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  1. Take train immediately. Holmes.
  2. I love how this reads like a telegram from 1895.
  3. Police aware. Custodian on duty. Monthly services. Vistors every day.
  4. Valuables? Open every day you say?
  5. Exactly. And some cycling club has closed the access road. But everyone willl drive their cars there anyway.
  6. Statements of fact. Churchwardens have not been informed of closure or arrangements for handling the traffic. DOI confirmed the road closure but deny responsibility. On the Sunday it's other residents down the road who get trapped all day.
  7. Yes, church has to be open to the public every day. Someone has to go there twice day to unlock it and to lock it again at the end of the day, check the visitor's book, secure valuables. And of course the nearby residents need to be able to come and go throughout the Saturday.
  8. The church has to be opened every day and closed every day of the year. It also receives visitors to the church, the burial ground, the war graves, from IOM, UK and overseas. It is publicised as an IOM iconic tourist venue.
  9. But there isn't a service on Saturday 29 April, which is the day that the cycle races around Jurby are taking place. You assume that they checked that there weren't any weddings or anything (I suspect we would have heard about about it if there were). The Sunday racing is taking place on the Marine Drive and Port Soderick course and as already pointed out there don't seem to be any churches and chapels currently in use on those routes.
  10. Open every day. Service tomorrow 11.15 am.
  11. DOI confirm no access to Jurby Church. Nothing to do with them, say complain to Cycling Authority. We have to open Church anyway and get visitors up there. Will tell police.
  12. If there are no police at the barriers, motorists who need to get out will just get out.
  13. Churches are opened and closed every day of the year, and some churches have visitors each day apart from the regular services. According to the notice of road closures there will be no access on the day in question. People who live along the closed roads cannot travel to and from their work or business on those days.
  14. No, just the households and shops and businesses on the closed roads closed in for the whole day. Last year Ramsey up in arms about it. This year other places. DOI say nothing to do with them, any group can close them on application.
  15. By what right and under which law does the IOM Cycling Authority decide to close public roads 29/30 April for youth races ? People unable to leave their homes all day, open churches, visit, shop... Simply intolerable and should not be indulged.
  16. I see Bluecrest is touting for customers for health screening at a local hotel. Caveat emptor I guess.
  17. Whoever sheltered him here also informed on him.
  18. angelo

    Antenna Jurby

    I hear there's been another approval for it to be made permanent.
  19. angelo

    Antenna Jurby

    That depends what they would be testing. Is that relevant in any way? The input power is only 100 watts according to this. What's your beef? No idea if it's safe or not. Communications Dynamics has no history of anything in IOM. Odd.
  20. angelo

    Antenna Jurby

    Egyptian site says it's a branch of Kabbary company there. They make antennas which don't seem to work.
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