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  1. I respect the fact that not everyone agrees with the petition and have their own views, but please dont waste your time and mine by playing silly little games by signing the petiton with fake names/email addresses and silly pathetic comments.
  2. Single divan bed, cream base and mattress with green headboard, in mint condition. £50 ono BNIB blue single canvas wardrobe (flat packed) £30 ono 6 un opened packs of flaming beech laminate flooring with 2 rolls of underlay and beading. £60 ono All open to offers, need to sell asap due to house move. PM if interested, thanks
  3. It's well known that anyone who ends his post with 'FACT' is completely full of shit. That may have something to with that I do know what I am talking about, unlike half the people who have added comments on here.
  4. Really, what is the matter with some people? I have never known such a judgmental, cruel and insulting group of people, there are no need for insults whatsoever, it is very childish. It is not spam, grow up people.
  5. Don't be such a naive dick. You think that if they can have a fag then they won't touch drugs. Are you 6 years old? There is absolutly no need for insults. I don't think if they can have a fag they won't touch drugs!!!! I do know however that people who can't have a fag and have never touched drugs before going into prison have turned to them!!! FACT!!!
  6. Sorry but I don't agree with drugs at all, in or out of prison. One of the main reasons I started this petition is because drugs are so readily avialble in prison it is ridiculous. Hopefully if smoking is allowed then the drugs will dwindle, i know it will never stop.
  7. I am sorry that people are so narrow minded and think they know it all, when quite clearly they don't. You are saying it doesnt affect you etc well, no one knows what is round the corner. How would any of you feel if one of your loved ones ended up in there? It would be a diff story then, dont try to deny it because it would be.
  8. All I asked was if you agree then sign the petition. If you dont agree, fair enough!!!!
  9. No I dont work for a tobacco company and I am not in prison. I really cant understand why some people have to be so neg all the time. I have started the petition in good faith so if you are not interested why waste your time writing anything?? Surely you have got better things to do????
  10. www.ipetitions.com/petition/jurby_smoke If you agree smoking should be allowed in Jurby prison please go to the above and sign. Smoking in cells is allowed in Enlish prisons so why is the Isle of Man so different? Having your freedom taken away is sureley enough????
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