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  1. And some senior employees are being bumped pay grades (upwards) while the crisis lasts. I'm sure there's justification, it just eludes me right now. Bitterness aside, I agree that it's a sin how the self-employed are being treated. As ever with the IOM, total conflict of interest.
  2. This thread grows too fast to read every post! But your post that I responded to suggested that mass testing was pointless and only had value for show boating governments. Fair enough...I can now re-read your post as "100% mass testing is pointless/impossible, targeted testing is good, little testing is bad" Yes? Personally (and I'm in a very different field) I would have ongoing randomised compulsory sampling of the populace. In addition to testing for those with symptoms or specific reasons. Only testing those with symptoms and/or returnees is reactive. "Mass" randomised test
  3. True. If you're an armchair statistician or on a forum. False. If you have a statistics (or similar) degree, masters or phd. What do you think they study for all those years? They learn how to piece together a solid result from a crappy mishmash of seemingly conflicting datasets. Collect all the data you can. Because if you don't and something turns out to be crucial, we don't have a time machine to go back and re-gather the data.
  4. My family and I lived in one of the top ranking "quality of life" cities in the world for a few years. And yet, we came back here. So many people come back, it's incredible. That speaks volumes. It's a great place to live. There are obviously pros and cons. No Aldi/Ikea but then again, no car theft. Higher cost housing but less than 20% income tax. True, you will need to be more open minded in your job search, then again, it's very easy to get a job (you will need the permit though). Me and my wife both walk to work most days. But even for those who drive, it's just nothin
  5. State the extremism. Back your outrageous attacks with facts and quotes. Other than your own awful "sarcasm", where have posters on here voiced extreme racism? Are you suggesting your post was due to the "Gladys effect"? Er. OK. And while you're at it, show me Murray's extremist views.
  6. Given that he spoke at some length a few days ago and has a current book out, can you give a specific example of his extremism? Rather than just going by your gut feeling.
  7. More than two-thirds of BLM donations ($millions) to the mother organisation go towards salaries and "consultant" fees. Says it all (apologies if this has already been discussed). Whatever the original intentions, the "BLM" brand is just being used as a political and money making vehicle by a vast number of opportunists. But "the left" won't allow criticism of BLM: to criticise BLM = being a filthy racist. A person can be anti-racist AND anti-BLM at the same time.
  8. Peer pressure. For example, it would be socially unacceptable if a girl DIDN'T post the black square on her Instagram a few weeks back. There are girls who see themselves as "social media influencers" which basically involves getting likes for revealing insta pix and shouting the loudest about the latest cultural issue. You get extra points if you are seen to pressure others to "get onboard". Bullying takes many forms. Ironic isn't it? Boys tend to headbutt each other and play in the mud.
  9. Nah. Just being sarcastic. Always bemused how people fawn over those politicians whose every word is focus group tested. But Trump baaaad! Obama would make a wonderful dinner guest, but he was a pretty ineffectual leader. Actually, I think the momentum of a machine like the US is so immense that an individual (be it Trump, Obama, Ghandi or Father Dougal McGuire) has very little effect on the country.
  10. I agree, things seem so much better with an eloquent man in charge. I'd watch an Obama oration and couldn't help but nod. It seems like Trump inherited a practical utopia and turned it into hell on earth.
  11. Contra is highly intelligent. I've watched most of her stuff. I don't always 100% agree but it always makes me think. Doesn't make BLM right though.
  12. Delighted for you Stu!
  13. Just sayin', this really doesn't help cyclists. Heading south I've never had an issue so nothing gained. But heading north (as I did last night) means I had to be overtaken on a road that used to be plenty wide, but now is a fairly narrow bi-directional road. So either a risk to me or a holdup for cars - probably the latter. It's purely a bus lane.
  14. Maybe they were the first and only ones to contact him for his point of view? Or you know for a fact that he chose them?
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