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  1. Many thanks to whoever carried out the change.
  2. Is it possible that a kindly moderator or the original poster could amend the name of the thread title slightly please? AML is the name of a large employer in Douglas, and we certainly haven't been raided by the police, but the thread title is causing some confusion. Many thanks.
  3. Why have they made the car park smaller outside though? Same number of spaces, just less room to manoeuvre.
  4. They've made the car park outside Co-op in Ramsey a lot smaller and tighter as well. The same amount of spaces, just in a smaller area. Madness.
  5. If you PM me your email address I'll send you the one I use.
  6. The price won't be dictated by Wilkins, but by Breitling themselves. Neil the manager will sort it all out for you though, the service in there is brilliant. What sort of Breitling is it by the way, Navitimer?
  7. Risso


    I don't know a single person who doesn't think that this is anything other than a terrible idea, for several reasons: 1) Caravans are mobile road blocks. Many Manxies probably haven't experienced the horror of driving round Cornwall or the Lake District on a bank holiday weekend and getting stick behind a convoy of caravans. It's shit. 2) Caravan parks are an eyesore - take a drive along the North Wales coast for proof 3) People on caravan holidays don't spend any money in the places they visit. As others have said in the thread, all they'll do is stock up in Lancaster Aldi, and leave their rubbish everywhere. 4) The IOM roads are bad enough as they are, without caravans slowing things down and making the roads an even worse state. 5) Gypsies - you want to see the utter devastation they can wreak on a place when they turn up.
  8. At last, somewhere decent to eat in the North. Excellent food and reasonably priced. The restaurant itself is nicely done as well. Hope it does well.
  9. Risso

    Buddy Rocks

    The place is terrible, and I give them until Easter at best. The fit out is really bad. All they've done is build a stud wall to separate the restaurant from the bar, and cover it in tacky graffiti, and it doesn't feel different enough from the old Courthouse. The food was never exactly brilliant at the Courthouse, and it was never very fast, but now the food is appalling and the service even worse. I tried some weird chicken/mince combination patty thing, and to call it disgusting is an insult to disgusting things. The wine list, such as it is, consists of about 7 bottles of cheap plonk displayed on posters. All in all, rubbish. I'd never dream of taking a client there any more, and if they're going for the family angle, I wouldn't take the kids there either.
  10. Risso

    Andy Cadwallader

    I did know him, albeit not very well, and he was a smashing bloke.
  11. Worked at just after 9pm for me in the petrol station in Ballasalla.
  12. Until last year there was a red phone box on a back lane on the hill up towards Dreamskerry quarry in Maughold. It must have taken the least amount of money of any phone box in the world ever. I'm sort of sad that it's gone though, for reasons I can't quite fathom. I like the fact that there are phone boxes in random places where they're clearly never used.
  13. What about the man who just likes having a nice watch that he can pass down the generations? Expensive watches are no different from any other desirable item really. Today's antiques were just expensive pieces of furniture decades ago.
  14. Well, that goes for just about every man made object you can mention. So unless you wear old sack cloth as clothes, and live in a shed, I'd suggest that's a load of cobblers.
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