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  1. Thx Honestly, cycle shoes are safer. And do you think us portly middle aged men would wear lycra if we had another reasonable choice? Its not a good look.
  2. I wasn't calling you names. It was just an observation. Unnecessary and ignorant.
  3. However, you're 100% wrong. You got this wrong because you're stupid. "Clipless" pedals are far safer. Every cyclist falls over the first time they use them, after which there is simply no comparison (maybe see if the skiers will go skiing without their ski bindings? It would be funny to watch though) For example, if your pedal or shoe is wet, on a regular pedal you apply pressure and your foot slips off. Suddenly. The cranks spin round, cracks you in the shin, followed by a good chance of a fall. Even a tiny pothole can cause a rider's foot to leave the pedal causing you to swerve. Similarly, wearing jeans vs lycra pants might look cooler, but the chance of your bell-bottoms catching in the chain at an awkward moment can also lead to a fall. Cycling gloves prevent blisters on the palm of your hand. Not pretty. The padding in shorts prevents blisters down below. Even less pretty. Proper lycra jackets prevent you sweating when it's sunny but equally repel rain water when it rains. Sometimes it's sunny AND rainy on the same day! Really? Yes, really! And lycra gear (even the black stuff) has reflective strips sown in, so road users with lights can see you. Although it might seem that lycra gear is primarily made for twats, by an utterly bizarre coincidence, it's perfect for....riding a bicycle. There literally is no other form of clothing in our Galaxy that is better suited to cycling. And although I may think that motorbike riders look like rejects from a Village People YMCA video who are just looking for the next leather joy-boy party to attend, I'm actually smart enough to realise that the leather, zips and metal inserts are designed for the moment the human body comes into contact with tarmac at 100mph. And jodpurs?! What the fuck is that shit about? Oh yes, it's perfect for riding a horse. Padded in precisely the right places. And what about those swimming trunks? And those karate-kid-twats in their white pyjamas! And why can't Usain Bolt put on a nice pair of slacks instead of that awful lycra one-piece? And ice-skates?! Shoes with blades on the sole? WTF! Unless you're bloody Torvill and Dean, why can't you just slide around on the ice with a herring strapped to each foot? I am SO OFFENDED by other people wearing exactly the right choice of clothing for their chosen hobby!!!!!!!
  4. Yes, the races are fully insured. It's compulsory. Also, individual riders who cross the white line can be disqualified. Much like every group of humans, some of them are just twats and refuse to obey the rules.
  5. Seems the DOI/Police are as useless as ever. Is there a sign stating the speed limit for bicycles? No. Do other vehicles use the walkway? Yes. Is it clear whether this is law or just a guideline? No. Is it ever enforced? No. Did they claim that removing the bike lane would be fine for everyone? Yes. Other countries aren't as blase about their traffic laws. Our traffic police are so utterly ineffective. If I'm driving along one of our A roads and the car in front of me is doing precisely the speed limit, I assume he's pissed because speeding is a way of life over here. So, if 10mph is the law on the prom walkway (and it sounds perfectly reasonable to me) then put up some signs and ENFORCE it! And then enforce the speed limit on the road. And then enforce the speed limit and prosecute drunk riding in June.
  6. I'm pretty sure no-one on the IOM has to abide by the speed limits.
  7. I don't think people who know about bye-laws would exaggerate
  8. You so want that to be true. Gives you an excuse to hate some a group of people. And score some likes. The point of not taking (voluntary) insurance out is, if I do something wrong, I'll personally pay for it. If something happens that isn't my fault, the other party will. Whether it's through court or their insurers is not my issue. Not everyone has house contents insurance. Or house insurance for that matter. Pet insurance is optional. Critical illness cover. etc. These are all choices. 3rd party auto insurance is a legal requirement because of massively increased chance of causing death - which very few people could personally cover. Your opening salvo mentions "gay lycra gear and ludicrously expensive bikes". Says so much about you.... The irony is, the majority of the racing crowd (i.e. gay lycra wearers) have insurance through their race licences. 100% have insurance during an actual race. But even where they do, why claim off their own insurance when it was someone else's fault? If someone else were to write-off your Lamborghini while you were sitting in it wearing a rainbow t-shirt, you're telling me you'd say "Don't worry mate, I don't need your insurance details, serves me right for wearing a 'gay' shirt and having such a ridiculously expensive car; I'll claim off my own. Bye!" Bullshit.
  9. Or a £x00k payoff, a pension lump sum, a pension and a new government consultancy. And throw in some MARS while you're at it.
  10. Couch, Bell, M.Shimmin were all highly instrumental in making our economy the "success" it is today with their various get-rich-quick/no-longevity schemes. I'd also give a touch of blame to Teare but he wasn't really a player long enough to really take responsibility. Also, having met him, I doubt he knew what was going on.
  11. Taxation strategy success? Like what?! The VAT negotiations? The Film Industry? The race to the bottom (i.e. zero/10)? The Public Sector Pension Liability? Attrition (Dividends)? Which bits are his success? I wonder how old he is? I actually have no idea, but I bet it's around 55. (@NB: I'm not saying that you're giving him credit - but you summed up Couch's totally undeserved reputation nicely)
  12. I still find it bizarre how Couch has such a shitty track record but still receives praise. Yet it will somehow all be Kate's fault. Actually, I blame her for the all the Treasury issues as well. And Brexit. After all, she's a woman and Couch is a man PLUS he was a doctor for about 8 minutes back in the 80s. QED: he is awesome.
  13. Paranoia? Odd thing to say. Whatever Stevejobs is or isn't, the "issue" was quite a big deal for such a sheltered little rock. Unless I've misunderstood you.
  14. That's nothing. There are worse assaults than either of those discussed (with more witnesses) that never even made it to Court. Friends in high places.
  15. Manila? Pah. That's nothing. The surface of Venus is over 400 degrees and the air is full of all kinds of pollution and pollen and shit. Gimme Manila any day of the week over any of the inner planets.
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