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  1. If I get an hsbc loan online I assume that wouldn't be a local loan? But a conister bank would? Is there a list anywhere which shows which are entitled to Iom tax relief?
  2. I suppose it's a quick win for the coffers. I did always like the idea that you only get tax relief on Manx loans therefore keeping the repayment money on the island.
  3. Really? So it pointless trying for a deal with a local firm? May as well just do an online application to anybody cheap then? Which I guess is a lot easier as well?
  4. Do you get loan interest tax relief on a M&s loan? Thanks
  5. Farmers use lots of local merchants. Eg Sadler. Iom farmers, hauliers, employ staff. I can see why people do get upset about grants though. I've never understood why farmers don't pay full rates on their farm houses.
  6. I understand the sentiment about other people who are better off but farmers maintain the land. It's important to look after them as they generate all sorts of wealth on the island. Food security would be lost without them
  7. You can't blame them for expecting the cash though. Government made it clear that they would fund manx farmers so that they are able to earn as much money as uk farmers. There should be no disadvantage for farmers working manx land. Why should they earn less than their uk counter parts?
  8. Farming and maintaining the island doesn't make much money but maintains the place we know and love. The cooperative doesn't make any money so it is up to the government to support it and the hundreds of businesses sustained by producing livestock on the island.
  9. The meat plant is owned and operated by a farmers combine I think, so it seems they are paying themselves a higher rate for their own stock, nice work if you can get it! [ any public purse subsidies in there do you think?] You are right about the co operative. But they are only paying themselves what is right, and it's only right if the government need to give the meat plant more money to pay the farmers what is owed to them. As I said, they've had it tough so it's time they had a break.
  10. The benevolent trust was there to support those in real need. Not the big landowners getting 100k from government per year. Luckily the meat plant is also paying a lot more for stock now as well so farmers are getting the same amount as they would of they were farming in England. It was tough times for farmers this year, but it looks like they are really getting helped now.
  11. I have heard a lot of good things have come from the trust so well done to them. It is heartening to see people still helping and by all accounts the best news is that the government have agreed to give extra payments to farmers. Something good has come from something bad.
  12. I've seen cleaners there mopping the floors then using same mop to clean hand rails. Dirty bastards.
  13. I'm surprised by this. Iom government pay them a fortune for their consultants.
  14. A farming friend of mine came over to the island from America. He said he had never seen so many new tractors in all his life. I'm sure money will be found when the farmers start shouting.
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