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  1. State the extremism. Back your outrageous attacks with facts and quotes. Other than your own awful "sarcasm", where have posters on here voiced extreme racism? Are you suggesting your post was due to the "Gladys effect"? Er. OK. And while you're at it, show me Murray's extremist views.
  2. Given that he spoke at some length a few days ago and has a current book out, can you give a specific example of his extremism? Rather than just going by your gut feeling.
  3. More than two-thirds of BLM donations ($millions) to the mother organisation go towards salaries and "consultant" fees. Says it all (apologies if this has already been discussed). Whatever the original intentions, the "BLM" brand is just being used as a political and money making vehicle by a vast number of opportunists. But "the left" won't allow criticism of BLM: to criticise BLM = being a filthy racist. A person can be anti-racist AND anti-BLM at the same time.
  4. Peer pressure. For example, it would be socially unacceptable if a girl DIDN'T post the black square on her Instagram a few weeks back. There are girls who see themselves as "social media influencers" which basically involves getting likes for revealing insta pix and shouting the loudest about the latest cultural issue. You get extra points if you are seen to pressure others to "get onboard". Bullying takes many forms. Ironic isn't it? Boys tend to headbutt each other and play in the mud.
  5. Nah. Just being sarcastic. Always bemused how people fawn over those politicians whose every word is focus group tested. But Trump baaaad! Obama would make a wonderful dinner guest, but he was a pretty ineffectual leader. Actually, I think the momentum of a machine like the US is so immense that an individual (be it Trump, Obama, Ghandi or Father Dougal McGuire) has very little effect on the country.
  6. I agree, things seem so much better with an eloquent man in charge. I'd watch an Obama oration and couldn't help but nod. It seems like Trump inherited a practical utopia and turned it into hell on earth.
  7. Contra is highly intelligent. I've watched most of her stuff. I don't always 100% agree but it always makes me think. Doesn't make BLM right though.
  8. Delighted for you Stu!
  9. Just sayin', this really doesn't help cyclists. Heading south I've never had an issue so nothing gained. But heading north (as I did last night) means I had to be overtaken on a road that used to be plenty wide, but now is a fairly narrow bi-directional road. So either a risk to me or a holdup for cars - probably the latter. It's purely a bus lane.
  10. Maybe they were the first and only ones to contact him for his point of view? Or you know for a fact that he chose them?
  11. I like (and use) ii. However, Trading212 is a masterpiece of a user interface. Out of interest, I've been re-balancing over the last few days. Squeaky bum times ahead.
  12. Serious point or facetious?
  13. There's "white privilege" as a concept. Just like [any other home team] privilege, it's just a small but helpful advantage in life. Much like being a Liverpool FC supporter if you live beside Anfield. Life is just better compared to being an Everton supporter. But then there's accusing a white man (as a non-white person) of having "white privilege". That's guilt loading (it's also avoiding personal responsibility). HOWEVER (to side with HeliX somewhat) I freely admit that due to their forefathers being taken against their will to the USA, etc, African Americans can never have the home team advantage. I have no solution for that.
  14. For the record, I think there is white privilege. But of all the privilege accorded to the various populations in the world, "white privilege" is one of the most slight and western society deserves some credit for that (although capitalism also helps). But, I will defend anyone's right to state they don't believe there is privilege. Western society also deserves credit for freedom of speech. Or used to.
  15. Fair point. I've been dipping in and out of the thread. My mistake.
  16. General question for people who believe in white privilege: do you believe in (for example) arab privilege or chinese privilege? Assuming you're in Saudi or China respectively. I've been in places where if there's no English menu outside the restaurant, I'm not welcome. And if I go in, I'll be asked to leave. Not legal in the UK (or the US AFAIK).
  17. Murder is against the law. There are still murders. Stop conflating racists with systemic/institutional racism. We all agree with you that there are racists.
  18. You're just repeating the fact that there are racists. But there is no systemic racism in the IOM. I have compulsory equality training (as do 1,000s of others on the island) every year. Seriously, it is against the law to demonstrate racism (+8 other protected items) in an organisation.
  19. For the record, I just did a word count on the BBC transcript: (drum roll) Jordan: 560 Stu: 290 I didn't include the words "Let's go to line one, I think we've got somebody else who wants to have a quick word. Hello, this is Manx Radio." or "we've got somebody else on line two. Hello, this is Late, Live and Unleashed, apparently." Is anyone still saying that Stu just talked over Jordan? Refused to listen?
  20. Yes. And using Vanguard UK. But that IS NOT financial advice I do equities elsewhere, but that's more speculative and I don't consider it for my retirement.
  21. I don't think she's batshit crazy. But I equally wouldn't want her fighting my corner. I'd want Stephen Fry or Morgan Freeman. Even those of us on manxforums defending Stu (or at least criticising cancel-culture and leftist extremism) are probably not doing him any favours.
  22. IMHO it was murder. But, as mentioned, pushing for first degree might be difficult to win. Can you imagine the riots if he gets off?
  23. It's not just sucking up. If you're a yoof and you DIDN'T post a BLM black square on your instagram, you risk becoming a pariah. The left does not allow dissent.
  24. Or enjoying the fruits of (say) the Chinese economy while ignoring genuine human rights abuses. Then again, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get a "Like" on FaceBook for #uyghurlivesmatter because no fucker on there would know what you meant.
  25. I manage my own pension fund(s). Fairly flat this year, slight increase as of 1-Jun. But the 2020 roller coaster is far from finished. I'm just intrigued as to what percentages your average manager takes? I pay around 0.20%
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