an article or comment isn't backed up with 5 pages of Google results they seem to dismiss it as irrelevent. Unlike Wikipedia I want users to record items that can be considered nostalgia amonst the current factual details as I believe there is a place for it. So much local information exists by word of mouth, or posts on the forum. If one person wants to add information about the history of a particular building, present or past then great. Timelines can be generated and if anyone has old photos that can illustrate differences between 'then and now' I'd be happy to see them included for the benefit of us all as well. You can visit the site at http://www.manxwiki.com Please register and share the knowledge
  4. Exactly the thoughts I've been having for a couple of years, so I recently teamed up with a friend to create a Wiki site dedicated to the Isle of Man. I need to reply to a post before I can start a new topic, so I'll post details in a couple of minutes Mark 'Ripsaw' Atherton Edit: New Topic Started
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