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  1. Or a £x00k payoff, a pension lump sum, a pension and a new government consultancy. And throw in some MARS while you're at it.
  2. Couch, Bell, M.Shimmin were all highly instrumental in making our economy the "success" it is today with their various get-rich-quick/no-longevity schemes. I'd also give a touch of blame to Teare but he wasn't really a player long enough to really take responsibility. Also, having met him, I doubt he knew what was going on.
  3. Taxation strategy success? Like what?! The VAT negotiations? The Film Industry? The race to the bottom (i.e. zero/10)? The Public Sector Pension Liability? Attrition (Dividends)? Which bits are his success? I wonder how old he is? I actually have no idea, but I bet it's around 55. (@NB: I'm not saying that you're giving him credit - but you summed up Couch's totally undeserved reputation nicely)
  4. I still find it bizarre how Couch has such a shitty track record but still receives praise. Yet it will somehow all be Kate's fault. Actually, I blame her for the all the Treasury issues as well. And Brexit. After all, she's a woman and Couch is a man PLUS he was a doctor for about 8 minutes back in the 80s. QED: he is awesome.
  5. Paranoia? Odd thing to say. Whatever Stevejobs is or isn't, the "issue" was quite a big deal for such a sheltered little rock. Unless I've misunderstood you.
  6. That's nothing. There are worse assaults than either of those discussed (with more witnesses) that never even made it to Court. Friends in high places.
  7. Manila? Pah. That's nothing. The surface of Venus is over 400 degrees and the air is full of all kinds of pollution and pollen and shit. Gimme Manila any day of the week over any of the inner planets.
  8. Because our Police are a little on the corrupt side. And when I say "little", I do mean little. If two people commit the same low/mid-level crime, but one of them knows someone "in the right place" then the outcomes are very different. But that's life in a small town.
  9. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/police-warn-of-psychic-scam/ Maybe they should set up a Task Force?
  10. what ever happened to invisimail and ehabitant? did they ever get in trou ble for ripping off the government of iom??

  11. Indeed. Barbarians were ever so; their riposte one of the intangible and yet ignorant of the aftermath. A symptom? Or a conflagration of all that epitomises.
  12. Naomi Osaka is drawn correctly. Her colour in the cartoon is far closer to Serena than the (pinkish) umpire. In real life, Naomi has a blonde ponytail worn under a cap. Everything about Serena is also correct (for a caricature): the size, the hair, the heavyset face, the stupid skirt. The tantrum.
  13. Invisimail/e-habitant did the same thing back in the day. The main difference was that the paper wasn't allowed to run the story. Maybe the DTI had more clout than the modern day DED? Or maybe Fozard convinced them? Anyway, I'm sure there were lessons learned. Time to rename the department and move on.
  14. Not factually incorrect, just disingenuous. You "hope" they are correct? You know perfectly well they're not. There might be strategies to push this down the road 5 years. But there is no strategy that can solve this situation. Short of massively slashing Pension benefits.
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