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  1. Pizza and fags aren't even on the list. And alcohol is 7th from bottom. Praise the Lord!. More seriously though, Covid might be up there with Dementia. It might even overtake cancer this year. But Covid (this strain) is an acute issue, 2020, 2021, maybe a little more. Cancer kills that many every day, year in, year out.
  2. The negative are also the most vocal/aggressive. Plenty of examples on this thread. You mustn't use numbers to downplay the crisis or make positive suggestions that could actually help. Eventually, one side stops contributing and the thread becomes an echo chamber. Might as well be on Facebook.
  3. If the Queen dies, then it will follow a specific protocol, involving the Governor, Clerk of Tynwald, etc, etc.
  4. Mite cynical? When I read the nurses letter, I was appalled. And yet, we're all talking about Howard's dramatic presentation rather the nurse's statement. So, no, I don't think that's cynical.
  5. Coz that's all it is. More venting at cyclists than at the drunk drivers and speeders. If you're actually serious about reducing traffic on the roads in order to protect our NHS - then instruct the shops to take fags and booze off the shelves. I felt embarrassed queuing to buy beer mid afternoon in my local mini market. Shouldn't have been. Nearly everyone was. That or fags. And if this lasts months/years, a fag free nation will have a much better set of lungs to survive any cv complications. And even better lungs if they took up a sport
  6. My view is that mass-testing would/might identify all those who've already had it - who could then safely return to the labour pool and jump start our economy. Face it, hundreds (if not thousands) of us have already had it. (but no, I don't know. Not a virologist)
  7. The Police page even has a link to the government website where it clearly states the "advice" for social distancing. Advice/law? In the mind of the Police, what's the difference? Who really cares? You're nicked mate.
  8. There should be a Coronavirus IOM Economy thread. A lot of excellent posts in the last few pages. Which will all be swallowed up once some new media hype turns up. Only 4 threads covering the biggest topic since Kajagoogoo hit the scene? Are we in some sort of lockdown?
  9. Cheers for that. And you're right, they do say they cover IOM. But a 3 day application process....we'll see.
  10. Now that is funny!
  11. I actually agree with you that the trickle down effects from problems in the supply chain (here and UK) will probably cause more misery than cv itself. Markets crash and firms go bust. But we all have 3+ months salary tucked away, right? We'll be okay And in poorer countries it could be a LOT more severe.
  12. I'm sure about how exposed you are to what people are doing "over here". But I have plenty of tins, bottled water and a cupboard full of triple-ply TP. I guarantee, the exact same % of manx people are prepared as the mainlanders. Because that's how humans work.
  13. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-candidate-subjected-to-racism-and-islamophobia/ She specifically mentions manxforums and claims she read here that she was "not suitable for the position because of my beliefs" etc. Please listen for yourselves. Unless she's referring to the sarcastic comments where the Bishop of Jeezus was also a target..... She's not suitable because she has no life experience.
  14. I'd still like to know which platform she's accused of which transgressions. Because despite us accusing each other of various things, nowhere in this thread has there been any abuse aimed at her due to her background. As already mentioned, Facebook is a different world.
  15. "A candidate for Legislative Council is appalled at the level of racism she says she has encountered in the Isle of Man." On IOM Today. Well, that sure as hell ain't based on this thread. This thread has (mostly) been positive and/or dismissive about her background but negative about her professional experience. Maybe it's pointing out that she's simply unqualified for the job that she's actually unhappy about?
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