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  1. Just bumping this up. Lots of people have signed up! A few places left, so if interested the premiership season kicks off in two days ty
  2. The staff are nice, but the first time i went there.. i managed to not have my chips cooked properly.
  3. Basically, I got a link through facebook.. for some manx league.. so i joined up! Looks pretty good and it all kicks off on the 15th august http://fantasy.premierleague.com league number: 209105-54357 There is a few people there, but i think.. more the merrier tbh More Manxies the better Cheers
  4. Thanks to Sponsors.. Manx Youth are helping both UK and Manx Bands. Also raising money for Rebecca House. Http://www.myspace.com/riotkiddpromotions (Should be more information released from Sunday)
  5. Singer wanted for a band doing a mixture of you could say from Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy to Brand New. Male, Aged between 16 - 22 (Pref) Interested.. PM ME! Thanks, Sir Day.
  6. Try the Beta for Http://www.gunzonline.com also. Found that fun and it's free!
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