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  1. Jesika

    Christmas Shopping

    Last night whilst being parked outside the Spar, Colby and looking up at the Colby Glen Pub i noticed in the top window (visable from the Spar) there is a collection of Santa's in the window. There must be about three or four
  2. Jesika

    Michael Mcintyre At The Villa

    Yeah i rang them before and i was told that due to the website crashing there are a number of ticket reserved for internet sales, she said that she couldn't disclose when, where and how the tickets were going to be sold - so another sh1t storm it is Win some loose some
  3. Jesika

    Michael Mcintyre At The Villa

    Well yeah, but I reckon that people have to accept if that there's something they really want to see, there's always the chance that they might not get to. And that they should deal with it, without crying and moaning like bunch of babies. Tom - I can get over the fact that the tickets sold out, its just the arse about face that the Villa deal with selling them. to Sausage - I only found out about the gig yesterday queuing was NOT an option as I have a job.
  4. Jesika

    Michael Mcintyre At The Villa

    YUP sold out - thanks Villa for the torture.
  5. Jesika

    Michael Mcintyre At The Villa

    this man sounds intreging - as there is no hope for MM put me down for 2 tickets
  6. Jesika

    Michael Mcintyre At The Villa

    Ihate bambi and f i watched that crap now the mood i am in, I would gladly shoot the fecker myself and eat it. I'll moan if i god damn well want to
  7. Jesika

    Michael Mcintyre At The Villa

    SUPRISE SUPRISE The villa f**K it all up again. You might have thought they would have learnt something from the KC's (who i did not want to see) but no, they continue to man the fort with probably three people and have a server that falls at the first hurdle and no one answering the phone. If i get put to voice mail one more time i will not be responsible for my actions. THIS CHICK IS SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF It would be less hassle to book the boat, book a hotel and go watch someone in the UK - granted more expensive but at least i wouldn't feel like the hulks pre menstral girlfirend who wants nothing more than to break something/one right now
  8. Jesika

    Consistently Good Eateries.

    Horizons - Port St Mary, God knows how many times it has won best restaurant and he gets little trade considering. The food is always spectacularly good and fair priced. I was there again last night and it didn't dissapoint as per usual
  9. Jesika

    What Is Your Favourite Restaurant On Iom?

    Would that be Horizons? I was going to say there. It is fair priced and delicious!! Cooked from fresh and never a disappointment. I also really rate Jaks. I have never had a bad steak there
  10. Jesika


    It all Makes perfect sense. OMG. Like. Totally.
  11. Jesika


    I would rather listen to a baby cry than read posts about how much food someone ate and how OMG like totally like amaaaaazing it was. Not. *yawn
  12. Jesika

    Omg - The Best Meal I've Had In Ages

    Wow - my life is enriched with this valuable and pertinant information
  13. Jesika

    Manx Telecoms New Ringtone

    +1 I don't ring very many Sure phones and now i have to listen to the roadrunner in between the ring-rings. Its irritating
  14. Jesika

    Garden Furniture

    I know someone who makes great garden furniture up north PM if you are interested and i will give you his phone no
  15. Jesika

    Michael Jackson Suffers Cardiac Arrest

    Shouldn't you be haunting the hospital trying to give minors the willies?