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  1. Digital revolution? Explaining the law to commissioners? Creating employment? Expanding the state? Being modern and go-getting?
  2. New Board being challenged by someone who didn’t get elected? New Clerk being challenged by someone? Board Facebook and Website not updated? Special measures coming? Which minister is in charge of LG? Wild west Jurby. Just Ginger gossip of course.
  3. Bloke phoned me to say the fly tipped rubbish is still lying on the road next to the plot with failed planning permission. Dunno if it’s relevant.
  4. Friend in Ginger tells me bloke who didn’t get elected in Jurby is again causing ruckus because his sister didn’t get selected as Clerk. She didn’t get selected for the second time. Bit of a trial for the new Board. Wild west out there.
  5. Dunno. He was never there much. He was supposed to take a mission down the estates. Did faith healing and stuff.
  6. Btw I hear the guy at Jurby Church has done a bunk.
  7. But Jurby gets the Irish Missionary to bring civilisation to the estates. Good luck knocking on sone of those doors fella.
  8. Heard in the Ginger that the departing (in a hurry?) Archdeacon has sent an Irish missionary into the Jurby estates to set them right. Dunno if he lives there.
  9. That’s not why people are celebrating. He can’t push his planning application through now. Nor would he if he’d stayed on the ballot. Jurby expects another load of scrap metal to be dumped on the roadside today. Something to do with global warming.
  10. Streets thronged with happy people, flowers strewn, feds issuing arrest warrants for tax evasion, cyclists doing wheelies… a great shadow fallen away…
  11. Jurby result: decent people 5, gangsters 0.
  12. I couldn’t possibly comment.
  13. Rook or something. Hear that the prison is in lockdown tonight. Expect searchlights and choppers.
  14. I hear some guy was refused planning permission by central Planning and has been vilifying local commissioners who are not standing for election this time to the new board. I expect lawyers will be involved. But it verges on psychosis.
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