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  1. Mr Shoe

    Right wing Terrorism

    Indeed. Barbarians were ever so; their riposte one of the intangible and yet ignorant of the aftermath. A symptom? Or a conflagration of all that epitomises.
  2. Mr Shoe

    Racist Cartoon?

    Naomi Osaka is drawn correctly. Her colour in the cartoon is far closer to Serena than the (pinkish) umpire. In real life, Naomi has a blonde ponytail worn under a cap. Everything about Serena is also correct (for a caricature): the size, the hair, the heavyset face, the stupid skirt. The tantrum.
  3. Mr Shoe

    New Tech Firm owes wages

    Invisimail/e-habitant did the same thing back in the day. The main difference was that the paper wasn't allowed to run the story. Maybe the DTI had more clout than the modern day DED? Or maybe Fozard convinced them? Anyway, I'm sure there were lessons learned. Time to rename the department and move on.
  4. Mr Shoe

    £3.8 Billion

    Not factually incorrect, just disingenuous. You "hope" they are correct? You know perfectly well they're not. There might be strategies to push this down the road 5 years. But there is no strategy that can solve this situation. Short of massively slashing Pension benefits.
  5. Mr Shoe

    £3.8 Billion

    That's okay then. (To paraphrase Sarah Silverman) because £470,000 would be unforgivable: And yeah, the joke is worth looking up.
  6. Mr Shoe

    Pinewood problems

    Sorry - when you first posted this I thought you were being sarcastic. Can you explain?
  7. Mr Shoe

    Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    Everything "Commonwealth Association" (e.g. CPA, CGA) related is free. The Association has an infinite pot of money to cover sports, political trips etc. This is how we know that all these jollies don't cost us tax payers a penny. Phew! What isn't mentioned is that "we" pay a large membership fee to be in this club. Government speak: 1. If something was "within existing budgets", it didn't cost anything. 2. If the CA paid, it didn't cost anything.
  8. Mr Shoe

    Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    They flew some of the lucky "helpers" down to Oz in March 2017 to check out the facilities. I guess you have to be certain these foreign lands have running water and aren't a war-zone. Or you just really like jollies. And big pensions. (that said, massive well done to our athletes who have made the island proud!)
  9. Mr Shoe

    Retired civil servants go on a nice holiday

    I think it's lovely that mother, father and son (the bowls team) can catch some sun down under and really make a vacation of it My only grig is that the qualification requirements for some of the sports were very high - pro level. Obviously a couple of sports didn't get that memo.
  10. Mr Shoe

    Government Pension Tax

    Standard Manxforums identity politics creeping in as usual. "You're in the emergency services? Oh you MUST be a wonder human being. Please let me bask in your glow for a moment".
  11. Mr Shoe

    62 outstanding fixed penalty notices?

    Because it's the Isle of Man? Because our vehicle laws are a joke? You don't go to prison for far, far worse on our roads, so why would they send this guy down? Because he's foreign?
  12. Mr Shoe


    Well...a friend of mine worked at the IPA. He doesn't anymore. He retired. At 55. Loaded. Funny that.
  13. Mr Shoe

    Supertour 2018

    And if they've had "two or three pints" I'm sure they'll be extra careful, eh Stu? (sorry, couldn't resist)
  14. Probably more like a £million. 7+5 years. Plus double accrued pension benefits. And only noted for one thing in his entire career: "Mr Corkish has stated his opposition to social media and a belief that forums that do not support the Manx Government should be banned" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoff_Corkish